Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trip to Stratford and Tavistock

On Wednesday, Apr. 5th I woke up to clear skies and the sun about to show its beautiful face. I don’t have a view of the horizon other than over and through the rv’s parked around us but I know it is there. With a lovely cup of tea with creamer, I proceeded to sit in my recliner and finish the book I couldn’t last night. Soooo good!
Looks like a nice clear day coming
After reading blog posts, Bill fiddled around outside on a couple of things that needed attention on the Suite. The LED lights that he installed under the awning stopped working on our way home so he got his extension ladder out and discovered that they had just come unplugged. Obviously, from all the bouncing down the Interstates.
There are so many Airstreams around us but it is great to see brothers and sisters
of our own Mobile Suite here too
This one on the left looks like ours and very close to our truck too!
Our entrance door has recently started to become difficult to close tightly so he sprayed the latches to see if that helped. Funny, the latch only started acting up since it got cool. On warm days, no problem. Then he moved inside and examined what needs to be done to the closet door, also from the jostling around while driving, and tapped a few nail heads securely throughout the unit.

The drive to Stratford takes us on the Embro Road
Nothing this morning really needed our attention so we kind of lazed around. The sun that came up this morning was gone within a couple of hours of my getting up. I could see the clouds moving in and knew it would be another dreary kind of day.
Tree trimming along the highway
At 11:30 I fried up some breakfast sausages with eggs for brunch and once dishes were cleaned up, it was time to head out to Stratford. We always seem to leave earlier than necessary, arriving at our destination with time to spare. Today was no different and we were half hour early for visiting Dad and Marilynne. Dad has a daily nap after lunch and we didn’t want to disturb that.

Caught up with Carol here for a short visit

Downtown Stratford always buzzing
With 30 minutes to spare, we stopped at Scotia Bank to say hello to Bill’s sister Carol and killed a few minutes there. It was nice to see her although she is a busy gal so didn’t stay too long before heading over to McCarthy Place. Marilynne and Dad were expecting us and we had a lovely visit for about an hour and a half.
The Avon river, playing with camera tones

Crossing the William Hutt Bridge through the city

From the parking lot we could see up to Dad's apartment on the right
We were supposed to be at Yvonne and Dennis’ place in Tavistock for dinner around 5. Yvonne is Bill’s oldest daughter and the mom of 4 very active boys, all athletes. 
I don't need to tell you who these two are!
Nothing ceases to amaze me but when we drove up, Carter and Connor were outside playing. As soon as we pulled up and stopped, I barely had my door open and Carter greeted me with a huge hug with Connor not far behind. My goodness, this was wonderful!
These handsome grandsons loved their Arizona hats
Carter, Braeden, Zach, Connor
We went inside and found Dennis, then Braeden and then Zach joined us. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Miss Bella in her pearls for the occasion.

Beautiful Yvonne
Clemson sure didn’t think it was a good idea with such a large golden retriever trying to check him out. She is such a sweet dog and is only naturally curious. Soon enough, she was done with him and he wandered around the kitchen and living room.
My 'authorized and approved' picture of Dennis, the chef
When Yvonne returned home from work around 5 ish, Dennis went out and brought in the turkey from the smoker. Wow, this looked delicious! Right now, he is the temporary stay at home Dad and my first thought looking at the meal he prepared, was that he missed his calling! Everything was prepared, on time and looked absolutely wonderful! Yvonne, you are a lucky gal.
Mississippi Mud.......almost
And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Dennis asked the boys to fold their hands and all 5 of them recited Grace for us. Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, corn, rolls and salad, oh my! As I’m savouring my meal, Dennis says ‘save room for dessert’ which turned the discussion into a guessing game as to what Dad prepared.
Bella with her pearls
I love driving by the St. Mary's Cement Factory at night
After dinner and cleanup Dennis had to leave for a meeting so we stayed a few more minutes with Yvonne and said our goodbyes. This was a great evening, it was so good to see how the boys are growing up so well. I know I left with a full tummy and a warm fuzzy feeling.

The sky was pretty tumultuous on our drive home.
Sky to the west

To the East, pink sky at night, sailor's delight?
To the east I thought perhaps it was preparing for a nice day tomorrow yet to the west the clouds were looking quite threatening.
Evening sky had some pretty hues
Even the odd lightning streaked across the black clouded sky when the rain started.

We were home around 8:15 and we were tired out. That is a lot of visiting in 3 days but we are glad to get a few family members taken care of while in this area. To our surprise and disappointment we found this note on the door. It would have been wonderful to see you two!  Let's get together over the summer.

So, proceeding to assemble my post, I decided it would be a Thursday morning publish instead of a Wednesday night one. I wouldn’t be able to justify the errors otherwise.
The winds are wild this evening so I’m glad we are snug and warm inside the Suite. I hope you have had a great day today. Hey it is Hump Day!

Thank you for reading and as always your comments are appreciated.


  1. Sounds like you had a great visit with family! MB

    1. It has been a great few days and we caught up with quite a few in as many days. :)

  2. Visiting with family is always so much fun, especially when you haven't seen them for awhile 😊

  3. Great looking family! Dinner looked and sounded amazing. When you talk about your tea w creamer I remember my first cup of tea when I was about 5 a friends grandma asked if I wanted "pearl tea" or w lemon..found pearl had cream and sugar that's what I chose. Still have my first cup that way and then I don't add anything if I'm having more. Thanks for the memories considering I'm 61 now...hahah..Love your blog..

    1. thank you! Dennis really outdid himself, we weren't expecting such an extravagant meal but he enjoyed doing it. :) I've never heard of pearl tea but that is exactly how we like it. Bill has sugar and I just have lots of creamer. None of this milk stuff. :)

  4. Sounds like a fun few days, we will be doing some of that next week.

    1. You will hopefully have lots of time to do it in, that is the good thing.We were a bit more rushed because of where we are staying this week but that's okay.

  5. Not much more time, then some dr's appointments etc to take care of. Then we have 6 months.