Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Surroundings, Walkabout, Groceries, Christmas Spirit

On Sunday, Dec. 10th I was awake before 7 but rested until 7:30 when I got up. I opened the blinds, checked the outside temperature (53F/11C) slipped into my runners and went for a walk. I walked down Kibbey to Griffin to Palo Verde and Garvey and turned around. 
Waiting for the morning sun
I kept an eye on the eastern sky to catch what I could of today’s sunrise. I captured a picture of the American flag just to show that there wasn’t a titch of a breeze.

It was a nice walk, never met a soul on foot or in a vehicle. Today, I took some pictures of front ‘landscapes’. I’m sorry but I am fascinated with their originality. 

When I got back, Bill was still sleeping so I made myself a tea and sat at my laptop to catch up on blog comments and other posts. We sure are loving the free wifi and it is quite good too. No complaints here at all. I began a grocery list, it is time to stock up the fridge.

I saw 4 bunny rabbits on my 25 minute walk this morning
all wry of me

Santa bear?

I use to have something as a child that portrayed this
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil
Love it as a lawn ornament
 Bill and I both had our showers and headed downtown to McCulloch Street to Smith’s. Gosh, I love that store or maybe it is the savings we get from the card that I love so much. Anyway, our fridge and freezer are full now and we shouldn’t have any reason to go hungry. The winds have picked up and checking the weather network showed 10 to 15 mph winds today and then 5 to 10 tomorrow. I won’t be starting a puzzle outside today!

A huge old saguaro standing tall
Once groceries were put away, Bill and I both heated up leftovers for lunch. We were hungry after just having cereal for Bill and an orange for me. It was just a small amount but it hit the spot and we will be ready for grilled burgers for supper tonight. We sat together and wrote our Christmas cards. Nothing puts you in the spirit like writing these. Mostly family with a few close friends back home. We’ll need more stamps to mail them all but stamps are something I will always use with the post cards I send.

Just sitting outside the garage
That done, Bill picked up a new book, Jack and Jill by James Patterson and I took my Runaway Jury outside. So close to being done! I moved the chair and Clemson’s stool out of the wind, behind Black Beauty. The clouds had rolled in and yet the sun was giving up the fight. There was just enough to keep me warm in the 72F temps.

Another bunny hopping away from me
I read for a while and then Bill let Clemson out and I watched him wander the property. He seems to me trying his hardest to figure out his ‘new home’. Maybe he is thinking ‘we’ve been here before’, as he stands and sniffs in the wind. It is funny to watch him with each new camping spot. After bringing him inside I went back out and finished my book. It was well worth sticking to it, I’m glad I did.

an old wagon adorns this front yard
When I moved inside, the wind had cooled things down and with no sun, 69F felt cooler than that. Bill was watching another Christmas movie, one I’d seen before so I wrote more on my post sitting at the table. I’m not ready to think of getting into a new book tonight. Saying that, I have at least chosen my next one. It is Lee Child’s Personal. Another Jack Reacher story. Should be good.

to show Gerry another way to landscape, without grass
I sat with Bill and watched the tail end of the movie and then we watched a Jeff Dunham episode from last year that recorded on our PVR. At 5:30 Bill lit the barbecue and grilled our bacon, cheeseburgers. 
A heavily loaded orange tree
I was going to make up a green salad and have mine without a bun but on second thought we decided we didn’t need a salad. So, we had a wonderful messy burger that was right up there with the ones we’d previously eaten at Carl’s Jr. Yum!

No wind this morning
While the burgers were on the grill, I nipped out and snapped a couple of pictures of the gorgeous red western sky. Wow! After dinner, we cleaned up dishes and watched Madame Secretary which recorded for us at 5 pm. The rest of the evening went by in front of the tv watching a little of this and that. We did manage to find a special on Neil Young. Just him performing on his many instruments to an outside audience in his Home Town. Very good!

Bunny 3
Bunny 4 was too quick for me to catch on film
Lake Havasu in the distance
This has been a quiet day but we’ve accomplished a couple of things we set out to do and that is all we can ask. I hope you’ve had a quiet Sunday too if that is what you wished for.
A few bites into my jam packed burger (without jam)

And tonight's finale
Goodnight from Lake Havasu City
 Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. A loaded burger is the way to go. We watched the Neil Young spacial as well, really enjoyed it, brought back a lot of great memories/

    1. Yup, love the mess too!
      Neil Young was always a favourite from my 70's days. :)

    2. We had a local musician(Billy Kell) that we followed around in the 70's and 80's sang a lot of Neil's songs.

  2. We like a lot of Neil Young's stuff. He's certainly one of a kind. I like the front yard displays, very original. Jack & Jill is an excellent book, I hope Bill enjoys it. Glad you enjoyed the Grisham book, I like everything I've read by him except The Painted House. A few take a while to get into but are well worth the effort, in my humble opinion. Keep on enjoying our fantastic spot.

  3. Looks like a great sunrise and a great day! I love looking in peoples windows and front yards ...interesting the difference that happens between houses.. burger looks delicious! and of course I love the sunset!!

  4. Our back yard is quite pretty right now as well....white with fresh fallen snow. We got a dumping overnight and the winds have picked up here as well. School closures and bus cancellations from Kitchener area all the way up the Bruce. It's mild though at -4 C.