Tuesday, December 26, 2017

No Boxes Day, Quick Trip to Fry’s, More New Friends, Special Dinner at the Yates

On Tuesday, Dec. 26th, Boxing Day, I was again awake early but didn’t get up until 7ish. Actually, the whole family got up together today! I was in bed last night around 10 feeling zonked, not sure why. Must have been my late afternoon swim.

the sky looked promising today
We had our brew while reading blogs and comments before using our new electric toothbrushes. They were the exciting part about getting cleaned up today. We haven’t used the Waterpik yet but today we’ll get it going. We both feel good about these new brushes, whether it is all in our heads or not, our teeth feel great.

The traffic was pretty much non-existent on our drive to Yuma
Bill drove us into Yuma to the Fry’s closest to us and I picked up a few groceries, very few. Spending $20 was enough to top up our points so we can get the .10 diesel fuel savings again. With a full tank right now, that will be a few days away since we’re not driving too far for the rest of the year. Hehe, sounds funny but 2018 is only a handful of days away.

We have noticed that the days are getting longer now that we are truly into winter. The down slide from short days has begun. I totally missed acknowledging the shortest day, Dec. 21st, first day of winter, for the first time in forever. That makes sense to me even if I’ve lost you back in Yuma at Fry’s.

I nipped into the Family Dollar and picked up a couple of correction tapes so we can keep our little address book neat. I hate all the scratching out when addresses get changed. Oh, I also picked up a pack of post-it notes. I'm always wanting to jot things down so I remember to look them up online and these 2" x 2" pads are perfect.

Breakfast wrap

We left at 8:15 and were back by 9:30 so I set about making an omelette for breakfast. George has invited us to a 2nd turkey dinner today so we will help out by providing the veggie and dressing. I’m also planning to make apple crisp for dessert with my homemade Christmas cake. We picked up a bottle of wine as well.

And there is the 40 year old recipe
After dishes, I started this post and then began baking before the day warmed up too much. I hate missing the sunshine and the sky seems to be clearing out now. When I make apple Crisp, I always use the same recipe.

This one was given to me many years ago, between 1977 and 1980 from a girlfriend. A girlfriend from the time when my husband and her boyfriend were in a band together. We lost touch when she and the boyfriend split up.

Get ready, Get Set, Go!
I’ve always had the best success with the recipe and love its sweetness. It is very well used as you can tell from the picture. So, first I prepared the apples, washing, coring, slicing but not peeling. I like the goodness and taste of the apple peel. I sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon before spreading them in the pan.

Then the mixture of brown sugar, butter, flour and oatmeal. Yum. I covered the pan with tin foil until later today when I will bake it in my convection oven. That way it will be warm for an after dinner serving. Bill and Clemson were snoozing soundly, well, Clemson was quiet, so I took my book outside to read. The sun was nice and warm and I was hopeful for a total clearing.

Ready to bake and dishes get cleaned up throughout the process
Unfortunately, that wasn’t about to happen too soon, if at all today. I went through various stages of undress and redress today. First a tee shirt was too warm and then my camisole top was too cool. Thirdly, the flies were driving me batty so at 1 o’clock I came indoors. Feeling a bit of a nosh for something, I made Bill and I an ice cream cone. This Tillamook Raspberry Vanilla is delicious! Of course, that also means Clemson gets a treat too. Such a pest!

At 2:30 I took a walk up to the clubhouse with the book Bill just finished by Lee Child. I’d read it before so it was time to exchange. Once in the puzzle/book room, I noticed a new puzzle had been started. Oh great! With the border the only thing done, I sat down and got quite a few pieces in in the short time I was there. This is a beautiful puzzle titled Founding Fathers.

I texted Bill just before 3 to tell him where I was and to start Happy Hour without me. When I returned around 3:30 I first peeled and cut my carrots and set them in the pot and got things ready for the dressing. I walked over to George and Suzie’s with my chair and joined them and another new blogging couple. This is awesome! Dave and Cheryl from Our View from Here are staying at a park in Yuma and took a chance that George and Suzie were around and wouldn’t mind visitors.

George, Suzie, Dave, Cheryl, Bill, Empty chair
We are always happy to meet new people, new rv’ers and new bloggers. What a wonderful couple, just getting started on this whole rv’ing thing. Dave has just retired this past summer and they have a 5th wheel Cedar Creek so has a lot of questions. We love that, all of us like to give advice and helpful tips whether it is what you use or not. They are just suggestions. I love that Dave has a notebook and writes things down to refer to later.
and the turkey looks, smells and tasted delicious!
I’m not even sure what time it was when I realized that George’s turkey was done and he’d taken it in from the Weber. I think it was just before 5 so I said goodbye and came back to turn the burner on for the carrots and celery to boil. I also put the apple crisp in the convection oven for 45 minutes. By 5:30 we were eating our terrific supper.

We had turkey, cooked by the Weber Q master, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy. Dressing, carrots w/celery, Christmas cake and apple crisp with whipped cream for dessert. Oh my! 

 Bill and I finished off our bottle of wine from last night and walked away with contented tummies. We sat around and chatted until 7:30 or so until it was time to say goodnight.
Clemson can smell the turkey on the counter
We’d left Clemson at home during our main course but I brought him back with me when I carried the dessert over. He is such a character, not liking their new ‘carpet-less’ floors he remained on the couch the whole time. He knew there was some great smelling meat somewhere and kept pawing at the coffee table for me to either feed him some or sit with him.

apple crisp, Christmas cake and whipped cream

Back home, Bill wanted to leave the few dishes I’d dirtied until morning but that didn’t appeal to me so I cleaned them up right away. Then it was time to sit and finish this post. I downloaded pictures from all 3 sources and set to work. Bill turned the tv on and tuned in to the 40th Annual Kennedy Center Honours. It was nice, some people I knew, some I didn’t but entertaining anyway.

The 3 step process of ice cream cones at our place
Clemson watches Bill eat down to the last inch

Finally, he gets his piece

Pure enjoyment
And then he moves on to watching me finish mine
This has been a wonderful day even though we didn’t have any boxes to deal with today. Just the way we like it! Thanks to George and Suzie for the invitation to dinner tonight. We are so blessed to have great friends and to have the opportunity to meet new ones every day! So nice to meet Len, Brenda, Jean, Skip, Sue, Roger, Dave and Cheryl this Christmas!

Thank you for reading today. Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to. 


  1. You guys had quite a feast!
    Thanks to Bill for showing me your rig. I like the shelving in the basement and I may do the same. Always nice to get great ideas from those that have been there, done that!

    1. Yes we did and it was delicious!
      We love showing our rig as much as seeing others.
      When Bill built the shelving, he built it right in place. It was easier than if he'd tried to build outside and put it in. I hope the ideas keep coming. I just learned one from Marlene and Benno last night!

  2. We too had a box less day. There was no way we were heading out into those crowds! Besides, we were busy clearing another 8 inches of snow from the driveway and walkways. The joys if living in Canada.

    1. The 'joy' of living in a Canadian wore out its welcome for us. :) At least for now.

  3. We too had a box less day. There was no way we were heading out into those crowds! Besides, we were busy clearing another 8 inches of snow from the driveway and walkways. The joys if living in Canada.

  4. What a day you had! Visiting with old and new friends and then that delicious dinner! You're apple crisp looks absolutely wonderful! Not a big apple pie eater, but that crisp would definitely work! Love the pictures of Clemson waiting for his ice cream cone! He has such cute expressions

    1. Clemson rules the house, as you can tell. If he wants ice cream, he usually gets it.
      It was a wonderful day for sure with friends. love meeting new people.

  5. A very nice day. We stayed away from the stores as well thinking it would be a zoo. Love the well used recipe, the end product looked excellent. Dinner also looked excellent. Glad you all had such a great day.

    1. Yep, not into the hustle even though I do love a bargoon!
      It was a great day as usual.

  6. It was a fun day, always enjoy meeting new people in our travels, and love cooking a tasty meal.That we can share with friends, Thanks for the apple Crispy and Christmas cake it was a great way to end up a tasty meal.

  7. What a perfect day you all had. I am a little envious ;-) How about a more detailed apple crisp recipe? How many apples and quantity of ingredients? I got 35-45 min. at 375F If we can't be there, at least we could replicate the dessert and imagine.
    Clemson is so cute, especially when there is ice-cream.

    1. It was a great day!
      8 cups of apples, 1/2 cup of w. sugar mixed w/1 tsp. of cinnamon and I added some allspice. Mix with apples, into a greased pan. I added about 8 small pats of butter on the top. Mix 1/2 c. butter w/1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 c. flour and I always add more oatmeal than it calls for. I put in about 1 1/2 c. of oatmeal. It will be crumbly so spread it across the pan. The rest you know! :) Good luck!
      Clemson is a mooch, no other way to say it.

  8. Really love you first picture of the morning sky.
    That has to be a great recipe with the use the card has gotten...those are the best.
    How nice to be able to share another wonderful meal with friends.
    Cute how Clemson waits for his part of the treat...doesn't want to make you feel guilty at all about eating in front of him...:)

    1. Thank you.
      The apple crisp recipe is one worth holding onto.
      Clemson doesn't always 'wait' so patiently.......he makes little 'hurry up Daddy' noises. :)

  9. Sounds like one continuing celebration!