Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mom and Bridgette, Today Was All About Family and the Last Move

When we woke up at 6:30 on Sunday, Apr. 9th we were both ready to get up and at the day. The clouds were in control of the sky but we knew it was temporary from the forecast. Our first full day at The Ridge and the first thing on the agenda was to meet my sister in Durham at Rockwood Terrace and go get, and give Mom, a huge hug. 
A pussy willow tree in the early morning light
I wanted to meet Donna there since I’ve never been in since she moved in and feel a little ‘disoriented’. I want to get familiar with the things she likes to do and places I can take her in the building and my sis can fill me in on all of that. We’ll meet at 10:30 so Bill will drop me off and scoot around town a bit.
We have a lot of red wing blackbirds up here

Yesterday after our company left, Bill and I sat down with the huge pile of forwarded mail Donna had held for us over the winter. Thank you to Kathy and Derrick, Audrey, Don and Doreen, Smitty and MaryBeth for the lovely Christmas cards! That was a treat even though a few of you knew we would be gone, we loved the ‘travel’ messages inside.
Bill is thinking of a new project, I'm sure of it
After reading posts this morning with our first coffee/tea we cleaned up some of the filing from yesterday’s mail and I made eggs on toast for breakfast. We knew that we were down to about 12 gallons of fresh water but because of the snow from Thursday night it was doubtful that we could get back to the drilled well at Donna’s other property. We’ve had to do some brain storming on how to get water in the meantime.
Clemson 'aka' Columbus doing his exploring
Bill came up with the idea that perhaps after dropping me off at Rockwood Terrace he could go around to our friends’, Rob and Pat, with the water bladder and beg some h2o. That worked out perfectly and we really appreciated topping up our tanks. Thanks guys!
Mom laughs a lot and looks wonderful in pink
I was anxious to see Mom and we found her in the auditorium at their church service. Because we only had about an hour and a half, Donna asked if one of the girls could bring her out. The way her face lit up when she saw Donna and then me was worth a million bucks. Teary eyed and hugging us for dear life brought water to our eyes as well.

Mom loved her little bottle of gold
We walked back to Mom’s room, following signs on the corners of each hallway, put there so she wouldn’t lose her way. For someone so healthy it is hard to believe that her dementia has stripped her of the ability to remember something so simple. It breaks my heart but to watch her, in my mind she is still up on that pedestal.
Donna, Mom and yours truly
It was a great visit and turning around after hugs goodbye there was Mom in her pink sweater, waving and smiling. When Bill and I said goodbye to her in October and told her where we would be for the winter, Mom asked us to bring her back just a little bit of gold. When I found the small 2” bottle of gold flakes in Tombstone, I knew that was the thing that would make her happy.
Bridgette arrives around 12:30
By the time we got home, Bridgette, my daughter, texted that she was in Durham and would be at The Ridge shortly. So, I waited and snapped pictures of that little Cooper come up the drive. Bridgette drove from London today but lives now in Cambridge. It is so great to see your children after 5 months, so nice to hold them in your arms even briefly.
She looks great in her cap
Another great visit and a very happy recipient of the Route 66 ball cap we brought back for her. In Arizona, I’d decided that Bridgette isn’t a tee shirt kind of gal and her reaction proves that I DO know my daughter very well. Love the poses with her hat. We had a lot of catching up to do, with her work and her new home process.
Before she left, this little guy made an appearance

It was a great visit
After she left for Cambridge just before 4 I pulled in the slides while Bill hooked up the Suite. The snow on the hilltop was 95% melted and it was time to make the final move to our site. We wasted no time at all on this gorgeous day to settle ourselves up on The Ridge where we will stay for a few months.
Yay! The snow is almost gone.
The temperature rose to 20C and even in the wind, Clemson and I found a delightful corner at the back of our bunky to close our eyes. Supper was another easy meal of mini sausages, leftover dressing and a container of free Minute Rice from Quartzsite.
Hooked up to move once more

Our new spot, Clemson is looking at it saying "are you guys happy now?"

Yes, the best boon-docking spot in Canada
When dishes were done, Bill, Clemson and I walked to the end of the driveway and back talking about the water levels in variance to last October. Like night and day. 

Our spot from the top of the hill on the southwest corner
I hope your day was half as good as mine because that would still be top notch! I’m so happy to be “HOME”.
Clemson has slept more in these two days than ever, must be the fresh air

My special guys

This actually looks like I am laying on the ground looking up........but it is a picture of the pond

Prime location, right there

Goodnight from us at The Ridge

Thank you for reading. If you feel like making a comment, I would love to read it.


  1. So nice to see your mom and daughter again catching up. now settled in the Ridge , you can enjoy the upcoming summer.

  2. Nice that you could visit with your family and get settled in.
    Now you can start planning for next winter's trip.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I'm in no rush to plan next year's trip! We will enjoy the summer here and all that it offers for the next few months. :)

  4. Glad to see that you got settled. Welcome home. We will have to get out to see you, but it does take much longer to get reset when you have a house. Always something to do. See you Sunday anyway.

    1. Thank you sis!You are welcome any time and yes, we will see you on Sunday for sure. A good reason for us to NOT have a house. :) tee hee.