Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jello is Set, Turning Our Wheels, Home Park, Friend’s Reunion

It was 6:30 on Sunday, June 10th when I slipped out of bed. I couldn’t see the clock the couple of times I’d woke through the early morning hours and was confused why the illumination wasn’t visible. When I got up I realized that Bill had tucked our clock in his drawer for travel. Oh yes, today is moving day.

getting hooked up to move
It is different, pulling out of here for a ‘vacation’ since it seems we are already on one! I’m glad we only move when we want to or when we need to in the summer. I like our summer place. 

It wasn't easy leaving our new vehicle home alone
Bill was up by 7 and Clemson by 8 so the family gathered in the living quarters. I finished posting yesterday’s blog before hopping the shower. Bill packed up the satellite dish and checked tires etc.

and I have 2 tomatoes already!

things are coming up pretty good
 He had his shower and I started our eggs and bacon. We were all ready to go by 10 and pulled out of the Ridge at 10:15. This is a gorgeous day for driving or for doing anything you want. It is 70F/21C and sunny with wispy clouds skirting the sky. We met Rob and Pat with their Silverback fiver at West Grey Meat Market and had a 2-vehicle convoy started.

Hooked up, ready to go
At 11:15 we pulled into Tim Horton’s at the Wingham corner for a leg stretch, and a second cuppa brew. Steeped tea, double cream for me. Yum. As Pat says, “woohoo! We’re going camping!”  

Going camping together!
We were soon on the road again travelling to the southwest but not as far as we do in October. We’ve gone through Gorrie, Wroxeter (Pioneer Ghost Town) and ahead is Blythe, Clinton, Hensall and Exeter.

A few signs of small towns we drove through today
Clemson was geared up too for our camping trip, not settling down in the back seat as easily. Little does he know that he’ll be on a leash for a week. Hmm, he’ll settle into it just fine and we won’t have to worry about him wandering off. The clouds have rolled in by 12 noon but it is still warm. Sunday is a good day to travel and most of the roads today are 90 km/hr which is nice. That is our normal travel speed anyway.

Blurry Clemson, settled on my hoody
We made the turn off Highway #4 at Clandeboye and then right onto Highway #7 taking us into Ailsa Craig. A left turn onto County Rd. 19 took us to Highway 81 where we turned right towards Arkona. We soon arrived at Rock Glen Family RV Park and checked in. It was 1:15 when we pulled up to the gate. Spatters of rain had started, what the heck? Nice back home in Durham according to Donna.

Arrival at our home park
that means 0$ for our 8 day stay

Clemson is keeping an eye on his Daddy and his replacement Daddy
as they check in

Someone is right behind us to check in
I think we know who it is too!
The rain didn’t amount to anything and by 1:45 we were set up with Rob and Pat as neighbours right beside us. It was a little tricky getting into our spots but we are here and settled for 8 days. It was around 3 that we walked 30 feet to Happy Hour at Paul and Judy’s. By the time everyone arrived, there were 16 of us and that included Gerry and Melinda’s granddaughter, Aliya, but not Tucker and Clemson. It is always nice to meet other rv’ers as we all share common interests.

Left to right - Paul, Rob, Pat, Judy, Lois, Doug
Monique, Emile, Melinda (Aliya on her lap) my chair and
George, Suzie, Chantelle and Gerry arrived later

                                                    Proud Grandparents? Yes!

Rob and Pat
Wait a minute! That's Tucker and Pat!
Around 5:30 we walked across the lane to our Suite and Bill grilled steak and baked potatoes. Yum. With sour cream and sliced tomatoes on the side, it was delicious. We cleaned up the few dishes by hand and the joke was that everyone at Happy Hour was going to bring their dirty dishes to put in our dishwasher. Before sitting our butts in our chairs, we slipped on long pants and went for a walk with Clemson.

A Geese family with 5 almost grown babies
Lots of water lilies in bloom behind Gerry and Melinda's place
Back home it was a nice surprise to hear “Hello!” and Loree came to the door to welcome us to the park. Not officially, but just being friendly. We’ll have to make a point to get together with her and Ron while we are here. I finished writing my post and downloading pictures. Hopefully, this gets posted tonight before I get too sleepy. Another day of not doing a lot but still feeling tired after supper. That’s what retirement is!

Our site in a pretty quiet setting this week
The weekenders have gone home
And we have good neighbours
We are happy to be here with friends and have notified my worry-wart sister back home that we are safe. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well.

and my last picture of the day gave us a chuckle
As we walked by, Gerry and Melinda were struggling with this
Timing is everything and Bill was able to step in and help get
it in their home
Thank you for taking a peek at our day. If you wish to comment, I’d love to read them.


  1. Nice to see you guys again and that you had a nice easy trip here with Rob and Pat. Glad that we were able to catch every one there near the end of happy hour after our busy weekend.
    Enjoy your time here.

    1. George it was nice to see you and Suzie. Glad we could all make it together before you guys leave . And have some happy hours together .

  2. Such beautiful places you guys spend time at. I seem to find it harder and harder to pack up and get on the road. Maybe I'm just feeling bad for the puppies too. It's nice to just open the door to let them out without leashes!!

    1. The park is nice for sure and it is good to take advantage of our home park because of our monthly maintenance fee too. Nice to see our friends but it is hard to leave the peacefulness of the Ridge. Clemson is good on the leash but would rather roam too.

  3. Great pictures Pat an awesome post . Yes we are . we camping with our buddies and seeing all our friends. It’s been far too long that we’ve been to Rockglen to see everyone . Over a year for Rob and l.
    Looking forward to a great 8 days. It was a fun happy hour for sure . And it’s always nice to meet new friends . That’s awesome you have tomatoes on your tomato plants already . It’s all that extra love you put into it , that makes them grow . Enjoyed the drive that we took can’t remember going that way before , seem to be a lot quicker route . Picture of the Rob sitting beside me looked a little furry . Lol that conversation was too funny . Keep on having fun and enjoying life .

    1. Thanks Pat for your fun comment. We haven't been here at the park, as you know, since 2015. This will be enjoyable and Bill is closer to work for his two days.
      I was surprised to see tomatoes already, hope it is plentiful this year.
      Love the picture of you and Rob, er Tucker. You are having fun! Love that!