Monday, December 4, 2017

Lake Havasu City, Windy Day, Gorgeous Sun, An Especially Good Doggie

On Monday, Dec. 4th I woke up at 7:05 and thought of Donna. I wondered if she was out walking and looking for me. We hadn’t discussed it last night. So, I got up and dressed to go. Clemson didn’t move, nor did Bill so I was successful in my attempt at being quiet. The wind was crazy and when I stepped outside I saw things blowing around.
This morning the moon was hanging over the mountain
So, I repositioned myself so that it sat directly on it
One of the things was my floppy beach hat from our clothesline so I pulled it on and it was then that I noticed our satellite dish had blown over. I walked towards the clubhouse, no sign of Donna yet but kept going to their unit. As I approached their area Donna came out. She had already been out for her walk but went around one loop with me. When I got back Bill was up and we went through the morning ritual together, drinks and blog reading.

Bill showered and drove over to bring Donna and Gerry back. We wanted to empty the rental early as we were driving to Lake Havasu City today for a tour. With the winds reportedly around 19mph, we were going to play it by ear whether we took the ferry across. Donna isn’t comfortable on a rocking boat so we’ll make the decision when we get there. There are lots of things to see if it looks too rough.

The sky was solid blue and the sun beating down on us when we left at 9:30. Clemson was going to look after the house so we need to try not to be too late getting back. We got into Lake Havasu City and drove down London Bridge Road to show them our park. Since we are members and have Day Use privileges, we used the facilities and I showed Donna the pool.

Because they ride a Harley, we had to get a picture
From there we drove to Rose and George’s house and introduced them to each other. We didn’t stay long and declined Rose’s offer of a coffee simply because we were pressed for time. When we asked, George said he didn’t think Donna would have a problem on the ferry and he was right. When we got to Havasu Landing we walked the strip and let her decide about whether she wanted to go on. When the decision was made, we bought our tickets and hopped on the 1 o’clock trip.

Down along the river, it is beautiful

Walking in the wind waiting for the ferry
Yes, I forgot the 4 free tickets we got last time, I needed a reminder apparently. Oh well, it is only $2 each. The ride over was a tad rough with water splashing up on each side of the boat but Donna said it didn’t bother her if she focused on the horizon on the far side. We arrived safely and headed directly into the Casino restaurant. We were all hungry!

A small area for bumper boats.....with motors

It's 5 o'clock somewhere
This guy couldn't wait
I went with what I knew and ordered the Grilled Reuben with cottage cheese, Bill and Gerry went with a bacon cheeseburger and fries and Donna ordered a large Mexican Taco. One you ate from the plate with knife and fork. We enjoyed everything and had no room for the cheesecake I had my eye on.
Lots of ducks swimming around
We left there on the 1:30 ferry and Bill drove Donna and I to a second-hand store called Chic Again. With the boys waiting in the truck, we poked through the very impressive clothing owned by a couple of elderly, classy (yes, classy) ladies. We kept moving from one room to the next and then even one more room and their prices were very reasonable. I found a bright yellow light-weight blouse and Donna a nice checkered shirt, both for under $10.

And then we see why they are hanging around
Pigeons and ducks oh my!
This young lady reminds me of my youngest niece, Morgan
We left Lake Havasu City around 4 pm and headed for home. Clemson will be wondering where his parents are for sure. He is usually good for 8 hours at least if left alone and we always forgive any accidents if they should happen. We arrived home at 5:15 and our pooch jumped down off the bed where he’d been snuggled up quite nicely. No accidents but he sure was in a hurry to go out and very excited to see his family home.
And the ferry arrived

We sat below today, too windy and cold up top

The water looked so nice with the sun on it
Once we unloaded Bill fed him. We had our lunch at 1:30 PT so we weren’t hungry for a big supper. Donna and I had a small glass of Disaronno to relax with. Bill and I got the satellite set up again and we were all able to watch The Voice together. The boys had a Seagrams cooler and we all had a slice of Date Nut Loaf that we had in the freezer from the China Ranch. We had it with butter and a cheese slice. Yummy, so moist and delicious.

Add captionMy supper

Hey I'm in this picture!

And then the ferry returned
It was a nice break for Donna and Gerry to have television with more than just a few cable channels and a program that they love to watch. When that show was over we watched the finale of The Good Doctor. When I finished posting my blog, I found a corner on the couch with Donna to watch it.

The water splashed up on the sides

Promise of a pretty sunset

We’ve had a great day of bustling and sight-seeing so tomorrow will be much slower and we’ll stay closer to home with Clemson. I hope it was a good day for you too.

Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to. Your comments are welcome. 


  1. You guys are giving them a nice tour of the areas around there so many great places to enjoy.

    1. they say they are loving what we show them so that is good. They are making plans to return next year already!

  2. Beautiful Lake Havasu! Looks like you all have had such a good time! Sure you're going to miss them! Gorgeous sunset once again!

    1. We are having fun. they aren't keen on the weather they will be returning to so soaking in what they can now.

  3. Wow, some busy days. Looks like everyone is having a good time. With extra or free things like tickets I always leave them in the truck because otherwise they are forgotten. At least in the truck if I remember I have them they are usually close by. Enjoy your family time.

    1. We are having some fun times for sure. Good plan about the tickets, I should know by now that I would forget them. LOL

  4. You sound like you're right at home down there!