Friday, December 8, 2017

Empty Nesting, Laundry Wars, Puzzle Gain, Slow Pack Up and Earl's

After getting into bed at 12:40 MT early on Friday, Dec. 8th I rose at 7:45. The wind was still prominent but had lessened from the last few days. “Okay Donna, I’m ready for our walk!” Huh, no answer. No one in our spare bed, the Suite is empty. Feels like the kids have left the house and we are alone again. Okay, time to fall back into our regular routine.
This afternoon, the doves were coming in close

The sun sets
 I put my runners on after getting things ready for tea and coffee and went out for a mile walk. The sun was just coming up over the hilltops and it was quite warm. The inside thermometer was reading 64F and the outside was 55 with a full true-blue sky. When I returned my sweetie was up just making our drinks. We sat and talked while I posted yesterday’s blog. Catching up with our blogging friends is our morning ritual before getting into too much of our day.
Not a good picture but it is a very bright building
Earl's at the Castle

When Clemson vacated the bed at 9:30, I made it and then sorted the laundry. Bill drove and it was like ‘every man for himself’, almost racing to the washers to claim two for ourselves. The lady just ahead of us needed 4 and we weren’t about to let her get them all. She’d have to wait to do her two other loads. I know we are all retired but this morning, I had better plans of things to do than go back and forth.
Supper at Earl's

Bill left and I walked up to the clubhouse to work on the puzzle. No one was there so I took advantage and found a nice little 500 pc. puzzle with solid pieces. I then found another James Patterson book and brought them both home with me. I’m hoping that at Rose and George’s in their sheltered patio, I can set the puzzle up and work away while I’m there. We’ll see. If it isn’t windy, I can put one of my sheets across it.

Kevin's bike
At the 25-minute mark I walked back and transferred our clothes into the dryers and went back to the puzzle. I wasn’t making big progress, but managed to pop about 8 or 10 pieces into place. Yay! Donna, you must be so proud! I went back to meet Bill at the laundromat while we waited the last few minutes for clothes to finish. It was still a madhouse in there and very, very hot. We dumped our clothes into the basket and brought them back to fold at home.

It was lunch time so I had a banana and the last piece of our Date Nut Loaf and wish we’d bought two. Oh well, we wouldn’t have had room for them anyway. Bill had a sandwich and a coke and we discussed tonight’s dinner. Still windy, we settled on another night out. The clothesline has been put away, the ladders, the new bagged folding chairs and tables as well. Not much left except the Weber Q and the satellite dish in the morning.
You can tell they're open when they have apparel outside
After dishes, we had last night ice cream dishes in the sink, I swept through the Suite and dusted as I put things away for the trek to Lake Havasu City tomorrow. We like the windows open but with the wind, a fair bit of dust gets in. It doesn’t need to travel with us! Bill drove into Bullhead City to do some research and poke around Harbor Freight. There are a couple of things he’s searching for.

Once the Suite was cleaned, I went outside to sit and read for a bit. The sun feels so good and it is already 74F/23C. I managed to get quite a few chapters in while soaking up some rays. The winds are touch and go, they seem to calm and then the gusts prove that statement wrong. After a couple of hours, Bill had returned and settled inside with Clemson.
Finally open
I didn’t get my regular 8 hours of sleep last night and knew it would hit me sooner or later. After reading in the fresh air, I came inside and went up to the bedroom. I didn’t feel as if I’d dropped off so after 45 minutes I came downstairs. I felt better though so perhaps I did sleep for a bit or at least rested well. I got cleaned up when I got up so I’d be ready except for a change of clothes when we went into town. Seldom does Bill ever have to wait for me to be ready for anything.

He was in his recliner and had no problem dropping off after feeding Clemson his supper at 4. NCIS reruns were on and we both love them, old cast or new, it doesn’t matter. I’m just so pleased that our PVR is working again. The true test will be on Monday night when we attempt to record something. We watched a couple of episodes and then around 5:15 drove to Earl’s in the Castle.

The Suite with our blue  roving lights
A very bright yellow and purple building, this was recommended as a family restaurant with home cooked meals. I ordered hot tea with Hot Roast Beef sandwich and Bill ordered milk with his Hot Turkey sandwich. Both were good, the right amount and at a very reasonable ding to our pocket book. On the way back, guess what was open? Yes, the Snake Eyes Tattoo Shop! So, we stopped. I did a quick walk through in their apparel shop and Bill had a chance to say hello to Kevin. Finally!

We were back home around 6:30 and I tried to get that picture I promised in yesterday’s post. It didn’t turn out too well but you get the general idea. This was a quiet day. I’ve communicated with Donna a bit and they arrived home to snow in Hanover. They caught up on the sleep they didn’t manage to get on the flight and cozied up inside with blankets and the fireplace. I’m sure they have some recorded programs to watch too.

I hope your day was a good one. Thank you for stopping in for a peek. Your comments are appreciated.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day after so much busy time. Dinner looked excellent. Good luck with the puzzle. Safe travels.

    1. Yes, it was nice to have a down day to rest. Donna and Gerry did the same once they arrived home. :)

  2. glad you enjoyed Earl's at the castle. Hope Donna and Gerry made their way home safe, and happy to READ that you made some gain on the puzzle. Take Care and thank you for sharing your day

    1. Earl's was pretty good. D & G made it home to Toronto around 7 and home to Hanover by 10. Thanks for READing today, Lori.

  3. Tom really likes your blue roving lights. Blue would be his favorite color of lights.
    Glad to read your sister and her husband made it home safe and sound. It must seem strange not having them there. I had to laugh when I read your description of the laundry room and grabbing two washers.
    Safe travels tomorrow and if you remember give the hand a little wave for me.

    1. We like blue too. I let Bill choose them.
      It was strange yesterday for sure! All I could think of for the laundry was that it felt like a battle. :) ha ha silly old folk racing for a washing machine!
      Thank you, I'll think of you and wave at the Hand.

  4. Did Kevin say why the tattoo shop wasn't open when we were there? We had checked it several times last week. Your dinner looked good, another great spot for that night out! Have fun at your next destination.

    1. Bill went in by himself early afternoon and saw a car. It was the owner and he said those guys come in whenever they want! More like 3 and 4 pm. I guess, they are there until 10 pm. The owner wasn't too concerned. Kevin said business goes up and down. I checked out the clothes but they weren't of interest to me except some nice big floppy hats but you wouldn't have enjoyed it either.

  5. Getting back into the routine and ready for the road again. Back home in Hanover to snow, brrrr sounds not nice to me, much better here where we are.

    1. I agree about back home. I hope they get into their routine too, shovelling! Yeuch!