Thursday, December 14, 2017

Windy Day, Quartzsite, Fun Day

On Thursday, Dec. 14th I was up at 7 opening the window blinds. Another clear sky day and it was a few degrees warmer than yesterdays start up. With Bill and Clemson still sleeping (they were actually up once 30 minutes earlier) I slipped on my crocs and went for a walk. As soon as I stepped out, the wind hit me so I’m glad I had my wind breaker on.
do you see what I see?
Only one, but I could hear him so searched him out
I don't think he was running from me, he was searching for his family
I had my camera with me because I never know what will catch my eye on any given day. Today was kind of ho-hum but I still snapped a few things on my Canon. When I returned I could hear Bill upstairs in the bathroom so I knew we’d have our brew together. We read blogger posts and while Bill was having cereal I hopped in the shower. I had a bit of an omelette left from yesterday so warmed that up while Bill had his.
On my morning walk, the mountains were majestic off in the distant haze
Christmas done with classy taste
Love this view, can you tell?
One more special mailbox
We headed out the door just before 10 on the way to Quartzsite. It was an hour and a half drive and we knew we wouldn’t be longer than 5 hours so left the boss in charge of the Suite. He is happier there anyway, on our short trips, than left sitting in the truck while we wander. The drive there struck my fancy as it always does. It isn't fair to any of us when we shop with him on his leash or in our arms.

As we venture south, the mountains around us are so interesting. The ones off in the far distance were shrouded in a haze. We came to the conclusion that it was dust as the wind picked up and there were warning signs in a couple of places along I-95S. We weren’t bothered by it. We saw a lot of boondockers along the highway as well yet as we approached Plomosa Road’s blm land, we were surprised to see only one rv in place behind the camp host’s trailer.

Parker Dam and Parker are such pretty areas and I'm glad we have the opportunity to see it again, even though we are just driving through. I love the idea of a camping spot on the edge of the Colorado River in the Buckskin Mountain State park. However, the slap in the face of a $35 overnight fee makes me picture us instead at the Havasu Springs RV Resort for $10 per night with full hook-ups. It is also on the river.

Where the Bill Williams and Colorado Rivers collide
Nearing Quartzsite, the familiar spots looks foreign without all the hustle and bustle of January. Interesting. It was easy to zip in and park on Kuehn Street near K & B Tools. We had heard that this vendor didn’t have all the tools from the previous year and that was bang on. Bill did find a couple of things he was looking for and I managed to find a small clothing area. When things are $4, I’m going to look and usually get lucky if I look hard enough. Perhaps it IS an addiction.

Parker Dam and Parker are 15 miles apart 

This is Buckskin Mountain State park
An appealing golf course at Parker
for Donna and Gerry
Wendy, remember this from last year?
sorry, I could only get part of it as we zipped through Parker, Az
We then split up. Bill checked out the other tool vendors and Satellite Advantage while I wandered into the huge discount food tent. You need a lot of time to search this place, and with Bill waiting for me, I didn’t have that. I did half of the tent quickly and found a few things that would be good for at home. Walking back to Black Beauty we debated whether to grab a bite to eat before heading back home and thought that we’d be fine to wait.

And the Q mountain will miss us, Gerry and Melinda!
Once we reached Parker, through that stretch of highway alongside the Colorado and Bill Williams Rivers, I could feel a headache coming on. A natural reaction to hunger for me. I didn't say anything and was surprised when Bill turned into a McDonald’s.

A quick chat and we weren’t going to wait another hour after all. We ordered two Big Mac combos and with a whole mix up of the cashier not understanding what we wanted, we ended up getting both for $10. Huh! Even when we mentioned an error, the manager insisted it was all fine.

As we pulled out of the parking lot onto I-95S again, I noticed a black motorcycle heading north. What I saw first was the Go Pro camera on the helmet, like Lori’s. I took a second look and realized it was Lori and Roland was right behind her. Too funny! It was too late to acknowledge with a horn so we carried on with our turn. I texted her just to let her know we saw them, knowing she’d receive my message at their next stop.
We arrived home at 2:30, both feeling quite whooped. I thought I’d better get writing my post since I hadn’t started it this morning. After we put things away and I approved my purchases, Bill fed Clemson and turned NCIS on. This is usually how he gets his afternoon nap unless he has a book in his hand. I’m good if I stay sitting in a dining-room chair so may remain here for a while. For me, when I'm feeling like this, butt hitting recliner = droopy eyes.

Supper will be easy tonight so right now, I’m going out to enjoy a bit of sunshine. I took my book and sat in my regular spot at the front of the Suite, at the top of the lane way. I was still in shorts and a short sleeve top so it only took about 15 minutes before I was chilled through with the wind and later afternoon air. I came inside and went upstairs to lie on the bed with Lee Child, with the sun coming in from our bedroom window.
I'm sure these guys enjoy the ride more than I would
At 5, after a couple of chapters, I came down to watch some news with Bill and we talked about how hungry we were. All I felt like was a cup of tea and he thought some ice cream would hit the spot. So, dessert it is. My tea went down well and so did my banana split with the cherry on top! We had a recorded episode of Murdoch Mysteries from Monday night so we watched that before I finished my post.

And I'll never get enough of these mountains
We’ve had a good day here and enjoyed the short visit to Quartzsite. Tomorrow we have another plan in mind but we’ll wait and see what transpires. I hope you’ve had some fun in your day too.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment if the mood inspires you.


  1. We had a wonderful day as always , just hanging out enjoying this warm weather and sunshine.
    Glad you had fun in Quartzite. We always do and will be there in the new year at some point.

    1. glad you had a good day too! Hard not to in this weather no matter what we do.

  2. We saw that $10/night place in L.H. but figured it was a gimmick of some sort. Is it actually $10/nt?

    1. I believe so. It is called Havasu Springs RV Resort. We've never stayed there.

  3. I agree about sticker shock for the state park. It did look inviting though. How funny to see your friend go by! I'll ever tire of the mountain pics either.

    1. State parks should be more welcoming like in New Mexico, the prices are awesome!
      But then back home, our Provincial parks are ridiculous.
      It was funny, there probably aren't too many Go Pros on helmets. :)