Friday, June 15, 2018

Country Roads, Truck Gets Detailed, Hot Tub and Swim, Dart Night

I was awake at 6:45 and after tossing and turning for a few minutes, got up at 7:00. Peeking out the windows as I opened blinds, the bright blue of the sky made me smile. It is always a delightful surprise to see sunshine. Today, after those strong winds blew through, we have still a breeze but less humidity. The temperature was 64F/18C already and with Bill and Clemson still sleeping, I went for a walk.

Country roads are nice to walk on
Today, I walked north on Rock Glen Road which is a nice curvy road with a couple of sharp ‘Dead End’ turns. I was glad to have my lightweight hoody on because I was in the shade of the roadside trees a lot. 

A nice healthy start on this corn crop
What a nice walk and after half a mile or so, I turned back. I picked some wildflowers along the way for our Mexico vase back in the Suite. I have a whole new appreciation for wildflowers in retirement, it seems I never took the time to notice them before.

Maybe my sister Donna can confirm or deny this
Is this a Bat House?

Okay, so I'll turn here
Yesterday as we were sitting out for Happy Hour, a discussion came up about the Jayco Class C unit sitting down at the parking area. Apparently, when this couple came in she fell (I won’t share the details) and she now has a temporary foot ‘cast’ and a wrist brace. He needed to go with his wife to the hospital so Bill was asked if he could back their unit into the site behind Rob and us. This was no problem, Bill has moved a few rv’s around at CanAm. They returned last night after 9 and were pleased to have it set up for them.

This is Gerald behind us with there motor home in place
My morning flower picks
After our tea and coffee and catching up on blogs, Bill brought the truck up to our site. It was time to show Black Beauty some lovin’. With the dust rag and the vacuum, he set to work. I changed into my bathing suit and walked up to the clubhouse. 

Clemson in one of his favourite sunny spots
Our membership card gives us access to the doors before they open at 9. I was the only one there again, which was nice and I slipped into the hot tub first. Reading the board, it ranges between 104 – 110F. It felt wonderful!

the pool is very nice and was refreshing after the hot tub
My 15 or 20 minutes of soaking went quickly and I got out and did a couple of laps around the warm pool. It felt refreshing after the heat of the tub. Not much reason to hang around when you are by yourself with no one to talk to so I was on my way back to the Suite 30 minutes later. Bill was still finishing up with the truck so I sat outside with him and worked on the crossword puzzle that Pat brought over in the Sarnia papers.

Black Beauty gets a great indoor cleaning
We eventually moved our chairs over and sat with Rob and Pat in the sun. There isn’t much we don’t touch on in our conversations and we move easily from one subject to the next. 

sitting with our buddies 
At 2:30 we moved back over to our site where both sun and shade is offered and we invited our friends to join us for Happy Hour. Ron and Loree, Paul and Judy and Rob and Pat filled our circle today. George and Suzie left today to ‘reclaim’ their coach in New Hamburg.

Judy, Paul, Ron, Loree, Rob, Pat, Bill
A happy group
At 5 we all moved inside to prepare and eat supper. Bill and I had leftover meatloaf with a side salad and it fit the bill for us. We did the dishes up and cleaned up ourselves before heading to the clubhouse at 6:45 for communal darts. It normally starts at 7 but Gerry, the organizer, was delayed because he was babysitting. Melinda and Chantelle needed to be elsewhere last night, unexpectedly.

Let the games begin!
Ron has the form
Bill also gets into the game
Gerry keeps score for our team

Once things got under way, 19 were in attendance so teams were selected. It turned out to be 5 teams and 4 needed a ‘dummy’. The funny part was that Bill and Ron, who had never played before were Captains of their teams. It was a fun evening and it turned out that our team came in 2nd. I got $2 of my $3 paid back. We enjoyed ourselves but felt heart pangs for Gerry who had an unsettled Aliya on his mind for the last hour. There were lots of hands to try and help babysit.

Aliya wouldn't settle with anyone so Gerry proved his 'double duty' talents
Pat stepped in to watch the baby for a while
We sauntered back at 10, past some of our bedtimes, (haha) and Bill and I watched tv until 11 before I went to bed. The night turned cooler, dropping down to 50F/10C so I added my extra blanket for sleeping. This has been a nice day with a little bit of everything involved. I hope yours was a good one too.

One more country picture for you
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  1. Nice dart boards. I was always good at hitting the wall. Looks like fun!

  2. Another fun day and good Happy hour.
    Glad you got to play darts, always a fun time and bonus to win a couple of bucks back.
    Keep enjoying the campground and Happy Hours.

    1. Yup, good times with friends no matter what we do here.
      a couple more days to use the amenities and relax.

  3. What a fun day! Gerry holding the baby while playing darts....reminded me of all the things mothers get done while holding a little one...LOL. Beautiful pictures. Blessings.....Elva Shannon

    1. Ha! Yes, a great day. Gerry teased that he was able to do more than one thing at a time and I must admit, his score wasn't bad! :)
      thank you, Elva. Take care!