Monday, April 3, 2017

Errands? Warehouse Stop, Bill Works, Family Time

It was 7:15 when we got up on Monday, Apr. 3rd.  I was happy to not have to move quickly for anything. Yesterday was a great day helping out the staff here. We always enjoying hanging out with the crew as well as the other CanAm friends. Everyone is a lot of fun to be around.
Not much sunrise today
I made up a couple of eggs for breakfast and we each got cleaned up. Today we wanted to head into Costco for a grocery run since we are close and low on a few things. We were early and they didn’t open until 10 so stopped at our former place of employment, the TVDSB warehouse on Leathorne St.
Hard to believe it was just over a year ago that I left this place
Don't miss the job at all
What we thought would be a quick visit with a few friends turned into an hour and a half. We weren’t surprised at all nor were we disappointed. It was nice to see Deb and Kim, in my old office space and it has been brightened up considerably. Looking very fine in beige and blue tones. 
These guys from Big Box Movers are some of the hardest workers we know

We also chatted with Dermott, Joanne, Kevin, Michelle, Donna, Nancy, Lindsay, Paul, Lisa, John, Ralf, Mark, Marg, Catharine, Saira, Corinne, Sandra, Kim and Heather, pretty much in that order. Too bad we couldn’t see a few others who weren’t in. I wasn’t on the ball with my camera and didn’t get pictures of these folks, shucks!
MaryKay was surprised to see us
By the time we were ready to leave we were able to catch a couple who do not work in the building but whom we’ve come to know well over the years at the Board. They just happened to be there when we were. Dave and Brian from Big Box Movers and MaryKay from Disability and Ken from Peterson’s Ergonomics were a nice surprise too. These people are terrific folks to work with.
they have wonderful fresh bread
After this, we decided we just had time to pick up some FRESH bread from The Bread Box around the corner before heading home for lunch. Bill has an orientation of an rv at 1 o’clock so we’ll skip Costco today. That works for me since my grocery list was at home on the table. Duh.

The clouds are making it feel cool even though 53F/12C in Arizona could mean Patsy, me, myself and I would be sitting outside reading. As long as you were sheltered from any wind and in the sun, it felt much warmer than what the thermometer said.
Chelsea and Olivia, this is the way they move the trailers around here at CanAm
So, we had a bite to eat and I remember to pull some smoked pork chops from AZ out of the freezer. Looks like I’m getting back into the routine of preparing and making meals. I was hoping to connect with my girlfriend and hair stylist, Brenda, today but she also had things going on that were going to take longer than she’d hoped. I’m sad about that but I know we will see her soon.
This is the Cougar, Bill did the orientation on today
When Bill went inside to prepare for his clients by walking through the Cougar 5th wheel, I decided to clean the sensor on my camera. We had picked up a sensor cleaning kit, some lens cleaning liquid and a blower for a whole lot less than it would cost for them to send it away and clean it for me.

I was a little intimidated by the finite details in one you-tube video that I thought this time I’d let Henry’s do it for me. After hearing that it was actually quite easy and a whole lot less costly to do it myself, I was willing to try. Bill can use these items as well for his 7D.
This is my Canon
I watched another video on line and got things out to clean my sensor. First by making sure my camera was fully charged (not sure I understand their repetitive reminder for this part, it took no time to clean), removed the lens, turned on the ‘sensor cleaning’ mode in the menu (I couldn’t find this before so I learned something at Henry’s) and hit ‘ok’. Other than an initial 'click' there is no indication of what it is doing or when it is done.
Lens removed
Anyway, I turned the camera so the sensor was facing down and used the bulb to blow any excess particles out of the area, straight on and then on both angles. I carried on with the manual cleaning now that the mirror was out of the way and the sensor was visible to me. I used one of the swabs provided and dabbed some VDust Plus on the coated tips.

Following instructions, I swabbed the sensor once then twice. Is that it? Well, let’s see. I replaced my smaller lens and took a couple of pictures of a white piece of paper, downloaded them and was pleased with the improvement. I’m not positive that it is perfect yet but I’d say 90% of the spots I was seeing, have been removed. Yay!

Now the real test is to put on a warm coat and go for a walk. Since it was the sky pictures that were the biggest issue, I want to see if I have wasted my time or if I have really got the hang of this. So, what do you think? I have done no ‘spot touchups’.
Busy lot again today with rv's moving every which way but loose. :)
A 40' Mobile Suite beside us in for some work.
After a brisk walk and realizing that it wasn’t such a bad day after all, at 13F, I came in and popped in a movie. I know some of you won’t believe this, but I have never seen Mama Mia and with no excuse I pulled the dvd out and watched it. As it was playing I made up some chocolate macaroons and put them in the fridge to solidify. I don’t think they turned out the best but Bill will probably enjoy them.

Around 5 pm Bill came back to tell me he was almost finished which indicated to me that it was time to get supper ready. I made up a couple of salads and pulled the pork chops out of the refrigerator. As soon as he comes home, I can put them in the fry pan to heat and get things moving. We are expected at Charlotte’s for 6:30 ish.
Lots of flooded areas from all the rain in the last few days
The movie is over and I must say it was everything I’ve heard about it. I couldn’t quite figure out the sound thing, with all these remote controls but I still enjoyed it and was bee-bopping at the end with Meryl and the girls. I’ll watch it again once Bill shows me how to control the volume etc.
London streets were pretty quiet after 6 pm
When Bill walked in the door at shortly after 5 I immediately started frying up the chops and we were eating within minutes. They were very good and I’ve made a mental note to pick more up, if we can find them, because they are the only kind of pork chop I enjoy.
Charlotte and Cory's lovely house
After dishes we went to see Bill’s daughter, Charlotte, Cory, Chelsea and Olivia for a short visit. It was nice to see the girls and hear about their interests. Chelsea plays hockey and is a great little goalie. Charlotte was proud to tell us of her latest save on a shot that was a major assist in their team winning a game. She is taking after her Aunt Jess, very interested in sports.
all smiles tonight
Olivia, on the hand, is into jazz dance. This doesn’t surprise us as she was always bouncing around when we visited. We had a nice visit and said our goodbyes just before 8:30 and headed home. The rain started on the way here so it was nice to step into a warm place.
Nice to see some of the family tonight
I hope everyone had a good day as well, Mondays for the working class are never a favourite and a tough one to get through. 

Thank you for reading! All comments are enjoyed.


  1. Oh gosh I'm sorry to have missed you at the office yesterday! I love the Bread Box for the freshest breads and now they sell the most amazing meat pies. Hope to see catch up with you both again soon!

    1. We are in the area until Friday morning so will try to catch those of you we missed on another swing round this week. :)

  2. Nice you getting to see the family and work people as well.
    We love the smoked pork chops as well, besides Quartzite, we have found good ones in New Hamburg and the farmers market in ST. Jacobs.

    1. It has been good for sure.People think we look happy, can you imagine? ha ha Might have to take a trip to St. Jacobs one day then. thanks.

  3. You can also get amazing smoked pork chops at Ralph Bos Meats on Egermont Rd just north of Strathroy East. Cousin Hazel

    1. Good to know! I've never bought them before hearing our friends loving them and we found them down in Arizona. Are they all pre-cooked? These were and they were so quick in a fry pan to heat them up. Thanks Hazel!

  4. The best part of coming home is catching up with family and friend 😊

  5. What a wonderful way to spend a day...visiting with friends and spending time with family.
    We are having the last of our smoked pork chops for dinner tonight...:)
    Stay warm...I keep watching the weather at home and keeping my fingers crossed that when we reach the UP it is in the 50' can

    1. It was a great day and today and tomorrow more of the same. :) Not the best weather but really it isn't terrible around the 12C mark today. There is no white stuff at least and we are good with that.