Saturday, December 9, 2017

Birthdays, Time to Move South to Familiar Places, Couple of Special Calls

Happy Birthday, Daddy (1923 to 1995) and our great friend, Brenda!

Always the clown

Brenda and Clemson walking at the Ridge
I was up on Saturday, Dec. 9th just after 7:30 am. Still windy, so maybe that is helping us to leave Ridgeview RV resort. We love it here but our two FREE weeks are up today and we need to move on. With the windy days, there are some things not so enjoyable, like sitting out, walking and swimming, so it is easy to pull up stakes and move on.

And they all gathered I'm sure to say goodbye
 Bill was up at 8 and we read blog posts and comments while drinking our tea and coffee. Bill then went out to put away the Weber Q and satellite dish while I cleaned up inside. We looked out the window and laughed at all the action around the tap and my blue dish. The Gambel’s won’t be happy when I take the dish away so I’ll have to make sure the tap still has a drip so they can drink. Crazy, there are so many!!

We had some of my Banana Oatmeal muffins for a filler and were on the road out of the park by 10 am. Bill dropped our registration card at the office and said goodbye. We like them to know we have vacated so they can book right away if need be. 

Handing in our site card
The drive was nice, going to the Route 66 way to Golden Shores and then onto I-40E to I-95S.

Last visit this year.............we think

Clemson enjoying the ride

I like this stretch of Route 66 even with the Suite

When we arrived at George and Rose’s in Lake Havasu we had an ‘oh-oh’ moment. There was already a motor home parked in ‘our’ spot at the top of the laneway. Hmmm. Things that make you go ‘Hmmm’. 

Oh-oh temporary setback

Bill walked up to see what the situation was and it was George’s brother Logan. They’d arrived yesterday to unload things from their coach into George’s cargo trailer. It was so nice and they weren’t in a rush so thought they’d stay overnight.
So, we waited at the end of the laneway
Somehow lines got crossed and they either thought we’d been and gone or that we weren’t coming yet. I don’t know BUT it was all well-known to G & R that they would do this as in the past. So, Bill pulled the Suite across the driveway and we walked up and sat in their backyard while we waited for them to finish. I’m hoping they didn’t rush too much but they were pleasant and soon on their way within an hour and a half. Nice to meet them both.

Bill backed the Suite in with ease and of course my good hand signals (haha) and we were set up by 1:30 with the exception of the satellite dish. George said we could use their patio mat instead of getting ours out so I appreciated that. It is nice to step onto rather than the stones. It is a gorgeous day at 71F and guess what? The wind is almost non-existent!! This is even better than the last time we were here, because I can sit outside without roasting. Yay! Thanks guys!

We had to stop to adjust our ladder and this was rumbling by up on the hill
I wish I'd captured the 3 engines
We came inside and Bill made himself his favourite peanut butter and cheese sandwich on a bun. I had some steak leftover so fried it up with a couple of eggs for my lunch. There is enough left over for tomorrow as well since Bill isn’t keen on it. I did dishes inside and Bill set the dish up outside and together we quickly connected to 95 & 96% reception.

Sometimes the mountains create a beautiful picture against the sky
Now it is time to change into shorts, get a chair out and read some more. Bill and Clemson decided they were ready for a nap so went to the bedroom. I moved one of the patio chairs up beside the Suite at 3 and was soon hooked in my book. It seems to be taking me forever to read but now I should have some uninterrupted moments in which to finish it.

When I came inside at 4:45, Bill and I changed into our Christmas shirts and made a Google Hangouts call to our friends back home in London. Kathy, Derrick, Sharon, Jim, Lydia and Jeff were gathered for their annual Christmas celebration. It wasn’t one of the best connections and so some communication was lost but we at least got to see them all and hear their voices. Best of all we got to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

For you, Deb
For supper, I warmed up leftover roast beef, gravy and a vegetable. We weren’t all that hungry so I didn’t worry about potatoes or bread for hot sandwiches. It was just enough and still roast beef and gravy left over for another night. We cleaned up dishes and were just sitting around, me at my blog and Bill trying to find something on the boob tube.
Bill and I both waved for you
The phone rang and we were both delightfully surprised to see Krystal’s name come up. Krystal is Bill’s 3rd oldest daughter. How nice of her to call and catch up with us. It was great news to hear of a new job she has started and we wish her all the best at something that she seems to be enjoying. Drive safe, Krystal, and hope you got your gift wrapping done.

Google chatting with our friends outside so we can show them our scenery
There isn’t much on tv so maybe I’ll get into my book again. Or I might have to watch one of  Bill's Christmas movies. 

Now that the sun has set, the temperature has dropped to 65F at 6:30. I think it is time to download my few pictures for the day, post this and pour myself a drink of Desaranno. I’ll drink it slowly and think of Donna back home with her feet up in front of the tv by her fireplace (with snow outside). Maybe tomorrow I’ll share the story of my pickle juice. I do believe I was able to share something with my sister that she had never heard of.

So, we are settled into a different location today for 11 days. We have full hookups and surprisingly, again, free wifi. We have 2 tickets to use for a free ferry ride to Havasu Landing Casino again and 2 coupons for 10% off a dinner at their restaurant. This time I WILL remember my coupons and players card.

I like the subtle Christmas touch across the way
Oh, and the sky doesn't hurt either

and the sunset from Lake Havasu City didn't let me down

I hope you have had a good day. Thanks for stopping in today. Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. It was nice to hear that the wind died down...after we left! You were right, I was sitting with my feet in front of the fireplace, watching our Maple Leafs win yet another game and yes, there is snow outside ;-). We were drinking hot lemon and honey though, not the hard stuff. Have fun at your "new site".

    1. Not at Bullhead, the wind was still quite gusty there but here, a total difference.
      Yay Leafs! Hot lemon and honey sounds toasty too. You and I did a pretty good job on the Desaronno, only a few small glasses left. :)
      We'll enjoy staying here in the peace and quiet and warmth.

  2. We stayed at Ridgeview many times years ago and eventually got fed up with the winds, so just don't go there as often. Nice spot there at George and Roses , we met Logan and his wife last year and made supper for them all one night. When we were there George had his coach there on that spot so we parked on the other side of the house.

    1. We like Ridgeview even though the winds can be a pain. The first week we were there, it wasn't bad at all so give and take, I guess.
      This is a lovely spot and we are grateful to be offered a free full hookup spot.

  3. Those quail are amazing! Love the route 66 that up took yesterday! We both thought that was so cute that you put on your Christmas shirts to be part of the party! Sure is nice to be able to connect that way from anywhere! Times sure have changed. Beautiful sunset once again!!

    1. I sure do love the quail, their fast little walk and their chatter. So cute!
      We debated about the shirts but we were the most Christmassy of the bunch! haha
      Thank goodness for some social technology.......other times I wish we were back to the way it was.

  4. Excellent pictures. The quails will miss you. Hope you enjoy your stay at such a wonderful location. Always nice to chat with friends and family back home. Enjoy the the less windy location!!!!

    1. Thanks Deb and Riley. I am certainly missing the quails!
      This is such a peaceful spot and we are grateful to be able to come here. It isn't out in the country which we love BUT still lovely.