Saturday, December 2, 2017

Wake Up and Walk, Dryden Friends Leave, Clubhouse Breakfast, Steak Dinner

I was awake at 6 on Saturday, Dec. 2nd but waited until 7 to get up. I bundled a bit because it was only 53F outside but walked around alone for 10 minutes until I met up with Donna, doing the same thing. We laughed and walked together for another 15 minutes before going our own way. She went back to put the coffee on in their park model and I came back to find Bill getting up for our morning drink.

Nice landscaping at the Laundromat
We saw Lori and Roland finishing their packing up so went out to get goodbye hugs. Lori rides her bike and Roland drives the rig with his bike in the back. Bill and I wandered over to say goodbye to ‘Mom and Dad’ (Oscar and Judy) too. Until we meet again. 
this is a big Mobile Suite
Triple axle
We didn’t spend a lot of time visiting with them this time but that is just the way it goes in a park. We all continue to do our own things and enjoy the moments when we do cross paths. They are all headed to Holtville Hot Springs LTVA.

And it is going to be another beautiful day
At 8:40 we headed up to the clubhouse for breakfast and met Donna & Gerry at the wash. Breakfast was $3.50 for biscuits and gravy or pancakes and sausage. I was the odd ball out trying the biscuits for the first time. It was all very good and very filling. Donna and I checked out the crafts for sale and I purchased a homemade tea and hand towel set to support one of the ladies. It has sunflowers on it so just my style!

I got a hug in before she bundled up in her bike gear

Bye Judy!
Lori behind Oscar and Judy

Roland follows Lori
We discussed the plans for today and the next couple of days before parting once more. It was just before 11 when we picked them up to go into Bullhead to do some shopping. We picked up 4 steaks, fresh mushrooms, lettuce and another box of Smirnoff coolers to share plus a few other things on our list. From there we drove to a gated community, just for the heck of it, and went through some open houses.

we met Donna and Gerry to walk to the clubhouse

Biscuits and gravy
Where else but in the southwest?

Happy, um, Breakfast!
 Remember, we have a real estate agent amongst us and Gerry is very interested in housing prices wherever he goes. So, the agent, Tim Smith, took us through a single-family home, 2 park models and a Casita. Not sure if that is the correct spelling but it is a piece of rented property with a cement pad for an rv (a prerequisite to owning one of these) plus a small housing unit made to your specifications. These were very cool, something we’d never heard of back home.

My towel purchase to support the staff
From there, we drove back to the Suite, had lunch and I drove Donna and Gerry back to their unit with the food required to make lasagna. Plans do change, as they are made in Jello, so instead of lasagna tonight, we’re having steak at the Suite on the Weber with potatoes and mushrooms. Since it was already 1:30, it meant Donna didn’t have to rush to make the pasta dish and we could take advantage of the pool instead.

By 5:30, the sun was dropping
It was nice to see that it was cleaned out and so was the hot tub. Someone put a lot of time into that this morning! Donna and I swam and then sat reading and Gerry sat in the sun with us for a while. Bill and Clemson stayed back at the Suite for a snooze. It was 4 pm when I walked back and hung my wet clothes on the line. It has turned into another lovely day.

I'm never in these pictures but I also am enjoying the Happy Hours
As I sit here typing, the quail are just-a-running along behind us up and down the hill. Has to be about 40 make this trek twice in a day. I’ll never tire of seeing them and listening to their chatter. I won’t bore you with pictures, they would just be a repeat of the same little things.

Potatoes and steak on the barbecue
At 4:45 our guests arrived and we sat outside in the shade of our sunscreen for Happy Hour. We all had a cooler and enjoyed the warmth of the day before dinner. Bill lit the Weber at 5:30 and Donna and I prepared potatoes and mushroom for grilling. We did the mushrooms in a fry pan inside until they were golden brown and looked yummy!

Dinner was great but without a surprise to me, I was the only one who couldn’t eat their whole steak. It was very tasty but I knew when I picked it out (as the smallest I could find) at Smith’s that I’d never be able to eat it all. Too much food and the alcoholic beverage didn’t help things. We cleaned up dishes and walked back to their park model with Donna and Gerry. Our evening will be spent inside with our books and tv in the background.

The moon tonight is a prelude to tomorrow nights Super Moon
Tomorrow is another day and Gerry said it best when he said “This is Day 5, it is really going fast!” I hope you’ve had a wonderful day too.

Thanks for reading our story. All comments are welcome.


  1. I love looking at open houses too! Biscuits and gravy one of my favorite foods. Always interesting how different people make it! I know now that Cracker Barrel and Mel's diner uses liquid smoke which just ruins it for beware.haha..Dinner looked really delicious, our mouths were watering this am with those pics! Time is really going quickly for you all. Are Donna and Gerry retired? Are they interested in snow birding in the winter? Just me being nosey...

    1. When we had our house I was just getting brave enough to pop in to the Open Houses. Just nosey too but I'd tell them up front I wasn't interested in buying. :)
      The time is zipping by but we are having a blast together. They are retired from their regular jobs but Gerry sells real estate now and Donna has 3 or 4 house cleaning jobs. So, slow paced. :)

  2. That a nice day y'all had enjoying the area. Dinner looked very tasty too.
    I have tried biscuits and gravy a couple of times, but don't really care for it.

    1. It was another nice day, we are having fun.
      I enjoyed the biscuits and gravy and would have them again.

  3. Saw a rig today on Hwy 54 thru the OK panhandle. A medium duty Freightliner pulling a triple axle Mobile Suite fiver, with a Jeep Wagoneer hitched to the fiver and a small trailer hauling an ATV hitched to the Jeep!! Got all their toys with them!! And all the rigs were painted very similar colors!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Wow! We can't understand how they would get away with towing like that! Let alone why would you want to have all that behind you?
      They sure were prepared and maybe it was just to one destination for the winter and then park it.

  4. Wonderful pictures of the Grand Canyon, on our list maybe we will get there this year. I would love to take one of the Jeep tours to the bottom.
    We have driven Route 66 from Bullhead to Kingman a couple of times and I would do it again the scenery is well worth it.
    Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time with your sister and her husband. I am sure the time is going by way to fast.
    Great picture of the moon.

    1. You will definitely enjoy the Canyon and fingers are crossed for this year. :) You're braver than me, don't know if I could do a jeep tour.
      The drive to Kingman is very scenic along 66, we all enjoyed it.
      We're having a great time and it is zipping by for sure.