Friday, December 22, 2017

What a Difference a Day Makes, Christmastime, Mexico, Happy Hour, Burger Night

I was awake before 6:30 on Friday, Dec. 22nd so bided my time in bed until 7 before pulling myself, gingerly out from under the covers. Gingerly, because the day following one like yesterday, I’m almost afraid to move too quickly in case that dizzy feeling returns. Nope! So far so good. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and heard that Clemson had hopped off the bed as well.

Good morning

The clubhouse/office
 After telling Bill to go back to bed, I let Clem out for his piddle and then I went for my morning walk around the perimeters. It was a cool 4C/39F so it meant an extra layer and a faster walk. Near the main office, past the pool, I stuck my head into the laundromat to refresh my memory on the cost of doing laundry here. $1.25 for both washers and dryers, that is the best deal yet.

What a cute setup
I had to tiptoe around because they were probably still inside the myPod
As I walked out, I saw George heading the same way so we walked and chatted together down a roadway before parting. I needed to put some power and speed into my steps to keep warm and to get myself around the rest of the way. My legs are longer than George’s, (so he says) so he bid me on my way. Back at the Suite Bill was just opening blinds.

And the sun rises
The inside of our home looks so pretty. Last night at 8:30 Bill got our 4’ tree out and set it up for me. Since I was not feeling poorly anymore, I set to work decorating it and the rest of the Suite. Everything in the two boxes found a home throughout our main and bedroom levels. Beautiful, if I do say so myself! And the stockings are hung waiting for Santa too. Now, Christmas can come.

Santas adorn our bedroom dresser

Our living room area

Looking at this picture, I see a tinsel adjustment is in order

Bill's suggestion this year was to put the tree on our coffee table

And I love it!
After our tea, coffee and computing, we had breakfast and got cleaned up. I managed to complete the shower I started yesterday with success. Leaving Suzie the key to our place, in case Clemson needed a run, we drove to the parking lot past the Quechon Casino. For the low low price of $6 a day, you can park and walk across the border to Los Algodones, Mexico.

The dentist's reception area
Seating area
I loved this painting
We cannot believe the number of vehicles parked at least ½ mile away along the side of the road in order (we assume) to avoid this fee. Crazy! There are so many things I just can’t understand. To see an elderly man, probably in his 70’s making the trek, with a hobble and a hoy just causes us to shake our head. It’s 6 bucks!
the things you see on the strip in Los Algodones
This is such a pretty courtyard
 Anyway, we carried on and walked across the border to the chants of “need a dentist? Eye checkup today? We have exactly what you need! Purse lady?” We found Dr. Eva Urena’s office but unfortunately, she wasn’t in. Her hygienist was able to give us each our cleaning and suggested we come back in an hour to see Eva.

Before we left, we learned that this office no longer took Debit or Credit, cash only. Hmm, not a problem today, paying only $70 total but for future work that Bill would need, it could be an issue. It is difficult not knowing what the procedures will cost so we will have to chit chat with them if he plans to continue going back to her.

As I waited for Bill at the Optometrist's, vendors were just outside the door
trying to sell their wares
We left there and went to Vision Optical a few blocks away. Bill was finally going to get his glasses looked after. As in, getting a new pair. He has been so frustrated with the ones he has now. So, within 30 minutes, he had his eyes tested, picked out frames and ordered lenses for $175. This is the way to shop for glasses. We can pick them up tomorrow. We’ll let you know how they turn out.
Not too bad of a lineup today to cross back into the U.S.
Bill needed to check out places in Yuma to find the fuse he needed for our inverter so while he went into Al’s RV Store, I went into the .99 Store for a few grocery items. I have a bigger list for food than just those few items but since it was home on the fridge, we decided to skip Fry’s today and come back another day. It still doesn’t seem like Christmas so hard to see the parking lots so jammed pack.

On the way home, disappointed after not finding the fuse we need, we got caught in traffic on Hwy 8 W. Twenty-five minutes of wasted time but good thing we didn’t have a deadline. We arrived back at the park around 2:30, just in time for Happy Hour at George and Suzie’s. We put our things away, poured a drink and took Clemson with our chairs over to their place.

This old car was at one of the stops Bill made
We had previously decided to go up to the clubhouse for Burger night for supper. Most parks do this ‘thing’ in the same manner and although it wasn’t a very big crowd, maybe 35 attendees, we all received a cheeseburger/chicken burger or hot dog with beans, chips and a cookie for $5. Sure beats starting up the grill and preparing it ourselves. Plus, it is a nice social time.

This is the jam up on Hwy 8
On the way home, Bill grabbed my Amazon parcel from the office. Yay! The night air sure cools off fast, as soon as the sun goes down. George and I played tag at snapping pictures of the beautiful sky to the west. 

And George and Suzie were enjoying their books this afternoon
We didn’t see it disappear but the sun was leaving an admirable portrait for us all to enjoy. It was shortly after 6 when we returned and the temperature had dropped to 54F.

At Happy Hour today, Bill and I met Jean and Skip briefly
We'll see them again at the park Christmas dinner

the sun going down before dinner
George reminded me to snap a picture after I'd got one bit into it
It was a very good  burger!
When I got inside, I wanted very badly to open my box but since I hadn’t started writing my post, I had a previous commitment. So, as Bill settled in his recliner with a Christmas movie playing, I settled in front of my laptop. I think we’ve wrapped up another great day and I have a feeling tomorrow will be a bit calmer.

I hope you’ve had a fun day, just 3 days before the BIG day. If you are still employed, I bid you a happy Friday because I know it means the weekend for you and hopefully a few days off.
And to all a goodnight from Pilot Knob!
3 more sleeps!
Time to open my parcel
Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping in today!


  1. We saw the traffic backed up on I-8 when we went for a walk this afternoon. I wonder what was going on? Your decorations look beautiful :-)

    1. Next time we'll take the cut off through Winterhaven to get back from Yuma.
      thank you. Have a good flight! I believe you're in the air today for home.

  2. Glad you are feeling better!
    Did Bill try the Southwest Exchange RV Superstore? t's just down Frontage Rd from Al's. They have a better selection of RV stuff. Might be worth a try.

    There was an accident on I8 just before Fortuna Rd about 2PM. I heard the crash. I don't think it was serious but sure backed up traffic for a while.

    1. Thank you.
      No, he didn't know about that RV store, at least didn't remember it if he knew last year. Hmm. He got the info from George who has the box and has ordered two online. Hopefully they will come on time. :)

  3. Glad you feeling much better and got some things take care of today, it was a nice Happy hour and the burger night a treat as well. loving todays weather.

    1. thanks George. After a day in bed you sure do appreciate the outdoors!
      Great day together for sure.

  4. Your home looks so cute! Good job! Ken says you might need a cooler climate as your Santas melted..he's so funny..huh...The tree is so nice! Love Clemson's stocking! I think Clemson did ok from the pictures on George's blog..he seemed pretty comfy on Suzie's lap..haha..Dinner looked great and not a bad deal for $5.00. Ok, the suspense is killing me...OPEN the box! hahah..

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Santas and the Snowmen around my tree are all droopy. :) No thanks for the cooler climate though Ken, they can suffer.
      Clemson doesn't miss a trick, if there is a lap.........
      Good easy meal for all of us! I'll share the box contents in today's post.

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like a great day. Enjoy the box!!! The Suite looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much Deb and Riley. The box is opened, yay!
      I agree, the Suite does look lovely at Christmas. :)

  6. Love your Christmas decorations, sure looks festive.
    That picture at the dentist seating area I wanted to buy for years. It was sold at Ikea and I had been holding out for a reduced price, which never came ;-(