Friday, April 21, 2017

Alone Again, Temporarily

On Thursday, Apr. 20th I woke up to music, soft music. Was disoriented because that isn’t a normal sound in the Suite. Then I realized it was Bill’s cell phone alarm that he had set so he wouldn’t sleep in. He was up at 6:30 for his reading and shower so I lazed a bit longer in bed.
See ya, sweetie!
This was another trip to CanAm in Lambeth to work a couple of days while 3 couples picked up their ‘new’ rv’s. I don’t begrudge Bill’s desire to take this on, it will happen a few times through this spring and he will decide if it is worth his while to do it other years. I know he enjoys the comradery of the staff there and it never hurts us to be apart from each other for brief periods. The extra cash in his pocket is nice too.

He was packed and had eaten breakfast and on his way by 8 am. I packed enough food to keep his tummy full for 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and fluids. He will have the same comforts of home life while there, just in a smaller scale. Waving goodbye, I snapped this photo of him going down the drive. Clemson realized he wasn’t left alone and went back to bed, tout-suite.
Clemson is handy to add his  input on the clothes I try on
There is not going to be any encouragement to get outside today, other than to run to the outhouse. It is 5C and not going to get much warmer than 7 or 8 under cloudy and possibly stormy skies. I might take a drive into Durham to mail a card and drop off a letter that was missed for Mom’s income tax information. That may also be tomorrow, we’ll see.
My hanging closet
Good day to put on some tunes and go through my clothes. The days are slipping by and I have a clothing exchange to prepare for. I know there are a few things I am prepared to part with, to make room for new. 😊

So, by 11 I have gone through every drawer and bit of closet space that holds articles of clothing. I will go back through once more to try on the dresses that are hanging there. The ones I kept are my favourites and doesn’t just give me one choice but a couple for any event.
Donations bag is full
I know I don’t wear them often yet I do choose to when even the slightest opportunity arises for a ‘dress up’. I’d much rather wear a skirt or dress than jeans or dress pants. That is just me. I have finished up with a large bag of donations too so quite an accomplishment! I’m also making a brief list of ‘things to look for’ at the exchange on April 30th so I don’t come home with ‘more of the same’.
What do you think, Clemson, do these match?

No, Mom, change it up!
The rain kept up a steady pitter patter on the Suite roof for about 45 minutes, and the winds seem to have calmed a bit. The gusts pop in every once in a while, but there is no rocking yet. I’m listening to the 50’s on 5 on SiriusXM today and it is a nice change and if the trailer rocks, it will be me dancing!
Pants for hemming
My sweetie called around 11:30 to tell me after a quick stop at Zorra for a new satellite dish head and a quick visit with Dad in Stratford, he arrived at CanAm. Now I can breathe easier, it is nice to know he is safe.                       

I had another project that I started the last time Bill went to work, the Family Heritage site. So, I set to work transferring more information to the family tree. After working away for a couple of hours, my sister, Donna, texted and invited me over for dinner. Knowing there is no way I would drive back home to The Ridge after dark, she invited Clemmy and I to stay overnight as well. Bingo! I’m in.
Sky from Wednesday
 With the storm coming, if it transpires, I’m just as happy to be nestled in their home for the night. At 3:00 we left and drove through Durham. I stopped and mailed a card and dropped off the information at the tax office before heading on through to Hanover.
Our hats arrived today, Vistaprint is fast and reasonable

Within 20 minutes I had driven through very heavy rain to light sprinkles but it was an uneventful drive otherwise. Thank goodness no one was pressuring me to go faster in the big truck. Gerry had pulled his truck up into the driveway so I would fit in beside Donna’s car. Perfect! I arrived around 3:30.

While dinner was cooking, at Donna’s suggestion, I chose one of her puzzles and started working on the border pieces. It didn’t take long for a couple of pro puzzle makers to have the border in place on time for dinner.
Jigsaw puzzle that I started when I arrived at Donna's
One of the nice things about being in a park down south, they always had puzzles to work on in the clubhouse.

Donna had prepared a nice meatloaf dinner with roasted potatoes and carrots on the side. Delish sis! Now I know where to come to get a good meal! I will at least get her recipe before I leave.

Transfer process
I think the sky has calmed considerably and the storm is missing us tonight. Well, so far. Bill called from London and was settling in for the night. It is when I hear his voice from a distance, knowing he is alone that my heart pings. That is just the Mom in me, does a guy worry about his wife in the same way? I’m sure he does.

First, we had to reverse the image on our software

Second step was to iron the transfer onto the shirt
Donna won't like this picture, but I caught her off guard and in my opinion a beautiful
sister never looks bad in a photo
We had a project that we wanted to attempt so set to work trying to transfer a logo onto a tank top for our Altzheimer’s walk. Not as easy as the 1, 2, 3 detailed on the Avery package. Is it ever that easy? Well, we did end up with a finished project and it looks pretty good but it was a lot of effort on Donna’s part. There must be a better way and we’ll find it.
Third step, find a corner and peel the paper backing off the transfer page
Should peel off easily, NOT!

End result is quite nice and I won't share with you the 'blue' words we used in the process

Good progress on the puzzle too before bedtime
Donna will have to finish
 I wanted to get my post written and while I was doing that Gerry came out and displayed his cooking skills. He made some popcorn with melted butter and it was yummy. This has been a fun evening with my sister and Clemson and I are happy for the company.
And Gerry cooks
I hope you have had a good day and didn’t get too much rain.
This beautiful sunset was the finale from Wednesday
Thank you for reading my blog today. Your comments are welcome!


  1. Nice to have a visit with Donna and a good meal. The shorts are looking good. We had a pretty good day here as well.

    1. It was a nice surprise and we always have fun. Thanks, the shirts were a second thought after ordering our hats. :)

  2. The perfect activity when hubby is away; going through the wardrobe and having a nice visit with your sister. Would work for me.
    I see you've been to Ikea. Would have suggested it for the come apart bed frame and rolled up mattress to solve your daughter's staircase dilemma ;-)

    1. You are very observant about the Idea bag but I actually got that from one of our clothing exchanges, we don't have a store close. :)