Monday, December 4, 2017

Quiet Day in the Park, Harbor Freight for the Guys, Lasagna at the Bains'

I was awake off and on from 5 to 6:50 when I finally got up. I was both surprised and pleased that I kept dozing off. I got dressed quietly and slipped out the door at 7 and by the time I got to the clubhouse, I saw Donna coming. We planned that well! It was 53F/13C and no wind at all so a perfect morning to walk. We met only one other walker and he had his coat all done up and gloves on. We Canadians are pretty hardy, I think.
Laughlin, Nevada in the morning light
We walked out the lane to the Parkway and snapped some pictures of the pretty palms and bushes. We chit chatted at the corner before parting ways about what we’d do today and firming our plans for Monday. The boys were taking a drive into the city and us gals would stay put and see what we could get up to. At 9:30 Bill and Gerry drove into Bullhead to Harbor Freight and I sat outside and read my book in the sun.

Donna stayed at their unit and put together lasagna for tonight’s supper. I’m still trying to get deep enough into the story of The Runaway Jury so I can pick up easily each time after I put it down. If that makes sense. 

The clubhouse early morning

Looking out to Bullhead Parkway
The hour I sat reading in complete silence helped, now I’m hooked enough to want to carry on. Donna said that she has seen the movie and that it was good. At 10:30 Clemson and I walked over to see Donna and she was just finishing up inside and had the pan in the oven.
My sister
We sat and chatted for a while and within half hour the guys returned. Donna rode back with us in the truck and picked up my dryer towels and laundry detergent so they could do a couple of loads of wash. 
As Donna and I walked, the sky just got prettier

I resumed reading outside and Bill inside while we waited for them to finish and come join us for lunch. I cut bacon, onions, celery, mushrooms and tomatoes in a pan and added eggs for a western when they arrived. Donna looked after the toasted buns for the guys while we opted to have ours in a tortilla wrap. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

The sun was hot and we sat at the Park Model waiting for the guys
After cleaning up dishes we drove back into the city just for a drive along the waterfront. It took us a while to remember which road it was where we saw all the big homes but eventually found it. 
I didn't get pics of the homes but I did get some old vehicles

This cute little thing is for sale

This Classic wasn't
It isn’t an area we found too intriquing since one of the most beautiful homes seemed to have a neighbor in a run down state. Not for us and I was happy when Bill turned back towards I-95. We were hoping to stop in and say hi to Kevin, Bill’s tattoo artist from last fall but it wasn’t open today.

Bill snapped us all checking out the 'cheap' bill
as we walked back from CVS Pharmacy
We stopped at CVS Pharmacy and got a great deal on a 750-ml bottle of Disaronno, something Donna and I will share over the next few days. Back home, we treated ourselves to our own ice cream sundae since we missed the one at the clubhouse. Why pay for it anyway when you can get it at home for free? Ha ha. That goes for a lot of things!
We had our own Ice Cream Social at home

Yum - cheap booze
 They walked back ‘home’ at 3:45 and Bill and Clemson went inside for a snooze. 
Clemson enjoying the outdoors with me for a while
This was my view from under our awning and sunshade
I saw that the sun was pushing away from the clouds so took a drink outside with my book and pecked away at the keys before opening the pages. What a gorgeous day and what a wonderful lifestyle this is! I’m waiting for my quail buddies to come scooting across, it is almost 4:30.

And the sun sets in a clear sky
At 5 pm I had finished another couple of chapters and curled up behind Bill upstairs. His movie was 10 minutes away from being over so we watched it together and I knew I could probably have a doze myself. When the awnings started flapping in the wind, Bill got up and I replaced him with a pillow and dropped off for 20 minutes. Obviously, I needed it.
Arriving at their place for dinner
Getting up at 5:20, I made a quick lettuce salad and loaded it and the dressings and other things needed for an evening at Donna’s into our large cooler bag. We had supper around 6:30 and it was very good and filling. With the dishes cleaned up, Donna brought out our Double Series game that I had carried over earlier. Well, none of us had played that for a very long time.

Yum, lasagna and salad

It was fun and I’m sad to say that the guys beat the girls 5 to 3. It was certainly a close match of skills, back and forth until the end. We packed up the game and as much as we could of the items they had as we could into Black Beauty. Clemson was so good, once he realized we were there for the evening. He curled up on the couch on my sweater while we played our game.

Clemson trying to figure out where we are NOW
And then with my sweater he settled down
with one eye open, watching Daddy
We left just before 10 and I emptied the bag so they can fill it again in the morning. This is their last night in the park model. They’ve enjoyed it and they realized that you can live in a small space. Bill settled down to read his book and I finished typing my post. I think I’ll be up in the morning early enough to publish it as my eyes are too heavy tonight. Must be the Disaronno! Well, not really since it was only one small drink.

If you know the game, you can see the boys have their two lines in blue
We gave them a challenge though
Good night from Bullhead City

I hope you’ve had a good day, as we all have. Thanks for sticking your head in today. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Loving your photos of the SW!! Looks like you are having a really good time.

  2. Nice to spend the time with family there and show them a different way of life. Dinner looked excellent!

    1. I think Donna and Gerry understand what it is we love about the sw.

  3. Is the game Double series the same as Sequence??? It looks much the same. We like that game too!!! Remember to drag it out if we ever park NEAR you again!!!

    1. Yes it is the same game. Not sure why the two different names. We will indeed drag it out! Bill doesn't play any board games but that one. :)

  4. Really like the picture labeled, Looking out to Bullhead Parkway. Sounds like another wonderful day spent with family. Disaronno always a nice choice.

    1. Thank you, it is a very pretty entrance to the park. Disaronno is TOO smooth! :)

  5. Sounds like an excellent time. Dinner looked excellent. Always interesting to see the dawning moment when people realize they can live with much less clutter in their lives.

    1. Absolutely! They were surprised that the park model was 'enough'.
      dinner turned out really great too.

  6. Donna looks like a little elf in green standing next to the plant with red! Cute! Beautiful morning views! Dinner looked a good lasagna! Clemson is just adorable!

    1. I'll tell Donna we need to find her a green hat and pointy slippers! :)