Friday, December 29, 2017

Time to Undress, Walkabouts on a Lazy Day, Puzzle, Pool and Bill Improves

Today, Friday, Dec. 29th, I heard Bill up to the bathroom at 6 ish and soon after he crawled back in, Clemson jumped off the bed. I had been awake since 5:45 so I got up and let him out for his piddle. Instead of getting dressed, I, too, crawled back under the covers for half hour. I could see light around the blind edges so soon got up and got dressed.
Looking back to the Suite, it was accented by this beautiful morning
this is the WEST sky at 7:20 am
Don in Okla who comments on my blog suggested I check out a site regarding the length of the daylight hours. It is actually pretty cool. If interested, you can check it out too.

 Thanks, Don! 

I knew from that that the sun was going to pop this morning at 7:55 am. I left the Suite at 7:15 and did a few jaunts at the back end of the park before being stopped by some neighbours I hadn’t yet met.

Bonnie and Vance have not had a home since 1985. Their home base was in Maryland and they have been full-timing in a motor home in the southern states for 17 years to avoid the winters. They don’t stay in one particular place but do stay a fair bit of time at every place they visit. They love it and I’m sure it is keeping them young. We were both checking out the overnight mishap that happened just down the lane next to us.

Sometimes we make the right choices
Even if at the time, we don't know why
Thank goodness, this couple from New Hampshire had decided to move their pickup truck from under the tree last night. Their reasoning was because of the bird and tree droppings but soon became apparent that fate had other plans! This happened through the night and no one was the wiser until she took the dog out this morning. All things happen for a reason.
I thought I'd post a few pictures of the large sites here

These are along the back fence and were mostly full last year when we were here
Lots of room for a toy hauler, Bill Snider
Even this one up in the middle is plenty long for a large unit
and room for a tow vehicle to park

I finished my walk around the park and caught the 7:55 pop of the sun at the corner of the mountain. I’m sure the time was off a bit because the Gila range does block the first rising at the horizon. I’m not about to complain about mountains blocking my view though, I love to see them all around us.

I'm getting there!!
When I got back, Bill was still sleeping soundly and Clem was tucked in there under the covers with him, looking after him. He went to bed last night at 9 pm, highly unusual for Bill. He was definitely feeling poorly. There wasn’t much I could do to relieve what he was feeling, although I offered, and eventually after 15 minutes or so, he dropped off for the night.

At least he slept well and I’m happy about that. Sleep seems to be the best cure for most things. It is strange how it came on so suddenly, but then again that is how it happens. We don’t get a warning ‘tomorrow you will not feel well’. He will be avoiding close proximity with friends today so as not to share it.

Our ficus tree was getting a gentle watering for most of the day today
No wonder the tree is so healthy!
See the pool of water around the trunk?
I tiptoed around and began 'undressing' the Suite. It was Bill’s wish to take the Christmas decorations down today. I would have waited until New Years’ Day if we were still in a sticks and bricks home but here it is nice to get back to our normal limited space. This was the perfect way to set up our tree though as it left room in the centre of our living room for a few days.

I got as far as I could, taking things down from everything except the tree until Bill got up. The storage box is under the bed. I might wake him if I lifted it up. Ha ha. That dilemma passed as Bill was up around 9:30 and seemed to be better. At least no fever this morning and he was moving around more like his ole self again. I was able to lift the bed and get the box I needed as well as the Christmas tree box.

After my pool dip, this is the only place I could hang my towel and swim suit
It was dry within an hour
Bill finished his coffee and put the stripped tree away and tucked it back under the bed until next year. No sign now of Christmas in our home, except for a few goodies up in the cupboard. I made Bill a couple of pieces of toast with jam and then decided that we’d have turkey soup for lunch so just had half a piece for myself. I covered mine with the strawberry jam that Rob and Pat made for us. Yum! Thanks buddies!

I got washed and changed into shorts and then walked up to the puzzle room. I had an hour and a half before noon hour and Bill was going to read for a bit. He is still nursing a headache. I put in a good hour at least placing pieces and made good progress, alone. I do believe I’m the only one working on it.

I heated our turkey soup and Bill and I both had a nice big bowl full. It was very good. Thanks again, George for making us a pot. I changed into my bathing suit and took my stuff up to the pool at 12:45. Only one other participant but at least more came and went today. The cook from the park, Tracy, was there so we chatted for a bit in and out of the pool. She mentioned to another couple about this being burger night so I came back and asked Bill if he was up for it.

We’d already kinda planned to clean up some leftovers so when George and Suzie had planned on something else as well, it made the decision easy. We could have gone by ourselves but with Bill not completely well, this was a good decision. 

He did feel up to having Happy Hour so they came over for an hour or so. That sun is hot, so soon after 4, they went back to their site where they could sit behind their sun screen. The tree here could only provide so much shade and at this time of day, it was no help at all.
Happy Hour went on as planned
I gave Bill a couple of Tylenol Cold Max tablets since the packet said it helps ease head and body aches too. Maybe he’ll feel like supper tonight in an hour or so. I took my book and went back outside. I was able to sit with my back to the sun and be quite comfortable. Temperature has dropped to 80F/26.6C at 4:30 and again, this is why we are here.
On our walk, we noticed this coach and its 'Toad'
Beautiful matching units
At 5:15 I came in to see how Bill was doing and he was busily typing away on his laptop. Said he wasn’t hungry yet, and that if I waited until he finished typing he would go for a walk with me. He needed to get out and stretch his legs. I was happy to hear that he was typing another blog post. You can check it out here.

Look at this picture
Besides the fly on my leg, what do you notice?
Yup, I'm actually sitting in the shade!!
Highly unusual for this gal.
We managed to do the perimeter of the park but that was enough for Bill to get his mile in today. The night is cooling down and we moved inside at 6 to warm up our leftovers. Bill had a sloppy joe from leftover brown beans and soup and I had a hot turkey sandwich with gravy. The fridge is almost empty again, at least all of the leftovers are gone with the exception of apple crisp. I’ll work on that for dessert.

Nothing too exciting but it was filling and hit the spot
This has been a good day. We’ve relaxed a lot and I’ve done some puzzle work and some swimming, sunbathing and lots of reading. It has been perfect! Bill is feeling better, thank you to all who were asking and wishing him well. I hope your day has been a good one too.

Good night from Pilot Knob RV Resort

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave a comment if you wish.


  1. Glad Bil is feeling better and we are all enjoying this awesome weather.
    Happy hour was fun as usual but don't want to overstay our welcome.

    1. thanks.
      I know the sun was hot and Bill was Happy long enough too. :)

  2. Happy to hear that Bill is feeling better .
    Rob was surprised you still had any jam left . Lol. As when we go south he usually has five jars with him . And lucky if it last winter . But on the other hand he eats it every day. Glad you guys are enjoying it . Love the pictures of the sunrise and sunset I sure do miss that .
    As for the soup it looks good. George always makes a good bowl of soup .
    I read your daughters blog yesterday . Found it very interesting . Just my opinion but a positive attitude that young lady has . Didn’t know she had a blog but enjoyed reading it .
    Take care for now talk to you soon . Hugs

    1. We don't eat toast a lot and when I do, I savour small jars of precious things. :)
      Yes, the soup was yummy!
      Thank you for reading Bridgette's blog. She is a very unique young lady, you'd like her.
      Bill is improving each day and the cold will have to run its course.
      Thanks for the comment! Hugs back.

  3. Glad Bill is feeling better. Sounds like an excellent day. We took our few decorations down within a day. I know it sounds silly but it just makes the Igloo less tidy even though it isn't. Dinner can't always be a masterpiece but if it's good, filling and somewhat healthy that's what counts in my humble opinion.

    It looks good progress on the puzzle. Hopefully you get it completed before you pull out.

    1. Thank you, can't keep a good man down for long! ha ha
      I know what you mean about the decorations in a small space. Not untidy no, but something different.
      Dinner was filling at least. I'm hoping to finish that puzzle!

  4. Glad he's feeling better hope it stays that way. Got my decorations down in the house, not the bunkhouse yet. Looks like a beautiful day once again, and boy are you tan! This girl's jealous! Dinner looked good to me! Of course your beautiful sunrise and sunset! :)

    1. That's funny, my Mom always says that I must be getting brown and that's she's jealous when I talk to her too. :)
      Can't go too wrong with turkey sandwiches.

  5. Glad to read Bill is feeling better.
    Like your
    Those are nice spacious sites. Makes Tom and I think maybe we should have invested in a RV Park membership.
    Hope you got all the decorations...:)
    Nice sunset and always love the sunrise "pop" over the mountains...thank you for sharing.

  6. Glad you like the sunrise sunset website. Quite a bit of interesting info on it. Thanks so much for your blog. I sure enjoy seeing you all enjoying the warm temps. It is around 12 deg now after a high in the teens today here in the Okla. Panhandle at 8PM!!! BRRRRR!!
    Don in Okla.

  7. Glad Bill is feeling better. I will be so glad to get out of this cold. Been hectic on my first days of travel but I'm getting the hang of it.