Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wasting A Day in Pilot Knobville, Dizzy Blonde not Gillespie, No Mexico Today

I was awake on Thursday, Dec. 21st at 5:30 and remained in and out of grogginess until 7 when I got up. When I opened a couple of blinds it still looked a bit dark but because we are in a park, I dressed to go for a walk. The temperature was registering 48F/9C and yet the winds weren’t too bad yet. We’d heard they were going to get nasty today.
Looking to the east on my walk
I noticed our chairs and little tables had blown over so I stood those up and headed around the park. I can’t get over how deserted the park is. Now that it is no longer ROD, we imagine a lot of the former rv’ers who had this as their home park have pulled out. Sad, really, but for myself, I honestly don’t mind it not being jam packed full.
We don't see the actual sunrise here as it rises behind the Gila Mountains
You can see all the vacant sites along our back fence
The rv's you see are at the blm land (free) behind the park
This is a better picture to show you the park
Take your pick at $14/night
I came back from my walk, Bill was up and we had a tea together before he made a phone call to CanAm. He wants to get to the bottom of why our inverter isn’t working. I won’t say any more about it because Bill is writing a post today on the steps he took when he couldn’t reach anyone. Check it out at On Our Way. All I’m going to say is something I’ve said before; my sweetie is the smartest person I know.

And the winds already are prominent
and they got much worse during the day
He hopped in the shower so we could head out at a decent time to Los Algodones, Mexico. Bill has lost a filling over the last couple of months. I bent over to pick up Clemson’s water dish to give him his refresher for the day and felt dizzy. Hmm, weird. I had a piece of date nut bread and some yogourt before getting into the shower myself. That’s when the day went to pot. And Jello was in the pot.

The camp host has this car
I'll blame the wind for my blurry picture - ha ha
Halfway through, after my hair was wet I had to crouch down and call Bill to bring me a towel. Once I dried the best I could, I crawled into bed. The rest of the day is history. The dizzy spell controlled my actions from then until 2:30 I finally was able to get downstairs to my recliner. I don’t have a definitive answer but still go back to how much water I drank the previous day. Not even ½ a bottle. Could be the culprit.

The pretty little garden outside the laundromat
At 4:30 I was able to move enough to step outside, wave to George indicating I survived and plant myself at my laptop. Very few pictures were taken today but no one is more disappointed than I about how this day went. 

I thought it was cute to see these two little pooches in their bed
They didn't move except to watch me and not a peep
We didn’t get Bill’s tooth looked after. Thank goodness, he didn’t have an appointment or he would have been going alone. Also, my Christmas decorations did not get done this afternoon. Maybe after I have a bowl of soup, we’ll get a start at it. We’ll see. It is a quiet tv night.

This is the stretch of road we are all parked on
Waaaayyy at the end
And our view is across this field facing the horizon
This is the healthiest of this type of cacti (where's my book)
I've seen yet this winter
So, that day went and according to Bill, George and Suzie, with the strong cool winds, I didn’t miss much, so that certainly helps. I hope you all had a better day than I did.
Between Bill and Clemson, I was well cared for.

And this is where I spent most of the day
While Clemson looked after me, Bill snapped this photo
Thank you for reading today. All comments are appreciated.


  1. OMG so sorry to hear you are sick. I'm sure Bill will nurse you back to health. Now I am all excited to read Bill's post and find out what he did. Get well soon!!!

    1. Thank you so much Lorne. Bill pampered me good and proper. So did Clemson.
      I'm better now, I just need to pay more attention to drinking my water. :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you are well taken care of. The park looks nice. Hopefully Bill isn't in too much stress having lost a filling and will make it to the dentist soon. Looking forward to Bill's post. Take care and feel better soon Patsy.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes. This is a nice park. Bill's tooth isn't bothering him, we just need to get in there and see when they can fix it. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Patsy You really should drink a lot more liquid and maybe eat a bit more at meals. It sounds like you had a really bad drop in your sugar. I know as I also am a diabetic type 2 and I am on medication. Sometimes I forget to eat and drink and I get dizzy from that especially if I don't drink enough! Take care hope it doesn't happen to you again. Kathy Rousseau It's about time.

    1. Oh my goodness, another Momma! ha ha
      I usually drink plenty all day long. Yesterday was an exception and I knew immediately why I was dizzy. I certainly don't need to eat more at meals but I do appreciate your concern. Thoughtful suggestions.
      I've had this before about 4 times in 10 years and I can always relate it to what I drank (or didn't drink) the previous day. :) I just need to get back on track.
      Thank you Kathy.

  4. Glad you feeling better now was nice of you to step outside and wave telling us that you are back to the land iff the living again. You did not miss a lot today with the cool north wind but heck we still have lots more time here. Mexico will wait for you and at least Bill is not in pain.

    1. Thank you George. I knew you guys were concerned for this ole gal. :)
      I missed a walk later in the day but sure wasn't up to it.
      Mexico today, we hope.

  5. You're obviously just enjoying life too muc. You gotta take care of yourself too! At least two bottles of water a day.

  6. Glad to read you were feeling better by the end of the day. Nothing worse then being under the weather but at least, if you had to do it, you picked a day when the weather was not great. It sounds like everyone was in the wind today.
    Thank you for the information about the dentist.
    Hope when you wake up in the morning you are feeling back to 100%.

    1. Thanks guys. Anytime that has happened before it could be anywhere from 2 - 6 hours so this one was the full gammit. All better now and back to the water more frequently.
      Eva is a very nice lady and so is her staff.

    2. All the information about the dentist is good to know. Thank you again for the information.

  7. I have had this twice in my life.....when alcohol wasn't involved ;-) and put it down to my low blood pressure. I believe it only lasted for an hour or two at the most. Take care sis! We got snow overnight, no winds, though it is pretty out there!

    1. I think we all know our bodies pretty well and can figure out what we did different. For me it is the water neglect.
      Our wind is gone today and full sun. Sounds like you have a nice day coming.

  8. Oh hope you're feeling better today! You still got some nice pictures though. That cactus is going to beautiful when it blooms! I'm surprised the park is only 14.00 a night but that's certainly affordable. Looks really nice! Here's hoping you get to enjoy this beautiful day! :)

    1. Thank you guys. These spells don't usually last much longer than a morning but this one I couldn't shake. It is gone now. I've never seen one of those cacti in bloom but I'll bet it is gorgeous!
      This is a nice park and even though now not free, $14 is very good.
      I'll do my best to capture the day in full!