Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pancake Breakfast, Cloudy Morning, Fun Times with Friends, Treat for Dinner

I woke up, stretched and rose by 7 o’clock on Saturday, June 16th. Peeking out my window blind told me that it was going to be a cloudy day and maybe some rain. Once I had my tea made, Bill was also rising and I checked the AccuWeather on my phone to see the forecast. We’ve had some beautiful days since we’ve arrived here so if a little rain must fall today, so be it. It looks to clear up after lunch.

This was last night's sky an hour or so before the sun set

The families who work all week and come out to enjoy a weekend camping are who I feel sorry for when it rains. At least the clubhouse is open and there is the indoor pool for the children if the wet weather persists. Bill and I drank our morning brew and read blog posts. At 10 I fried up some bacon and a couple of pancakes each. Yum, that hit the spot this morning.

with butter and maple syrup
Rob and Pat have cordially invited us to pop over to join them and Sandra and Bill for supper tonight. The kids are coming out for a Father’s Day celebration with their Dad. That is nice and even though I offered, we only have to bring ourselves, according to Pat.

"you know I love Dad's cookies too, Dad"

"please oh please, save me a piece"

"thank you Daddy, I'll take it right out of your mouth"
Unfortunately, his old teeth couldn't chew the piece until
I dunked it in my tea. which of course, I did.
It should be a warm day regardless of what the sky is doing. We cleaned up breakfast dishes. Around noon hour we didn't need the burgers that were being sold at the clubhouse, so instead sat outside with a tea and Dad's cookies. Clemson got the 'dipped in tea' corners. Thanks Rob for the treat! Now they are gone. Good! 

Bill and I went through a few of our pictures that we had on our laptops. After seeing our sticks and bricks home yesterday, we tend to reminisce. We did a lot in that house to change it from its original state, as most people do, and it was an interesting trip down memory lane.
My vase of wild flowers today shows one more blooming
Sandra and Bill, is this a morning glory?
We told our friends that we would show them what the house looked like when we bought it in 2002. Bill removed the strip of LED lights that ran just under the roof ledge, on the door side. They had stopped working and now with our motion sensor front door light, they are not necessary anyway.

I hope Ron forgives me for this fun picture (I think he'll enjoy it)
As Ron moved his head to talk, the bird on the table behind him nodded too
from where I was sitting, this is my view
It was nice to see Rob and Pat’s daughter, Sandra, and her husband, come into the park to visit their Dad. What a nice thing to do for Father’s Day and coming today, a Saturday, gave them a longer visit. It is a 2 ½ drive home to Markdale and this way they don’t have to get up for work in the morning. Lots going on today and it was 3 pm when we walked to Happy Hour at Ron and Loree’s up on the hill.

Rob wouldn't dance or shoe shuffle, but he agreed to the hat
while Ron played

Today, in the heat of this humid afternoon, there were 10 of us gathered on their front porch. If it weren’t for the shaded areas, we would not have enjoyed the fellowship of our friends as much. It was a treat when Pat asked Ron to play us a tune on his accordion. If I knew he played, I had forgotten. 

We enjoyed his nonchalant way of keying out one tune after another. He is very good! It reminded me of when Mom used to play hers. Ron is an entertainer in more ways than one and we enjoy his personality.

In the back, Bill, Sandra, my Bill, Pat, Rob
Ron (notice the tamborine on his ankle?
Judy and Loree

Paul and Ron
Ron said at 11 yrs. old he had saved $1100. from his paper route to buy his accordion
It weights about 39 lbs.
 We walked back home together and let Rob drive the truck filled with chairs back to our sites. Rob lit his Weber Q and Bill lit ours so the barbecuing could begin. I should have taken a picture of our grill filled with steak. There were 10 so guess who's having leftovers! Rob did the potatoes on his grill. 

It was a great meal and a great time with friends
There was a pasta salad, baked potatoes and onions, croissants, pickles, tomatoes and steak. And when we were almost full, they brought out lemon pie and Chapman’s black cherry ice cream. Oh my!

Bill and I both fell off the paleo wagon today
Since the meal was their treat, Bill offered to do the dishes in our dishwasher. Seemed like a fair exchange. At 7:45 they went back to their site and we came inside. I wanted to catch up on my post before I forgot what we did today. Nah, I don’t think that will happen. It was too much fun! After saying goodbye and safe travels to Sandra and Bill at 8, we came inside and closed windows. Time to put the a/c on. It is 79F outside and 85F inside. We need to cool things down.

the Saturday night tractor and wagon was full
The rest of the evening will be quiet. I plan to get more reading done and since Bill has started into Alex Cross’s Trial, he will probably do the same. I hope you’ve had a great Saturday too. If you haven't noticed, he did put a shorty blog post on this morning. Check it out here.

Yes, time for the a/c
The top temperature is outside
The bottom is inside

Something about this lovely shaped tree called to my camera
Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. You have a dishwasher????? Me too. Her name is Nancy. Looks like a fun day!!! Happy Fathers Day tomorrow!!

    1. Ha ha, usually ours is Bill but since we have a mechanical one, we use it for company. :)
      Bill will get your message, thanks!

  2. Another fun Day at the Park with friends , nice that Sandra and Bill came to visit for Father's Day.
    Ron really does an amazing job on his accordion, always love hearing him play.

    1. Winding down the days now. Soon ready for home. It was good to see Ron in his musical element.
      Happy Father's Day, George.

  3. Finally a pretty dinner plate! lol

  4. What a great day! I remember was a little girl being amazed at the music that comes out of an accordian, so awesome and to think he saved as a little boy to get that! How special. What a wonderful dinner and all the friends makes the day more special. Happy Father's Day Bill!!

    1. It was a lot of fun. Me too! Mom's accordion was a little smaller and I loved pushing the buttons on the left hand side. :)
      Bill says thank you! Same to Ken!