Thursday, December 28, 2017

Warm, …. er Hot Days, Tattoos, Walkabouts, Droning, Chinese, Family Growing

Bill was actually up first on Thursday, Dec. 28th. Not by much but still, it is rare nowadays. He used to always be the first to rise out of bed and I slept in until 7:30 if I could. Today we were both up by 7:30, drinking our brews. It was another warm start to the day registering 51F on the outside temperature. When I finished my tea, I prepared to go for a walk.

Good morning, Mr. Sunshine!

Bridgette and I from Summer of '16
Bill was in the middle of reading my daughter, Bridgette’s, latest blog post. Now she is the writer of the family. We get a kick out of her independence, humour and dedication to things she loves. If you are interested, check it out at Two Cents. If not, the title is Inked and here is what she is writing about.

Her first tattoo!
It is gorgeous and perfect for my bookworm
The names are her two boys, my grandsons
Five books and eleven birds
She was born on May 11th
When he finished reading, he joined me for our walk around the park. It is always a treat for me when he wants to walk with me but I don’t put pressure on him and I know not to expect it on a daily basis. After getting back, I hopped in the shower and Bill had some cereal before getting his toy out again. Today it was fully charged.

This little beauty got pictures of our site here and some of the office and clubhouse
 It is a calm day, so far, although George told us last night it was going to be windy, coming from the north at 10 mph. After Bullhead City that shouldn’t feel too bad to us. It was time to give my fingernails a refresher so removed the chipped Pink Pout shade and painted them in Coral Bikini. I don’t have nice nails and seldom paint them a bright colour. I can never sit long enough without smudging them.

Pretty nails and walnuts for a snack before lunch
I didn’t want a big breakfast today either, since we are going out for lunch at 1 pm with friends. I figured an orange and some yogourt would be enough since it was already 9:30. We are being overrun with fruit flies here and I’m wondering if it is because of the ficus tree on our doorstep. They aren’t just inside but outside the windows as well. Suzie has them in their coach too and it seems a ‘fruitless’ battle to get rid of them. Ha ha how is that for a play on words? LOL

This is sitting in the corner on the floor and seems to be working pretty good.
We’ve got a dish of apple cider vinegar off in a corner with saran wrap over it. The teensy holes will allow them in but not out. It works to some degree but not 100%. There are just too many. They are so annoying all around our faces and sink. It is always something, isn’t it? Sorry to be griping about something so minor!

I took this blurred photo from the bottom of the container
Yeuch! they gave their life and for what purpose?
Bill and Clemson moved outside to read so before I went out to join them, I got out our Black Flag fly, ant, bee and ‘other annoying bugs’ killer. Making sure there was no food out and covering our coffee mugs, I sprayed generously throughout the Suite. Bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen areas all got a good dose. Then I closed the door and went outside.

A row of ficus trees are our neighbours
the trees have caused a few discussions in the park
They have lovely white trunks and the bright green branches
form wonderful shade in the shape of an umbrella
We were outside for a while before deciding to have our second brew of the day. We noticed a few of the teensy flies but a whole lot less than before I sprayed. Bill doesn’t like to sit in the sun so he moved around a couple of times and eventually went inside. He is reading another of Lee Child’s books, Never Go Back, with Jack Reacher. It must be good.
My boys sitting in the shade

I finished a chapter and took my camera for a walk. It was 12 noon. 

I walked through the gate, out into the area beside the park
Looking back this way is the blm camping area
My sister, Gayle and John, camped here for a few nights last year
so we could spend Christmas Day together

Still a kid at heart, I had to write my name in the sand

Looking back at the park
We cleaned up and walked over to hitch a ride with George and Suzie to Yuma. They had invited us to join them one day to go to Lin’s for their Chinese buffet. 

George was driving so took the time to clean his car up for us
It even got a vacuuming!
That's when I noticed this park staff painting the lane signs
They are doing a lot of prep for the January crowd
Heading in for 1 o’clock guarantees that it isn’t as busy as it would be at noon but also guarantees a great buffet for only $8.81. Wow, that is fantastic!

spring rolls, shrimp, ribs, mushrooms, chow mein, wings, zucchini and pot stickers, oh my!

There is always such a feeling of obligation to eat as much as you can when really it doesn’t take more than one plate full and you’re already looking at the cost of your full meal. I used to like Chinese buffets so I could sample things but learned early on that I would waste food. 
Only one of the many rows of main dishes

One row of desserts and condiments
Now, I stick to what I know I like. I still ate a lot, probably more than was necessary, but it was all very good and I savoured every morsel. Even the chicken wing I took although it had a kick to it.
And then dessert
They could keep the chocolate pudding but everything else was yummy

We shared a table with Sue and Roger as well who accepted the invitation as well. It was good food and a good time. This is our 3rd visit since last November but definitely not our last. I’m not generally a tease, but George challenged me to take a photo of the bananas coated in a strawberry sauce for our friend, Pat. 

Love you Patricia!
Pat and Rob couldn’t make it south this year so you guys back home need to know that we ate enough for everyone!

Suzie, Bill, Sue, Roger and George
Back home, I soon decided that even though it was time for the tradition of Happy Hour, I wasn’t participating today. I felt tired and just wanted to get my lounge chair out and rest, possibly with a snooze in there. Bill readily agreed and he moved inside. He dropped off almost immediately, I could hear the firewood stacking up indoors. I’m not innocent, I did drop off for a cat nap as well. 

The view from my lounge chair at 3 pm
With the temperature sitting in the high 70’s (sorry, Lorne) the sun was too hot (can’t believe I’m saying that!) so my feet were in the glow and the rest of me in the shade.

When I came inside after probably an hour, Bill asked me to check his forehead. He felt very hot, close to feverish. Hmm, that’s not good. He’s had a bit of an annoying cough today from a ‘tickle’ in his throat so I hope he isn’t coming down with something. I made him a tea with honey, since he refused an offer of mullien tea (Donna, I tried!).

Something about the sunsets through the trees captures my attention
It was just 5 so I went for a walk to the clubhouse and made a contribution to the puzzle. It looks like I’m the only one working on it and that is fine but I need to stay longer. Tomorrow, I will make a commitment to spend more time there. I do enjoy it. That is one thing I miss in this lifestyle. Having room to work on a puzzle anytime of day or evening. Oh well, I’ll take advantage of the parks that offer them.

Back home, I noticed George and Suzie sitting outside with their media devices. Suzie reading and George, no doubt, finishing his blog post for today. I captured a few (too many) pictures of the sunset over the fence and wasn’t surprised to see another lady out doing the same thing tonight. The sunsets are just stunning!

This farm house next to the park makes a nice silhouette against the clear sky
This has been another wonderful day in the desert of California. I hope you’ve had a great day and if you are back home, snowed in, please take care when you are clearing the white stuff and especially driving and walking in it.

I wanted to close with this stunning picture of a beautiful new family
this is my little brother's oldest son, Nick,  holding his very first child.
Victoria, his girlfriend and her son Drayden and they make a special family unit
Therefore, my brother's first grandchild to carry on the family name


Thank you for stopping in! I love to hear from you!


  1. It sure was a wonderful day and thanks for joining us along with Roger and Sue at Lin's. Yes we ate too much but boy was it good. I love sitting outside to read usually in the shade or sun, no matter as long as we are outside, then this evening outside I can write my blog posting just because it was warm enough.
    Hope Bill is feeling better.

    1. I enjoy the outdoors too, it is my preference when I can and when I am comfy.
      Thanks for the well wishes for Bill. I hope so too!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, and the food looked fantastic. Hope Bill isn't coming down with something. How nice of George to 'clean' up the limo for the ride to lunch. Love the end pic, very touching.

    1. Lin's never disappoints. Thank you, Bill's fever came on so suddenly with that silly cough!
      yes, we thought it was nice of George too.

  3. The last picture is so special.
    I hate...hate...hate fruit flies. No rhyme or reason I just do. When I see even one the hunt is on for the source. So I totally understood the gripe...:) I add a little dish soap to my apple cider vinegar.
    Your daughter's tattoo is a nice one, especially after reading the meaning behind it.

    1. thank you.
      Me too!! I do the search and put anything that might be the cause away. Maybe I'll try dish soap too.
      Bridgette's tat was a surprise. We knew that 'one day' she would get one but she doesn't talk about things until it is done, usually :)

    2. Hope Bill is feeling better this morning.

  4. Love your pics ! We've never stayed in that RV park before , tend to boondock , how are the sites for room , we have a large toyhauler and wonder if we would "fit". I'm just doing a little homework , will be in the area in a month , and have usually stayed at the Q for the days were in the area, from the pics ,looks roomy! Thanks ,enjoy your blog

    1. Thank you. The sites at the back half are where you want to go with a large unit like ours. We've been at the front and you are very close to your neighbour. We have plenty of room although next time will not go between the two trees like this time. We can't open our large awning because of them. Now, in January it is supposed to get busier so the choices may be more limited. They let you pick when you arrive.......if you ask to. Along the back is my suggestion.

  5. Look like a great day and an awesome looking lunch . Especially the bananas in strawberry sauce. How I do love those bananas . I can almost taste them from here . Lol. Keep on having fun and enjoying the weather . Rob sends a big hello back to you and Bill both .
    Thinking about last year when we were with you for New Year’s . We wish both you and Bill a very happy new year . ������������
    Pat & Rob A

    1. how wonderful to hear from you! At least now you know for sure we were thinking of you guys! We do often and wish you were here.
      hello to Rob, my buddy.
      We will be thinking of you on New Years as well. We'll go to the clubhouse for a bit, not sure how long we'll stay.

    2. Thanks Pat
      It will Only let me post as anonymous . It only Took me a bit to figure that out . Lol. I’m in disguise . �� now that I’ve learned how to do it you will hear more from me .

  6. The family picture is precious! The love and awe is so obvious. Love how it looks like little Drayden is counting fingers and toes on his new sister? brother? ...The Chinese food looks awesome! Bill seems to be enjoying his new "toy". Sunrise and sunset were both awesome as always! I love the tattoo..especially because it means something..very nice! Hope Bill's illness is short lived..and he's on the mend. I don't call those fruit flies a minor annoyance. We get them here in the spring, short lived but so annoying! There's a lot of things out there to get rid of them, but I don't think anything works 100% except time! uhhh..

    1. thank you for your comments. They are always so carefully written. :)
      I forgot to say Emmett is the baby's name. Woops! A little brother for Drayden.
      Bill is better today and fingers crossed it keeps on movin' on out!
      Fruit flies, yes, definitely more than minor, thanks. :)

  7. that flu is wicked. mom, dad Roland and myself have had it. mom is on week ##2. it took us down for a week. hope he is feeling better soon and you escape it

    1. I heard that! Hope you are all better and that Judy soon beats it.
      Bill's is fever and achy head and body with a bit of a cough. He is better today but we're not sure what tomorrow will bring. Thank you for your concern for both of us!

  8. Hopefully Bill isn't getting that Gaestro-Intestinal Flu that I had last week. Painful and the only relief you get is sleeping.
    Almost stopped at Lin's the other day. Didn't realize it was a Buffet and stopped at Golden Corral.
    Thanks for the tip about the Apple Cider Vinegar. We have lots of Fruit Flies back home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I don't think so, he is able to eat and keep food down. Just fever, a cough and achy head and body. More like cold symptoms.
      Those fruit flies are driving us batty although there are less today. Everyone seems to have them.

  9. It was a beautiful sunny day here too. You just don't want to know the temperature!