Friday, December 8, 2017

Last Day, More Wind, Laundry, Puzzle, PVR, Carl’s Jr, and Flight Home

So, today is Thursday, Dec. 7th.  My first thought when I woke up was ‘oh, darn. Still windy’. My second thought was 'my sister goes home today'. I rolled over and went back to sleep until I got up at 7:30ish. Donna and Gerry were up stripping the sofa bed when I began making tea and coffee. Bill joined us soon after. He first pulled the handles on our black and gray tanks and then folded and secured the room divider. It slides in the garage on a slide tray.

Morning entertainment
They found my blue dish of water! Yay!
Donna and I took the sheets and towels up to the laundromat. Unfortunately, every washer but one was being utilized. We drove back home and bided the time by preparing bacon and eggs breakfast for all of us. This took enough time and the boys cleaned up dishes while we drove back up.

And then they fought over it
We had success this time in getting 3 washers and then took a walk around the park. I didn’t have a previous picture of my sister and I alone so we set up a selfie at the lane into the park. It isn’t bad, we are pretty wind blown though! We transferred the laundry into 2 dryers and then walked up to the clubhouse to work on the very challenging puzzle. I guess I’ll be working on it for another day and maybe we’ll get back at it later today.
Our selfie in the wind facing Bullhead Parkway
We folded things and drove back home to find Bill and Gerry sitting inside laughing their butts off. I wondered what they were doing and realized that Bill had hooked up the PVR once more and they were watching a recording of Larry the Cable Guy. Yay! It’s working! At least for now. I made the bed up and then we all sat together and watched a recorded episode of Bill Engvall. Hilarious!
Clem cozying up to Donna - noticed his crossed legs
He's such a little gentleman
Donna sat at Bill’s laptop and printed off their boarding passes. We’d decided that we’d go into town once more later today and have supper at Carl’s Jr. They both loved the food and Bill and I also enjoy their burgers. We were going to have burgers on the Weber if it hadn’t been so windy. The temperature has risen to 68F at 1 pm with full sun so we sat outside for a bit, and held onto our hats.

Some serious competition here
We didn’t have much going on for the rest of the afternoon but we knew Bill would need a snooze since he’d be driving tonight to Las Vegas and back. To make matters worse, he didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night. No reason, just couldn’t sleep. Maybe he was thinking of the timing and responsibility of getting these two to their plane on time. Who knows?

Anyway, Donna, Gerry and I left him alone with Clemson after 3 and walked up to the clubhouse. I had challenged them to a game or two of Scrabble and they both took me up on it. We arrived to find 6 ladies playing Pokeno, I think, so took the Scrabble board out into the dining area. Donna won both games but at least the second one, Gerry and I gave her a run for her money, not being far behind.
I meant to get a picture before sliding them off the board but
you get the picture
Bill walked up after his snooze to see what time we wanted to go out for dinner. When he saw we had about another 30 minutes of play tiles left, he walked back to read more of his book. It was 4:30 when we all walked back and put Clem in charge of the Suite while we went out to dinner. I thought I’d try their Quesadilla steak combo and I was quite pleased with my choice. It was very good!

There is some deep though going on here
The others had their favourite burger combos and were pleased with the price and taste as well. When we got back around 6 Bill hooked up our central vac and Donna sucked some of their clothes into their vacuum bags so they would fit into their suitcases. She didn’t even have to sit on top to zip it up. Ha ha Actually, there wasn’t much more in them than when they arrived.

Clemson talks to Gerry, his buddy
"What is this I hear about you leaving today?"
Donna and Bill reading in the background
So, by 6:30 we were all set to go and had time to relax. Bill was trying to finish his book, Four Blind Mice by James Patterson and with just 20 pages left, I’m sure he’ll do it before we leave at 9:15 pm. I’m still working my way through The Runaway Jury but I am enjoying it now. Donna has also been reading one of our books and will need to take it with her. It is Jeffrey Archer’s Prisoner of Birth.

Las Vegas traffic jam
We loaded into the truck, Clemson too, and made the drive in the dark to Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport. We were right on time. First thing Donna commented on when she stepped out of the Suite was that the wind had calmed down! Finally! Too bad it wasn’t earlier in the day. Oh well, it is what it is and we made the best of it.

What? They look happy to be leaving us!
It was an uneventful drive, just the way we like it. We gained the hour, as expected, within 5 minutes of leaving home and we watched the temperature drop from Bullhead’s 54F to 38F when we arrived in Las Vegas. In the dark and the traffic, we missed one of our main turns. With the help of the Black Beauty gps and the sweet-sounding lady on my phone gps in the back seat, she got us on track and we pulled into Terminal 3 departures for West Jet at 10 to 10PT.

I was trying to capture the two incoming jets and the moon
Sorry for the blur  -  it isn't your eyes!
We were going to pull in, park and walk in with Donna and Gerry for ‘a proper hug’, but Donna said we didn’t need to pay to park. So, we pulled to the side like everyone else was and unloaded them and their bags. With hugs and kisses we said au revoir. 

We’re pretty sure they enjoyed themselves and we did too without any hardships on either side. It took a bit of adjustment in a small space. We could do 2 weeks another time if they wished to. Our habits are that similar.

Approaching Laughlin, Nevada
Bill and I found our way out and back onto NV163 and arrived at Ridgeview at 12:30 MT, still 53F and in bed within 10 minutes. I was sooo ready for bed. 

We had a wonderful time together and I will certainly miss walking with Donna around the park. It is just as well we are pulling out on Saturday with no one to do puzzles and swimming with. Tomorrow night, they will be safe and sound in their own comfy beds.

Bill got his blue light hooked up with his extension cord
while we were all playing Scrabble

A close up of the Suite in all its glory

The blue Suite and the Moon
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. Thank you for spending the time with us and my family. Feel free to comment if you choose to!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Donna and Gerry, with all that sunshine and activities. Now after a day alone, you can pack up and be on your way, Travel safe and enjoy the journey.

  2. sounds like a fun week for all ! You really accomplished quite a bit. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate the entire time, but we always get winds throughout the winter.
    I didn't realize they had a late night flight. I would have made this suggestion to save yourselves such a late night the morning, drive to Sams Town Hotel & Casino, park the truck, and all 4 of you take their free shuttle to Harrahs on the Strip. they can check their bags at Harrahs Bell Desk for a tip. Then spend the day exploring the strip. When it's time to say goodbye, you take the free shuttle back to Sams and they take a $20 cab to the airport. Keep it in mind for next yr.

  3. Just for the record sis, we had a marvelous time! Thanks for the guided expeditions around the area and beyond. We arrived home in Toronto at 7:30am EST and after much needed coffee and breakfast we pulled into the driveway in Hanover at 12:00 noon. We were welcomed by -6 C temperatures and the ground covered with has been coming down every since we reached town. Oh well, such is the Canadian weather.

  4. guys had such a great time. It is nice when your daily habits and ways of living closely match each other. From reading Donna above they had a wonderful time too. That Vegas traffic sure sucked huh?! Probably seem really quiet around your place now that they're gone. You won't be lonely too long with the way you make friends! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures with your sister and hubby :)

  5. A good time was had by all, and if you would do it again then you know it was enjoyable. Too bad about all the wind but then again you still managed to amuse yourselves. Enjoy the day and safe travels on your upcoming journey.