Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rainy Start, Sunshine and Warmth to End

Saturday, Apr. 15th was a nice surprise even though it was late. We woke up around 6:30 to clouds, no sunrise and sporadic rain throughout the morning. After such a gorgeous day yesterday, instead of feeling grateful, we were selfish and felt cheated. We wanted another day just like that! Oh well, we didn’t dwell on it and instead focused on the day ahead.
The rain sure changes the appearance of things
We puttered around inside, reading, having some oatmeal for breakfast and then headed in to Mount Forest. Bill wanted to check out the dealer for the Cub Cadet mower we bought. The tractor is leaking oil from the transmission so we needed some information and an idea of a cost to fix it. No service guys were in today but with a suggestion, Bill decided to dig deeper before calling back around.

We drove back through Durham, stopped for diesel, propane and a few groceries at Foodland. Just a few though, to get us through until we get into the Walmart at Hanover where prices are better. When we arrived home around noon it was still dull and wet although it had warmed up to about 10C and the clouds actually seemed to be breaking up. Couldn’t do anything outside so we grabbed our books and settled into reading and dozing.
The sun made brief appearances and before too long the sky was blue. I wanted to make up a dessert for our Easter gathering tomorrow at Rockwood Terrace and found something to try. But first I had to step out to visit the Restroom. That was when I realized how warm it really was! 18C according to our thermometer.
One of our pails is overflowing from the rain last night
I made up a batch of Butter Tart Squares and with any luck, they will turn out fine and will be accompanying us to Durham on Sunday afternoon. I also need to work on a main course dish. Hmm. Something with stewing beef since that is what my freezer has. Bear with me, here, I’ll come up with something.
Butter Tart Squares - ooey gooey goodness (or badness?)

So, with the squares in the oven I remembered that I promised Bill some dessert for tonight’s dinner or after dinner snack. I had a can of fruit cocktail in the cupboard that I could make a topping for. Simple but delicious. With that decided and prepared to go in the oven next, I took my camera outside for a walk with Clemson.
Cocktail Crumble
Today was obviously painted turtle day. No matter how slowly I crept, one after the other would slide off the logs and slip into the water. They don’t know me yet, I don’t give up easily. As you can see in most pictures I was able to capture at least 3 if not 4 or more sunbathing. Aha, gotcha! 

Some almost appear cocky with the heads up proud in the air

He is definitely thinking I've moved on
I finished my Lee Child book, it was one of the best. I couldn’t put it down. Bill is going to be finished his tonight. It is a new author, a book I found at Ridgeview RV Resort in Bullhead City, Az. They had a nice selection of novels for exchange. This book is by Kate Brady, “Where Evil Waits”. He just started it this morning. I’ve created a reading monster!

While sitting eating dinner, another hawk flies over us  and oh yes, I mustn’t forget Gabby.
Gabby floated on the pond from morning until evening with only a couple of visitors

Hawk with a Burlesque touch

We had supper done by 7 but had turned our hot water heater off today so as not to waste the propane. We could leave it on electric but would still turn it off during the daytime. We had to wait for it to heat up before doing dishes. Good excuse for another walk down the lane and on down the road. It is so beautiful out now, sitting at 22C.
this is a repeat of yesterday's photo
My readers are so helpful when it comes to learning things. I have no problem admitting that I don’t know the name of a bird, a tree or a flower so when you recognize something from my pictures, I am thrilled that you identify it for me. Yesterday’s post I had pictures of what we thought were herons. Two of you quickly labelled them for me as sandpiper cranes. Thank you!

Properly named Coltsfoot (ColtsfEEt for plural?) :)
Also, I had posted some wildflowers that have come up out of a gravel, weedy area for my friend Deb. Another reader, my sister, named these as Coltsfoot, one of the first flowers to appear in April/May. Here is another picture I took today of a larger grouping. The petals are so dainty.

The sun slipped behind the clouds before getting an opportunity to put on a glorious show tonight. I only caught the pink blanket it left behind.

I hope you have enjoyed your day today as I have.
Goodnight from The Ridge
Thank you for following along even now that we are home. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. It was and amazing day here as well, we did pretty much the same as you reading in the sun enjoying the weather. Happy Easter.

  2. Perhaps my post is a bit late (but I've only recently caught up with my reading), with regards to communications between the USA/Canada over the winter months. This year I switched from having two phones to just one, a Canadian phone. Freedom Mobile (used to be Wind) has a plan for $45 per month that includes the USA/Canada at no extra charge. It allows you 2400 minutes of talk time(yes that's hundred) per month before you receive any overage charges. I turn off my data as I truly don't want THOSE overage charges but that's just me. Text messages are also in that package and I believe may be unlimited, but you would have to check that. I paid close attention to the bill wondering what the catch would be but there wasn't one that I could find. I stayed within the range and had NO overage charges of any kind. I had no trouble getting any signal (but I only strayed as far west as Mississippi this year) and the sound quality was good each time I used it. HOWEVER it is EXPENSIVE for folks in the US to call YOU as they are being charged big rates for calling a Canadian NUMBER but I don't think you get a lot of US folks calling you anyway. I would just tell my US friends that the rate for calling my cell would be expensive but they could send me a text and I could call them back. I don't know if this is helpful or not but I thought I would share it anyway.


    1. Thank you Deb, good to know and we will look into that for next year. Are you Canadian then? This sounds pretty good.

    2. Yes I'm Canadian. It was my first year with the new phone company and it worked as advertised. Being able to call family back home in Canada or to have them able to call me on an Ontario number made life much easier since there were no new numbers to learn/remember (I'm not sure how it was billed to them when they called me, whether long distance international or just long distance). My daughter and I both have this plan (she travels with me) so we can talk to each other while in Ontario or the USA with no extra charges, plus if for some reason we need a great deal MORE calling minutes (perhaps an emergency of some type back home, etc) with two phones we have an abundance of time to call anywhere in Canada or the USA. For me it was much easier than a phone for each country.


    3. sounds good. Connection to family to and from Canada is the most important where no one has to pay extra to keep in touch.

  3. Lucky you with the warm temperatures! We haven't manage to get above 10C in Kelowna, BC which is very unusual for this time of year, but the sun is out today 😊 Happy Easter🐰🐣

    1. Happy Easter to you too! We will be cooling off for a few days.

  4. I love the pictures you take around your home. I know I said it before but it just looks so peaceful. Love the Coltsfoot what a beautiful bright yellow.

    1. It is hard to not snap pictures, I love it here. Eventually you will probably get bored with the same thing and I won't hold it against you! :)