Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sleeping In, Still Windy, One More Sleep, Riverside Casino

We were all up on Wednesday, Dec. 6th by 8 o’clock having determined that it was too windy to walk first thing. The sun popped over the hills to the east and the solid blue sky welcomed it. Drinking our tea and coffee together, Donna and Gerry took turns in the shower. Pretty much have to, it isn’t big enough for two! Bill put the furnace on for a quick burst of heat to warm it up in here to our comfortable 70F.

They are completely ignoring my dish of water
 We watched the Gambel Quail fighting over the dripping tap again so I put a dish of water beside it. I had to place a rock in the bottom so it wouldn’t blow away. I don’t know if they’ll drink from it. Bill checked the wind situation online and it looks like tonight it will abate and get back to below advisory conditions. Yay! The sun is wonderfully warm but the wind makes it too uncomfortable to sit in.

At one point there were about 25 quail huddling towards the tap
So, hmm, what did we do today? We read, we worked collectively on a Los Angelos Crossword Puzzle. We walked to the clubhouse, I mailed a card that will be late making it to the destination on time, we had lunch around noon hour. On time for once! The boys had a sandwich, Donna had salad and Bill and I shared mushroom soup and I had a wrap.
Tried a selfie
But I like it better when I'm not in it
After Gerry and Bill did the dishes, we sat outside in the sun up against the Suite. It actually was warm and I sat in a sleeveless tank top. Clemson sat on my lap so he was comfy! Bill asked if we wanted to take a drive over the Laughlin to check out the car show at the Riverside Casino/Hotel. For the cost of 0$ to get a Players Card, we got in free to the 3rd floor show. The cars are awesome! Our jaws were dragging for 90% of them.

1980 Honda Goldwing

Emilio Scotto's story

10 years of travelling on his Goldwing, this is quite the rap sheet!
I snapped pictures although unless I captured the detail, I won’t be able to name them all. There are probably too many pictures but it will make up for the small bit of writing today. I hope. We received $5 each on Free play but they’d had a problem this morning after a computer upgrade. This meant some of our cards weren’t working and Bill and I were unable to claim our $5. We put in $5 of our own money and played penny machines until it ran out.

Donna and Gerry were able to claim their free play and walked out with $7 or so. Bill and I received coupons for the Riverside Buffet so we gave one to our guests and we all got tons of food for $17/couple. Unbelievable. By the time we got home it was 6:30 MT and Bill fed our patient little pooch. This is why we spoil him the way we do. We can leave him home alone and he just sleeps in his duty to look after things.

Donna and Gerry taking a rest looking across the river to Bullhead City

And they picked out the clubhouse at Ridgeview Resort
 You might find your favourite in these pictures. you can skip through if not interested in cars. :)

One of my favourites - wish I had $42,000


So pretty!

for Michael, my little brother

And this one for $25,000? I LOVE it!

Bill put the hockey game on for Donna and Gerry so they could watch their favourite team. Don’t laugh when I tell you it is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Die hard fans for sure. Bill and I were going to read anyway, after I finished my post. This has been a good day with no pressure. It is hard to believe they only have one more day here with us. Just one more sleep and they will be hopping aboard their plane.

Another favourite but it would be a different colour if it were mine

My style for sure!

And this one for my grandson, Nathan

this is scary in the ladies' washroom

Still a favourite waited for us in the parking lot

All good things come to an end and yet saying that, it is probably better not to over extend their first visit. The Suite will seem so much bigger on Friday, having it to ourselves again. I hope you have had a good day as well.

So, now we've gambled and ate at the Riverside
Not a fan of their casino though, machines need upgrading
Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments.


  1. I like how reading my blog has rubbed off on your writing. Only I would include something about a bathroom, and now I see you doing it too!!! Good for you!! lol Looks like you 4 are really enjoying yourselves. Safe travels

    1. You had to know sooner or later that would happen! ha ha I couldn't resist, like an explosion happened or something!
      We have had fun and they'll be gone tonight.

  2. Love the car pics. It looks like you all had a very good time during their visit. Perhaps there were will be more in the future.

    1. Thanks, we sure did have a good time. I'm sure they'll be back either to rent for a month or stay again with us.

  3. Sounds like you have had a wonderful visit with your sister and her husband. Safe travels has they head back to the cold and if there weather is anything like ours it is cold.
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the old cars. The tidbit about the guy who spent 10 years traveling the world on his Honda was certainly interesting.

    1. It has been a great 9 days, it will be sad to see them go. Yes, it will be cold indeed. Those cars were so pretty and brought back a lot of memories.

  4. Soon time for Donna and Gerry to head on out looks like you had a wonderful week. Have been to that car museum a couple of times and really enjoyed it. Soon time for you to move on out again.

    1. Today will be an organization day, laundry and reading. We like that museum, had never been upstairs before. Yup, one day alone here and then move out.

  5. Another great day! Amazing how fast time goes isn't it? That museum looks like someplace we need to visit looks very interesting. You did a great job with pictures!

    1. The car show is actually just inside the Riverside Casino and Hotel. Some are free to view on the main level and the good ones are on the 3rd floor with a players card as your entry fee or $2.
      Thank you, the cars are so pretty!

  6. The gambling isn't good enough for you eh?