Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Blowin’ in the Wind, Walkabouts, Tattoos, Shopping, Puzzle, Oh My!

I woke up at 5 and dropped back to sleep until closer to 7 and I heard Gerry up to the bathroom. We have a pretty good ritual with leaving the bathroom door open to the hallway and sliding the door at the stairs closed. We get our privacy, they get theirs downstairs and when they use the bathroom through the night, it doesn’t bother us at all.

First come first served
These guys were drinking at the same time fighting the wind
 Clemson needed out so I got fully dressed and took him out for a piddle. I quickly decided that I wasn’t going for a walk, it was only 50F/10C and feeling much less with the strong winds. Gusts were ridiculous! I went back to bed until 7:30 and we all pretty much got up at the same time, within minutes of each other. Clem jumped up onto the bed with Gerry and Donna when he first came down. He is such a cuddle-bum.

And he sits atop our hydro box
Once we were mobile, we had our first coffee and then Donna and I braved the weather and bundled for a walk. We didn’t go a full 30 minutes today, just 20 and that was enough. While inside, we noticed the strong gusts of wind were lifting the slide-out a bit. That is the first time we’ve seen that! The gusts were coming from the southeast. Gerry had cereal, Bill toast and jam and after my shower, I made scrambled eggs for Donna and I.

And he must have seen me so turned around to pose
With dishes done, we all sat and did some reading and noticed that the winds were calming and the temperature rose to 60F. Perfect! No swimming today but after Donna and Gerry strolled around the park at 12 noon, we went into town to peruse a few stores. With the hopes that the tattoo shop was open, we popped in there to say hello to Kevin and check out their ‘apparel’ as advertised. 

The sun setting behind the tree in the clubhouse
No open doors again at Snake Eyes Tattoo so we’ve given up on them. Bill stopped at the U.S. Post Office so we could mail some cards and letters and I picked up some International stamps. From there we drove to Safeway for 3 or 4 items on our list. These things will get us through the next couple of days with our guests. Since we split the cost of all food and gas while they’re here (their idea, not ours) we didn’t buy anything that we can’t eat together.
I'll pretend this is our tree until we get to Pilot Knob and put up our own
One last stop, well two really. Bill drove to the Salvation Army Thrift store and Donna and I poked around. We found a few things, neither one of us spending more than $5 and came out convinced that our thrift store itch was satisfied. For now, I said. Bill and Gerry drove next door to Harbor Freight to pick up a pack of batteries. Bill got the same kind of deal we did. The batteries were $8 but with his savings coupon he only paid $5.

We drove home and even though it was after 2:30 we all had a small portion of the leftover lasagna. I had put a frozen roast of beef in the crock pot this morning and knew it would be a late supper. After dishes, Donna, Gerry and I walked up to the clubhouse to work on a jigsaw puzzle. Gerry was basically keeping us company and getting out of the Suite so Bill could snooze. It wasn’t necessary but he was anxious for the walk too.
A lovely nativity scene
When I was up there, Bill texted to say Lori and Roland had popped in to say hi. They had come back to Bullhead City for a chiropractor appointment on Wednesday. I had forgotten, so quickly walked back to have a short visit with them. They were overnighting at the Golden Nugget in Nevada tonight. It was nice to see them again. After they left, I walked back up to work on the very difficult “I can’t find any pieces” puzzle.
Clubhouse looks nice all decorated
When Donna and I walked back shortly after 5. The sun was going down, it was getting cooler and the winds were still strong. Donna tested the roast with the meat thermometer and I washed potatoes to add to the pot. We should be eating by 7 and be ready for it. I’ve nominated Donna to make the gravy and I’ll put some corn on for our veggie. It is too windy for us to use Weber Q tonight and the roast is a treat.

Not a good picture but it flew over a few times
Bill thought it was maybe making practice landings
We turned the tv on at 5:30 and played along to Jeopardy until The Voice came on at 6. Remember, we are watching programs that are on at home at 8 and 9 pm. Our other shows are all reruns but we’ll watch NCIS and then play it by ear from there. We sure miss our PVR which has definitely appeared to have given up the ghost.

Tonight's 'winter' supper
without the winter weather
Supper was ready at 7:30 and everything was perfect! The roast fell apart when I attempted to slice it, just the way I like it. With roasted potatoes, corn and gravy, our meal was wonderful. I even had horseradish! We cleaned up and watched an episode of American Pickers. We sure wish we had met Mike and Frank, they seem like really cool guys.
Good night from Ridgeview RV Resort
This was a slow and easy day and  we all enjoyed ourselves one way or another. Clemson got a truck ride with us when we went into town so everyone is happy today. I hope you can say the same.

Thank you for taking the time to check in today. I love reading your comments.


  1. Glad you made it through the day, those winds sure can be brutal there.
    You may be able to s=get a new ptr at Satellite Advantage in Quartzite , they do handle Shaw.

    1. Yup we can deal with the winds as long as the sun is so hot.
      Bill already has his eyes on Satellite Advantage. We just have to wait until January. They may be able to fix it or we'll buy new.

  2. I've almost caught up on all of your posts. I really got behind in reading the various blogs I follow. So glad you are enjoying your time with your sister and brother-in-law. We've sure enjoyed our time visiting with Dean's siblings the last few days and we will head back to our hometown today until the end of December. Looking forward to warmer weather in South Texas.

    1. It is true, the more friends we make, the more blogs we follow and the reading lags especially when we are entertaining and/or watching our data usage.
      I'll bet you enjoy the weather in Texas as much as we enjoy Arizona.

  3. Glad the wind gusts died down. Sounds like a relaxing day. The clubhouse looks very festive indeed. Enjoy your family time!

    1. We're still waiting for the winds to quiet down. Today now they say they will dwindle. Hard to believe that my sister goes home tomorrow, we've just settled into a routine. We all agree that 10 days is enough though. :)

  4. Another great day with your family. How nice of them to suggest the splitting idea, very thoughtful. Yeah, winds abound in NV and AZ at least you get the warmer temps. Waking up here in Minden, NV 17 degrees with it being 9 at home in Yerington...Dinner looks like it turned out AWESOME!

    1. We weren't sure how the food thing would work out but they are family and very thoughtful with the suggestion.
      The sun is gorgeous and very warm, hoping the winds die down this afternoon. :)