Sunday, April 2, 2017

Familiar Things, Busy Fulfilling Day ‘Working’

We had a scheduled day on Sunday, Apr. 2nd to work for the good folks of CanAm. I mentioned in the post for yesterday what we would be doing so our goal was to get up and moving this morning in good time.

Bill and I were up at 7 and he had eaten something and was out the door by 8. In this, Bill will never change. If he has something going on, or thinks he can be of assistance to someone, he is gung-ho. This, I have always admired about him, although it is the hectic pace he has managed to brush off over the last 5 months.

Today he wanted to see if he could help the staff prepare for their busy day and I’m sure in some way or another, he did just that. Me, I took my time, knowing that I could show up at 9 and get into the groove at the entrance. 

By the time I walked into the building, things were hopping! Holy moly! I felt late!
The smallest set up today
It was a great day, Bill was kept very busy taking people out on test runs in the GMC with the Reflections fifth wheel. Before the morning seminar and also before and after the afternoon one. Once people arrive in the morning and are checked in my job is simply to answer questions and chit chat while they waited for their turn to drive.
To one of the biggest
Bill was driving this GMC
A mess of sandwiches brought in for the attendees and staff
We met a lot of people in passing but one couple in particular we connected with. There seems to always be one or two with whom that happens. Mike and Wanda rode with Bill and came in asking Steve where they might find me. 

Monica in her newly furnished office

Wendy at the front desk announces the next test drivers

The place was hopping this morning

This Golden Doodle enjoyed the attention he got all day
Bill suggested we chat and see if I could answer any questions. I hope I was able to give them some answers that were helpful in their decision-making process. It is always nice to hear about others working their way towards retirement and full-timing.
Kirk with opening remarks and staff/volunteer introductions
They toured a couple of Mobile Suites plus Clemson gave them a tour through ours while we were otherwise occupied! They loved the Suite and they loved Clemson. It was wonderful to meet you two and we certainly hope you contact us in the future so we can keep in touch. Good luck with your decisions!
The driving part of the day was like a well oiled machine
Choose which one you want to test drive
Bill got a bit of attention today from a cop, one of the fine officers of the London City police.
Oh-oh, now what has he done?
 It was fun to see the drawing of the crowds as he got his drone up in the air over the CanAm property. Before long, look who got into the fray!

After 4:30 we walked back out to the Suite and I suggested dinner out. AGAIN! My dinner planning skills have gone to pot so we went in to London to one of our favourite restaurants, Southside, on Exeter Road. While Bill had his standby of fish and chips, I had a Reuben on Rye, Caesar salad and potato soup. Not that I needed all that, but it came as a package deal.

Back home, I snuggled into my pj’s and wrote this post. My daughter, Bridgette, called to welcome us home and so we could catch up on her moving adventures. She seems to have moved into her new home, pretty much, and now has the fun of putting things in their place inside or outside on the front step. A smaller home means purge, purge, purge, a lesson Bill and I learned last year more than ever.

I hope you’ve had a great day. The weather here in London reached 17C/62F at 1 pm and that is crazy for Apr. 2nd! I know they have had some great temperatures all winter long so we are thrilled that they are continuing now that we are home. We have been told that we brought the sunshine so that is great!
I know we have a few days here before heading up to the Ridge and have a feeling that they will be busy ones. As great as that will be, to see some family and more friends, it is tiring and I will be happy to set foot on our home ‘summer’ base. 

Our set up at CanAm
My son sent me these pictures of my grandson, Nathan. While my daughter's motorcycle was loaded on their utility trailer for transport to Cambridge, the little adventurer thought he would take it for a non-reality ride!

Notice the facial expression

And now he is stealing my heart
With my last picture being of today’s sunset, I will leave it at that.

Goodnight from the parking lot
Thank you for reading today. I appreciate receiving your comments!


  1. Sounds like a busy fun day and is really not "work" if you enjoy it, now is it?? Glad the weather was decent for you too.

    1. True, not work other than a scheduled start. :)It is beautiful weather!

  2. Sounds like you are keeping busy!....glad you have returned safely to Canada and enjoying our beautiful weather. MB

  3. What a great idea for an RV Dealer to do! I was thinking I should suggest it to our local dealer but it wouldn't work in BC for the bigger, heavier units because you need special licensing to drive them. And awesome that you guys were there, I'm sure it helped a lot of people to talk to someone who actually lives in their RV 😊