Saturday, December 16, 2017

Staying Home, Nothing Much Kind of Day

We were up and at ‘em on Saturday, Dec. 16th by 7:30. I think we both slept well. Bill had a crazy dream that he relayed to me while sitting with our morning cuppas. It was a tad breezy but quite cloudy and 50F so I lazed around until about 10 before going for my walk. By that time the sun was making appearances and my tea had settled.

this is me taking myself for a walk
I bundled up after noticing that Bill was writing a post. If you follow Bill’s On Our Way blog, you know that is rare these days. I don't doubt he feels I write so much he doesn’t have to update you so often! Anyway, I’m glad he is writing and to get out of his hair, I took my walk. The wind was cool at first but after walking for 15 minutes it was time to make the climb back up Palo Verde Blvd. This is a workout and I was working it alright.

The clouds were playing with the sun
and apparently the plane flying over too
 I returned after a mile and a half, put the puzzle back in the box and made myself another tea. Bill had a second coffee on the go. It was a good day to have bacon and eggs for breakfast actually so I prepared that. Once dishes were cleaned up I took my book and sat outside for a while. 

Looks like a prickly pear but funny shaped leaves
Clemson and I sat outside for a short time and he was restless and indicated that he wanted to come inside. The sun was making brief appearances and kept me quite warm while reading my book so I stayed out on my own. It has been a funny day, first clouds, then full sun then wispy clouds skirting around. Now after 3 it is full clouds again. If they got rain here, I’d be thinking it might rain. Hahahaha.

An interesting mailbox that I missed the other day
So, we’ve been inside, Bill working on his post and me helping a bit with pictures. We’ve planned grilled sausages for supper with leftover dressing and a veggie. Bill walked across the street to chat with the neighbor with the 5th wheel (whom by the way returned yesterday with his trailer and parked in the same spot).

And for a while the clouds were losing
We had put the recyclables out with the garbage Friday morning at 7:30 and they are still sitting there. Not sure if we missed it or what, hence Bill’s visit. He had a nice chit chat and somehow I missed the truck. What the heck time does it come? Oh well, Bill brought it back up and we’ll deal with it before we leave. We’ve managed to top both bins up to overflowing.
It is the only one I got and I must admit,
it is a beauty
Bill lit the Weber Q at 5 and I prepared my spaghetti squash and warmed up the dressing inside the Suite.

When dinner was ready, it didn’t take long to clean it up. It seemed like a long time since breakfast at 10:30. We finished the dishes, I caught a  picture of the sun going down in between the clouds before the day ended. This was a nice quiet day and I hope you had a good one too whatever you got into.

Thank you for reading tonight. Feel free to comment.


  1. Isn't it funny how when you blog you feel guilty if you do nothing all day!!! You sit down to write and there are no pictures, no thoughts, just that guilty feeling. Been there done that!!! Thanks for sharing your nothing day with us anyway. The sunset picture was worth it!!

  2. I know you will be able to tell I am playing catch-up again but when you read my post you will see I have a good excuse...:)
    You certainly do have some beautiful views on your morning walks.
    I love the ride on 95 especially from Parker to Lake Havasu City the scenery is so beautiful.
    That drive through the Live Nativity must have been beautiful.
    Nothing better then enjoying a do nothing day.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful sunset.

    1. Okay, I'm excited and going to read your post right now!!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  3. We have a lot of these kind of days, it is part of the lifestyle and retirement, no nee to be busy every day.

  4. Patsy, the other day you were lucky at the casino and knew when to stop while the going was good (some folks would have been tempted to continue) and overall your days are always fantastic, we like reading your blog because of your cheerful attitude.

    1. I find it easy to stop at a slot machine because we can't afford to lose! ha ha
      Our days, busy or not are great. We are always grateful that we can rise and make choices. :)
      Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Those different mailboxes you've showed are something else..slow days are nice to have just because they seem toast a little longer. What a beautiful post your hubby wrote :)

    1. Yup, slow days are nice too. It reminds us that we are retired and aren't usually under any obligation in our choices. :)
      Bill does write nice posts, few and far between so maybe part of why they are so special. :)