Thursday, April 27, 2017

Short and Sweet, Passports, Storm Coming

On Thursday, Apr. 27th we woke up early, 6:15 early, and had a coffee before heading out the door at 7:15 am. We had an appointment to take the truck in to get the bumper replaced. Remember the El Reno casino incident? Yah, well they had to replace the whole bumper, by law. The bummer is that we will have to pay our 500 deductible. How is that fair?
Beautiful sunrise this morning
After dropping Black Beauty off, we drove to Donna’s for a quick hello, picked up my jackets I left her last week and picked up a $3 coupon for First Choice Haircutters. My hair needs a trim and instead of doing it myself, thought I’d splurge! Ha!

We then stopped at Shopper’s Drug Mart to get our passport pictures taken. Lucky us, we were there at 8:30 and got taken care of immediately. Seniors deals were on so we got 20% off, bonus! Too bad the pictures are so somber, no glasses, don’t smile, gotta see your ears. I must remember not to show my teeth when looking at the next Border Security person. Good deal at $11.99 each. I'm not posting those lovely pictures.
Look at that sky
 We then drove to Owen Sound to the Service Canada office in the Heritage Mall and submitted our applications. Ouch, these passports are so expensive, they have us travelers by the short hairs. We got the best deal going and ordered it for 10 years. Best service we’ve received though in any passport dealings.

I wanted to get my hair cut but when I stuck my head in the door, I was told “at least an hour wait”. All 5 chairs were filled, so I left. We headed back home after a quick stop at Pet Smart and Princess Auto. We were both hungry and tired and wanting to take advantage of this nice warm day. 

Even with the clouds, it was a warm day
Bill was kind enough to stop in Williamsford so I could get a picture of this store. It reminds me of Julian, California. I’m going to have to check out their pies too!

 If it wasn’t for the wind, it would have been a very hot, humid day for sure but it could have calmed down a wee bit, no? The temperature rose to 27C so I went out and read my book. 

Bill continued to work in his trailer and by 2:30 we got the call that our truck was ready.
On the way back from Owen Sound, I took a picture of my sister, Gayle's Montana
The ground was soft when they got home and it got stuck this way
Looks nice though down in their valley
A quick trip back into Hanover, me thinking on the way home in the car I could stop at F.C. for that trim. Looking behind me at the blackening sky to the west, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to get caught in that on my way home. It wasn’t that important today, I just wanted to get home.

Guys store, I went to Pet Smart instead. :)
In the door by 4 and the rain started. We are in for a storm so I will close this up and wish everyone a safe and dry evening. I know my book will get finished tonight! Something to note before I leave. On my phone, I got a notice of the severe weather warning for storms and strong winds in the Durham area. At the bottom it said, “rain to stop at 4:40pm”. Laugh out loud at that. Well, at 4:42, the rain stopped. Literally stopped! Not for long mind you, it started up 5 minutes later but isn’t that uncanny?
Our Canada flag takes a beating up here
The storm ended by 5 and things brightened up and the winds died down a bit. I guess we needed the rain and it didn't dampen the frogs choir. They are still at it!

Thank you for reading! All comments are welcome.


  1. Just about the same weather we had here today, not so bad we can live with that.
    Hair cut can wait for another day.

    1. Yup, no panic for a haircut. I also own a pair of scissors if necessary!

  2. You mean that you stopped in Williamsford and didn't buy a pie!?

    1. That is what I mean...............this time. :) We go through often enough, I'll be sure to check one out.

  3. So glad to hear you had good service at Service Canada ... that is where I worked for thirty-two years 😊

    1. Cool! Yes, they were very nice, the fellow who waited on us in particular.

  4. Sounds like a productive day.
    I checked and converted your 27C to Fahrenheit...OMG it was 80.6 degrees at your place...I am so jealous it was 36 degrees here yesterday. Not
    Thank you for including the pictures of the blue skies and the sun...I knew it was still out there. Enjoy!

    1. It was a productive day. Oh, sorry, didn't mean to rub the temperature in. You might feel better that it cooled down today to 15C or 59F. The sun was beautiful though. :)