Sunday, April 23, 2017

Laundry, Planning Pots, Company!

So, Sunday, Apr. 23rd is laundry day for us. Maybe not quite the thing to be doing on a Sunday but every day could be a Sunday for all that matter when you’re retired. Not church goers anyway, I might has well do something useful and take advantage of this gorgeous day.
It is a gorgeous day
I (we) slept in this morning until almost 7:30, unheard of! It was obvious it was going to be a blue-sky day when I saw the sun beating in the windows when Bill opened the blinds. Wonderful! It was hovering around 5C (41F) which was cool but with a promise of 15C (59F).
Columbus checks out the front of our property

After my tea and some blog reading, I quickly sorted the laundry and gather up the coin needed for 3 loads. Bill loaded the bag into the car and I took my book so I’d have something to do while waiting. It isn’t necessary for two of us to go and this would give him an opportunity to vacuum and clean the bathroom. We share the duties just like every couple should.

I left at 9 and was home at 10:15 hanging the clothes on my clothes line. The wind was making it a bit of a challenge, spinning the line around on me. I knew it was just something to endure because they would dry very quickly in the wind and the sun. It felt good to be able to hang our laundry out again.
Clemson runs up the hill, he always thinks it is a race
When finished doing that I came in for a coffee and made up bacon and eggs for breakfast/brunch. The sun was going to rule the sky today so it was around noon hour that I unplugged the Suite and let the solar do its job. We are still a little confused about the inverter/panels/on/off process and need to get it straight once and for all. I won’t go into it, we’ll figure it out.
My corabelle are filling the shovel
After dishes, I set about pulling some of my planter pots out of the storage shed. I don’t know what Bill was doing but he was puttering around too. I get an idea in my head about something and if I can do it on my own, I get at it. This time it was just a plan about where I wanted to add some colour with potted plants. I placed the empty pots in places around the corral and property to visualize it. In a week or so I will take the next step and buy the plants to fill them.
Just like in the southwest, 4 wheelers run the road on a weekend
I was so excited while up on the hill to discover that the rhubarb Donna and I transplanted last spring, no in the fall of the previous year, was peeping up with bright little shoots! Yay! I have wanted rhubarb in my yard for years but didn’t have the appropriate spot while living at our house in London. Just not enough sunny garden space. Now I do and I can see our summer of desserts already.
By this time, the Suite was vacuumed and dusted and we went outside to wait for our company. Around 2, right on time, Rob and Pat drove up the lane way. I hadn’t seen them since we said goodbye at Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, Ca. That was way back on February 26th! I missed them.
Rob and Pat arrive
Pat and Rob thought this was a lovely place to be for the summer and we showed them around the property. We sat down outside in the sun and had a great Happy Hour for going on 3 hours as if no time had passed. That is what it is like with good friends. We shared our tea with them and they brought Timmy’s muffins to share with us.
We've missed Happy Hours with these guys
When they left it was with a promise to pop in anytime we felt like it and visa versa. Clemson got to reunite with his friends too although he is trying to play it cool, pretending to be aloof. He greeted Rob first as soon as he opened his car door. Too funny.
Good spot for a colourful plant

Another good spot, but might not use the pot
Also a little play with colour
 We enjoyed the outdoors today, one of the first days to be out and relaxing without feeling the cold. The temperature did reach 17C by 4 pm and that is encouraging.
I thought we’d have steak tonight but as the time passed we both realized that we weren’t hungry enough for steak. Must have been the muffins and veggie sticks we’d eaten with our friends. That’s okay, we’ll eat it tomorrow night. Tonight we had tomato soup and toast. It was enough, it was easy and we both agreed.
A little resting place I've created
After dishes some clouds moved in and covered the sun briefly. It was such a great day, we accomplished things and got reacquainted with friends from Durham. Maybe that is why I feel exhausted, in a good way. I’m going to settle into my recliner with my book and enjoy the rest of the evening with Bill until 9 o’clock when Madame Secretary is on.
this little guy had no fear of me so close
Robin redbreast

I hope your day was a good one too. 

Home Sweet Home for someone

Awesome sky tonight
Thank you for following us even when we’re not moving. All comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. Nice to get those things done and enjoy this wonderful weather.
    Also great that Rob and Pat stopped by for a visit, they are s super couple. You live so close it is almost camping together again.

    1. It was like camping together! So nice to see them and know they are close for visits. We enjoy their company.

  2. Thanks Pat and Bill , for a wonderful visit today so nice To see you guys again . What a great spot you guys have , love all the nature. Can see why you guys love it there , quiet and relaxing spot. Please feel free at any time to come and visit us . Looking forward to another visit soon . Pat & Rob

    1. It was so great to see you again and show you our summer place. Come anytime. Now you know there is either room for your Cedar Creek or in the bunkie if you are looking for a night out. :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, visiting with friends. I just love the look of your pond. The picture you posted on Saturday, of it, the color was beautiful.

    1. It was so nice to see our friends again. The pond intrigues me to, I love looking at its different colours and ripples.