Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gorgeous Morning Sunshine, Knee Knocking Cold to Start

When I heard Bill and Clemson get up I realized that I had dropped back to sleep after peeping at the clock at 4:30. Good. It was a night filled with dreams, good ones because I seem to visit a lot of people in my dreams! It was shortly after 6:30 when we got up and about.
Morning sunrise
PS - the 5 lights you see are not ufo's but rather a reflection from inside the Suite.
 I didn't want to go out in the cold to take this shot
It was nice to see the sky to the east because there was the promise of sun and before too long the ‘morning glory’ appeared. The picture I took show the big ball rise above the horizon. It wasn’t so nice to see the white frost covering the rooftops, fence posts and grass because that meant it was below the freezing mark. Bill turned the furnace on so that the pipes in our belly would remain warm.
The ball of fire rises
Looking out the window I can see Gabe, the goose. In the pond swimming, bathing, eating, Gabe is a loner and seems to like it that way. I’m sure we’ll see lots of each other but she needs to know that she is not welcome up on The Ridge. I might have to post “no goose poop” signs.
Gabe the Goose (or Gabrielle)
After my tea and post reads I hopped in the shower. I’m expecting a delivery from Avon today, first one that I’ve actually asked to be delivered here. It will be interesting to see when it arrives.
Ccccold morning
When Bill finished showering we bundled up and drove the 6 km over to Gerry and Donna’s other property, The Acreage. This is where we can fill up our fresh water tank from their drilled well at the back. The water bladder holds about 45 gallons so this will add to the 30 we have in the tank now.

Clemson enjoys this ride as his memories of the Acreage go way back to when he was a wee guy. Once we get close to a place he knows, he is up on the seat looking out the window usually with an annoying whimper as well. 
"I know this place, Daddy"

Bill needs to unlock and open the gate when we arrive.

The drive back through their property to the well

The bladder fill is usually pretty quick but slowed down a bit this time because Bill hooked up the filter we purchased on our way home from the southwest. 

Almost full

Clemson enjoys sniffing around 

this wasn't meant to be a picture of Bill bending over, although I don't mind the view
I wanted to display his new Arizona shirt

Back home, offloading the water
Back home
This should make a difference in the amount of iron in the water by the time it gets to our tank.  While he did his thing hooking up the hoses to the bladder and pump, Clemson and I walked to the back of the property.

Our wood pile and garden trailer
The sun was glorious today and soon the temperature rose up to 12C. There wasn’t a lot of wind which made it all that much nicer. We found lots to keep us busy this morning. There was a load of wood that Bill and Gerry cut up last fall down at the end of the corral. Once he backed the garden tractor out of the shed with the trailer, we brought it up to the fence near our fire pit. Nice pile of wood now for when we need it.

We moved the generator up the hill from where we dropped it when parked in the lane way and Bill was able to fix the pull cord that broke in Quartzsite in January. That will save us having to take it in to a shop. Good job! 

We pulled the patio table and 6 chairs out as well and set them up in a temporary spot for now. Have some decisions to make on what we’re doing this spring/summer.

Clemson and I went for a couple of walks down the lane and for most of the afternoon I sat outside in the sun and read my Lee Child book “Killing Floor”. It is another Jack Reacher story so I am hooked already, after only one chapter in. I love this author and this character.

Bill had another project he wanted to get done. That entailed installing the Shaw satellite dish we got from our friend, Mike. This dish went on the Ridge Roost so that whoever is in the ‘doghouse’ or any overnight guests can also watch their favourite tv channels. The installation went well but not the connection inside. Hmm, maybe it isn’t us, perhaps it is a problem with the head. We’ll figure it out.
Chippy is happy we are back

He sat for the longest time just looking at me before coming out of the pipe
We kept the fire going all day and the smoke seemed to find me no matter where I sat so it was a good thing I didn’t need the fire to keep me warm today. We were able to burn some paperwork and a fire is nice during the day when you don’t have to sit beside it huddling for heat.
Around 5 we got supper on the go. We are still eating the steak we bought in Yuma at Albertson’s and tonight was a good night for it. Instead of a salad or baked potato I fried up some seasoned hash brown potatoes that were in the freezer. 

It was fulfilling and dishes were all cleaned up by 6:30 before the sun set.
These wildflowers are for Deb from Celebrating the Dance

the clouds hiding the sun for a moment or two

Loved this display tonight
We didn’t expect the sun to stick around all day so were pleasantly surprised when it did. I didn’t see Gabe much today, either she was on the far side of the pond or had flown ‘the coop’ for a visit elsewhere. Just after dinner I noticed she had returned when I saw her white bottom yet again. Meal time.

As the sun set we watched the tail end of a movie with Shelley Long from Cheers. Wow, she has sure changed over the years. I guess everyone of us ages. It is nice to see she is still acting. 

I hope you all had a fantastic day just like we did. Tomorrow is Good Friday and how can that be a bad thing? Turns out my Avon didn't arrive so I'll hope for Monday instead.
Goodnight Irene (or should I say Goodnight from Patsy Irene?)

Thank you for reading today. All comments are read and appreciated.


  1. Nice to see you settling in for the summer. It is always nice to be somewhere that is yours for a while. Where did you purchase the water bladder. It looks perfect size for me.

    1. Thanks Lorne. It does feel good to have a nook to call home without the hassle of owning a house. :) We purchased the bladder from Camping World. It holds 45 gal. It has paid for itself many times over.

  2. Looks like its all coming together for you.
    Settling in and getting stuff done.
    Your satellite receive my need to be set uo to work with that a head (LNB) shaw had to do that we we changed our broken LNB to the new one.

    1. We wondered about that. We'll go to the Zorra shop either tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks, that could be the problem.

  3. Enjoy these little yellow flowers, Pat. And try some macro shots too-they have interesting details.

    I know them from when I was in the camera club and we had to photograph wildflowers in March/April before much else was up and about. They're called coltsfoot, and seem to prefer scruffy gravelly, sandy, roadside, weedy places where little else thrives.

    1. That's neat! They have really fine little petals. Yes, they are the only flowers in bloom so far. :)

  4. Thank you, the picture of the wildflowers brought a smile to my face. I love seeing them along the highway but it is so nice when you can get up close and personal...:)

    1. I was hoping to have that effect! :) I knew you would appreciate them.