Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lazy Days Stacking Up, Clemson Gets Groomed, Reading Bug, Hummers and What Do I Miss?

Wednesday, Dec. 13th arrives. Just 12 days until Christmas. Holy moly! Doesn’t seem possible. It is certainly different for us now. Part of me misses the excitement, because believe it or not even at my age I still felt the thrill of the season. Speaking for myself here, I’m expressing the odd feeling of sitting in 70F temps in shorts and tanks this close to the fabled White Christmas.

Notice the year - nope don't miss this part
I don’t miss the cold and snow mainly because I don’t do well in cold temperatures. I dread the bundling up to go outdoors with cold biting winds. I can’t comment on being at home during an Ontario winter while retired, because I haven’t experienced that. Yet. I’m sure our time will come, when we can no longer do this or if one of us needed to fly home for an emergency. 

And Bill doesn't miss working all day and coming home to do this either
Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, without having to go out to work every day, not having to shovel the driveway as often. Um, no, I still wouldn’t enjoy bundling up to risk my life if I wanted to walk around the block.  I might feel differently if we could sit inside with a fireplace, hot chocolate with marshmallows, a blanket draped over my shoulders and not having to take a pooch outdoors.
Bill loves these bushes
Christmassy, right?
I do miss the glistening of the Christmas lights on the pure white snow but so far, I’m getting that itch scratched with the prettily decorated homes in the southwest so that doesn’t count. 
These creative touches sure make me smile
The hustle and bustle of shopping I used to enjoy when life was simpler. When our children were small and I knew exactly what to get. Not so much recently when we had a tough time deciding ‘gift? Cash? Gift card?’

What I miss the most are the family gatherings, seeing our children and grandchildren, our parents and siblings and also our dear friends who we formed a tradition with of getting together over the holidays.

Christmas at our place 2015
with just a few absent
Today, things are definitely simpler, the way they should be in this lifestyle and I’m glad that we aren’t exchanging gifts with family back home anymore. It is nicer for the kids, as well, not having to spend their hard-earned money on reciprocating for us. Which our kids would and did feel compelled to do. They wanted to do that so we’ve taken that ‘burden’ out of their hands. We don't 'need' anything and if we do, we buy it for ourselves.

Bill and I don’t buy gifts for each other and I DO miss that tradition. I’m a stocking stuffer kind of gal and loved the hunt for small things to put in Bill’s felt stocking. He, on the other hand, didn’t. Claims he isn’t good at it and soon enough I was filling both. Kind of took the fun out of it. Of course, I like to be surprised too. 

I'm not the only one who likes stockings
Last year, our gift to each other was this adventure and that carries on now and for each year. As we purchase things for the Suite, we are celebrating the gift-giving part. It just isn’t quite the same as opening a stocking filled with an orange and nuts!

Okay, back to the present. Today, the morning was quite cool at 9C/47F outside. Inside, it was 62F  so Bill clicked the fireplace on at 5:15 when he got up with Clemson. This was to take the chill off since we didn't have it on through the night. We both dropped off to sleep again and woke up to the ping, ping of an alarm on his phone at 7. Oh yes, today was the day we had an appointment to take Clemson for his grooming.
Going to get a haircut
We had our morning coffee and tea and headed into Lake Havasu City. Clemson had a ‘date’ with Kaylyn at 8 am so we pushed the buzzer to be let into the store before opening hours. When she said it could be 4 hours, I held in my surprise, but as we walked out we both knew it wouldn’t be that long. How can some groomers do a perfect job in 1 ½ hours yet Pet Smart takes 3 or 4?

My delicious breakfast
We drove from there to Denny’s for breakfast. It has been a while. I think the last time we’d eaten there was in Ontario with Debbie and Mike in 2016. I ordered the 55+ Omelette with hash browns and a biscuit. Bill ordered a “Make your Own” kind of deal with eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns Both were delicious and the bonus was it was mostly good fat fare plus I didn’t have to cook it.

Bill had loaded the small propane tank so we got that filled at a Mobil station. From there we drove to Mesquite Ave where I spotted a car wash with a sign that read:
We'd been looking all over for a large enough place to wash the truck
For a $15 upfront fee we got one of the very best washes ever. We didn’t just drive through and let the high impact machines do their stuff. 

The manager, an attractive lady, met us, took our cash and began scrubbing the lights, and backs of the mirrors where bugs ‘splatter’. She gave us the sign and we drove in and stopped. While the wash, rinse, wax and clear coat sealer was applied she walked around with her wash mitt and brush and scrubbed.

Notice all the big fan dryers as you drive out
We were very impressed. As we were guided out by signs, 3 other staff were waiting to give Black Beauty a wipe down and window wash. This was awesome and their entertaining abilities had us chuckling the whole time as we stood off to the side. 

Roof? No problem
Windows? You bet!
The price just became even more worth it and we tipped them after they offered us a marguerite air freshener. We’ll go back for sure and recommend it to anyone in the area.

Back home we sat in the back yard and read our books in the sun. It was only 59F but the heat from the sun made it feel more like 75F. 

Look at Black Beauty sparkling
And we can see our reflection again
When Bill got the call, at the 3-hour mark, that Clemson was ready we drove in to pick him up. Being first time customers here, we got $10 off, which is always a bonus. I asked for a new Christmas scarf for him, he looked so spiffy and the cut makes him look 10 years younger! I need a haircut.

I still say one day, I'm going to sneak in and watch when he's on the table
(without him seeing me)

When Clemson walked out, he looked like a baby again
"Get me out of here!"

Daddy saves the day and he's happy as well as pretty

Before leaving Pet Smart, we had decided to get him a personalized name tag so picked one out. With instructions we inserted it into the machine and watched his name and our contact information be laser-etched on front and back. 

This is a very good idea and very reasonable price too
The etching was free after buying the tag. Now if he should run off, we know he hopefully will be returned to us.

At home, more reading, until the sun got too hot. Bill moved inside and I stretched out on one of their gravity chairs. I know my eyes closed for a few minutes but hey, no apologies! 
another great story about Jack Reacher
When I was out earlier this morning, I pampered my feet. It seems that sandals do a number on my heels here as much as back home. My toenails also need attention so I took care of that and now have pretty pink toes to prove it.

Up, Close and Personal so you can see his tag
I moved inside around 3 after deciding not to work on my jigsaw puzzle today. I don’t want to finish it too soon since I only have one. I like savoring the moment. Ha! So, I set to work writing my post before going back to my Lee Child book. At 5 we started prepping supper. Simple tonight, burgers and spaghetti squash for me. I went with
out the bun so wanted an extra filler on my plate. It worked well.

Before supper, I went for a walk around the block
I couldn't resist playing with the sun and these palm trees

After my walk, I sat with my book facing the sun and the hummers arrived

Dishes were cleaned up and we found the Golden Globe 75th Anniversary on the boob tube. Lots of laughs and special moments watching so many of our favourite actors of both genders. I finished up my post around 7 and got pictures in place. This has been a lazy day, oh, yes, another one but we are enjoying the warm weather and our books a lot.
another shot of Lake Havasu - that is, after all, where we are

I hope it has been a good day for you too. Thank you for taking the time to stop in.


  1. Nice to get Clemson all cleaned up in time for Christmas.
    Gotta be loving this warm sunny weather, sure much nicer than the weather back home.

  2. Loved the pictures,we thought that Lake Havasu was a beautiful area.
    We should go somewhere for Christmas where there is snow and freezing weather to celebrate Christmas... NOT!!
    Merry Christmas guys

    1. We do love this area too.
      Yah........okay, let's NOT and pretend we did! haha
      Merry Christmas to you both as well, and Tucker too.

  3. Such a sweet puppy you have. That picture of him waiting to go with his feet up on the wall(?) just melted my heart, I'd have grabbed him and ran! I don't know what kind of red bush that is but it beautiful! Loving your blog posts as always. ~Pam in Louisiana~

  4. Nice to enjoy the lazy days. I can't get enough of them, Brad likes to run around even if just for a coffee. Me, I'd just as soon sit in the yard and read all day in the sun.

  5. Clemson looks very spiffy after his time at the groomers.
    Your pictures of the sun and sky make it look so nice and warm...I want to leave the snow behind...I want to be warm...I will not miss

  6. Clemson looks like a pup again. Black Beauty is certainly very shiny, one needs sun glasses just to look at it. I too enjoy the decorations.