Monday, December 18, 2017

Touch Ups, Banking Fix, Calmer Day, Walkabouts, Suite Clean

I was up at 7:30 again this morning, Monday, Dec. 18th. This seems to be my normal time to rise now and I like it. Anytime between 7 – 7:30 works well for me. The sun hasn’t risen yet but is ready to pop so I put my runners on with my hoody and windbreaker. I let Clemson out for his piddle and then he got back in to bed with Daddy.

No sun, but the promise of it coming
I didn’t even check the temperature or open the Suite’s blinds. I just went before I changed my mind. It was a nice walk and before I returned, the sun was spreading its glory across the land. How poetic! Finally, this morning our neighbor across the street has pulled out with his 5th wheel. And he did that really early, heading to California to meet with the rest of his family. What it means for me is that I can see the lake from the lane!
No matter which way I walk, there are hills
and where there are hills, there are beautiful views
We have just a couple more days here so have a bit of a countdown list before we leave. For me, my hair needs a root touch-up so I’m taking care of that this morning. For Bill, he may or may not get out on the ATV once more. For us, vacuuming and dusting needs to be done. We also will be putting Rose and George’s chairs and patio mat back where we found them.

I'm not sure of the name of this one
but it is so delicate looking with soft leaves (deceiving)

Prickly pear and barrel cactus

This is a nice display of a few varieties of cacti
The little water pump is a nice touch too
The colours of this prickly pear are so pretty
Tomorrow we have laundry to take care of and we’ll drive over to the public one on London Bridge Road to do that. Nothing else too pressing, just the normal things before pack up. I’ve enjoyed being here but we are also looking forward to the move so I can get ready for Christmas.

I followed this bunny around the corner and he suddenly stopped
and hunkered down as though invisible

As I approached, his ears lifted as if to greet me
 The other day I tried to withdraw some cash from a Bank machine in the city but it wouldn’t accept my card for some reason. Bill had no problem but we knew I had to make a call on a regular business day. This is the day. I made the call and thankfully got someone who spoke fluently in a language I understand. I don’t like discussions with banks at the best of times so was grateful for no communication barrier.

Oh No!!!!!
I saw this on my walk
Something has happened down the street
Did you hear anything?
It was just an error I must have made either at the last grocery purchase or at the machine and we re-set up my card with a new password. Easy peasy and we’ll nip into town tomorrow to check it out. While my hair colour was working, Bill cleaned up the few nighttime dishes and I began this post. I then hopped in the shower to rinse my hair and bathe at the same time. Bill has the heat pump running these evenings and early mornings so it was warm in the bathroom. 😊

It's true! I had to check out to see if it really was Frosty
and it wasn't a melt down, either.
By 10:30 my hair was done and I’d scrambled an egg in the microwave for myself. Bill likes his cereal in the mornings so had already taken care of that. With my egg I have a second tea and a half glass of my smoothie. Taking care of all MY food groups in one fell swoop. Meaning, as much good fat as possible.

And just when I was thinking that all was well in the neighbourhood
I see the Minion Santa Family had also succumbed
I stepped outside with Clem for another nature call and feels like I was a little optimistic in putting shorts on. Hmm. It is cool at only 55F and still a bit of wind today. Oh well, I’ll leave them on and test the day later on, it is forecasted to be 68F.

And yet another hilly view

The rest of the day went by in somewhat of a blur. I know we never left the property, except I did, on foot, for a couple of walks and Clemson did as well. Bill puttered around inside the Suite trying to pinpoint an odor of gray water that we experience after our showers. It isn’t 100% of the time but probably 75% and it isn’t only when we are near full. He’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

And just as I rounded the bend this morning, the sun popped
He also replaced a cable and lock on our step and extension ladders that attach to the stable ladder on the back of the Suite. I took advantage of the day, and after putting the table and chairs back in place, I placed one chair in front of the garage, close to the house. Of course, I had my book and my camera with me and surprise, surprise, my shorts were not out of place at all. I was blocked from most of the wind and felt quite comfy.
And it came over the horizon directly onto Black Beauty
The afternoon passed by and at 4 I moved into the Suite. The air does cool down quickly especially for someone dressed the way I was. I read a couple more chapters inside with Bill before he started cutting up some potatoes for fries and I prepared our Tilapia for dinner. I snapped pictures of it in the process but ate it too fast and didn’t get a picture on my plate. It was delicious!

Clemson and I came to the top of this hill.
You can't even see the street below it is so steep!
The sun felt great in the perfect corner 
By the time dishes were done, it was 6 pm and The Voice finale was on. We watched it together and then a Murdoch Mysteries Home for the Holidays movie came on. I'm slowly getting into the spirit, inside with the blinds closed and Christmas stories on the tv. :)
The same hummer keeps coming back

Now can you see why I'm happy the 5th wheel across the road
is gone? :)

Fries are almost ready in our little fryer

Tilapia on the stove
This has been quiet day #3 and we’ve enjoyed every one. Each day brings a surprise because you just never know what you’ll get into. I hope your days are just like that!

The pink water is visible across the road now

And yet the best pictures are from the corner of their property

and to all a good night!

Thank you for stopping in today. Feel free to make a comment. I enjoy hearing from you.


  1. I love love love the story you started on the Christmas blowups. I was waiting for it to turn into some gory chainsaw massacre. We are both thinking the Night before Christmas in our blogs. Now you will have to go read mine. lol

    1. No, not from this gal. Not into horror stories anymore.
      Ha ha, I'm heading over to yours right now!

  2. Truly enjoy your pictures. The views are amazing. Like the bunny picture. Very cute, probably very destructive but still cute. I'm always amazed at the colours of the various cacti. Looks like a wonderful place.

    1. Thank you, I know I repeat a lot of the same views but I don't want to forget them in this beautiful place.
      The cacti amaze me too, love the varieties.

  3. Nice to get those things taken care of and enjoy the nice weather while you can. Too bad about Frosty doing the meltdown, hope he can get back up soon.

    1. Absolutely! trying to take advantage of the warmth of that beautiful sun.
      Hopefully Frosty makes a full recovery.

  4. I don't know, with all those murders taking place you better be careful :) Have to ask, what is the glass jar in the driveway in the picture with you sitting in the sun? We've seen it a couple of times and wondered? Beautiful sunset! I can sure see why you want the 5th wheel gone!

    1. Why do you think we're leaving tomorrow? LOL !!!
      Oh, I'm not surprised that you asked that. It is actually a plastic milk jug filled with water. Attached to the lid is Bill's blue pulsing light. He does that so it stays in place and won't blow over in the wind. Amazing what you come up with, eh?
      It was nice to get a chance to see the lake without that trailer in the way.