Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bill Works, Hot Tub, Swim, Slow Day, Quiet Evening

Bill and I were both up around 7 on Tuesday, June 12th. I was happy that he could sleep in on a work morning. When at the Ridge, of course, he is up at 5 and gone by 6:15 am. He had his shower and a bite to eat before heading out around 7:45. The drive to London is about 45 minutes. I finished my tea and then my post for yesterday. 

Looking out our back window
These pods are cute but pricey for an overnight stay
My laptop went into ‘safe mode’ last night again, so I had to mess with it this morning which explains why my post was late.

I slipped into my bathing suit and took a walk up to the clubhouse pool and hot tub. These are things that Bill doesn’t always do with me so I fit them in when I can. I’m so busy, you know! 😊 It was before 10 so I used my membership card to gain entry. Not a soul in the pool/hot tub area but me and that suits me fine. I did a few laps and a few back floats before slipping into the hot tub for 20 minutes.

A lovely warm indoor pool, so clear, the windows look like they're under water

A nice hot tub
 While in there a young staff member was giving some little people swim lessons so after my time in the hot tub was up, I took my things outside to the pool out there. It isn’t ready for swimming yet and that’s okay. I wasn’t looking to have an iceberg dip anyway. But I did want to make use of their lounge chairs. 

I sat up for a while on my towel and finished my book. It was a good one, totally different than any other James Patterson’s “Alex Cross” books that we’ve read.

It was so nice and quiet sitting by the pool with my book

this pool will be hopping in another couple of weeks
It was around 11:30 when I headed back to the Suite. I saw Melinda hard at work sweeping the cabins out. We chatted briefly and I made my way back. 

Hard at work
Clemson was sound asleep in the same place I left him and he didn’t hear me come in.  There seems to be a big day going on across the road at the Conservation Area today. I can hear children’s voices and see a school bus parked on the roadside. I guess it is June and teachers like to get the children outdoors during the last couple of school weeks.

Great day for a field trip

I think this place was hopping today
I fried up some bacon and an egg and Clemson and I had brunch. Yes, he likes a bit of both on certain days so we try to leave him a little bit. The eggs are very good for him too! 

Melinda wasn't the only one working in their family
Gerry was giving a tour of the park today
I loaded those dishes in the dishwasher too and turned it on. Bill wanted to run a load through it while we were here, hooked up to electric. It has been a while since we’ve used it. 

Clemson was sitting outside for a while by himself
That is rare in a park
In the freezer I had a pack of rib end pieces that I’d marked ‘bones for broth’ so put them into a pot on the stove with water. Once it had cooked for a while, I added onions and carrots, salt and pepper. I never know what is going into a soup until I start. Plus, I never know how it will taste until I’m done. Later in the day I will add barley and mixed vegetables from the freezer.

Soup turned out pretty good
A notice came through my email that one of Mom’s pharmacy bills was due so I went online and paid that. It is the only one now that has to be manually paid, everything else comes out automatically. I tried to set it up for automatic payment but they don’t do that. No problem, this is a good way to know what she is paying for and how often. She is so blessed with her health and generally only has her vitamins dispensed by Rockwood unless an issue arises.

And Happy Hour at George and Suzie's
Look at those smiling faces!
With the smell of broth throughout the Suite, I changed out of my swim suit and got the vacuum out. I dislike this job but not because of being in an rv, I hated it at home too and gladly handed the responsibility to Bill. He didn’t mind at all. The dusting got done in here on Saturday when I was packing things up so it doesn’t need doing today.

Melinda takes Gerry over the hill to home
I think he was shrieking the whole way
The Suite is now vacuumed and I have nothing else on the agenda so I took my book outside and read in part sun, part shade. I’ve started reading Michael Connelly’s Crime Beat. It is a series of short stories so I’m enjoying that right off the bat. At 3 o’clock, I made my tea and packed the small cooler with the partial bottle of wine and ice-cold water. Rob, Pat and I walked to George and Suzie’s cabin for Happy Hour.

It was a nice gathering of 9 of us after Bill arrived at 4:15 or so. How nice to receive his text at 3:30 that he was on his way. I never know when to expect him so this was a smooth day and I was pleasantly surprised. We sat and chit-chatted for another hour before gathering our chairs and heading home. I had a pork chop and a chicken thigh out for supper but we waited until closer to 6 to light the Weber.

Supper was tasty
A salad on the side will fill the plate. It is a humid afternoon here, sitting at 78F/26C and the breeze calming down late in the day. Clouds have moved in but it still doesn’t really feel like rain. Tomorrow is appearing to be the ‘rain’ day of the week although only for a short period of time. We’ll see. Bill has another morning of work tomorrow, hopefully that one will be a short day too. There is a trailer delivery involved so you never know.

this walk was mostly about Clemson
Now that is a big tree stump

After supper, which was easy and tasty, we cleaned the dishes up. Clemson and I went for a walk down in the valley and back home again. If you’re not in a hurry, it is nice to walk with him. If you don’t mind letting him take the lead and stretch out to ‘territory unsniffed’. I had slipped an extra top on thinking it might be cooler but I was wrong. It was hot and sticky and if not for the bugs, a very enjoyable walk.

My latest book indulgence
I sat outside for a while with my book until my eyes said ‘enough reading’. I moved inside at 7:30 pm and spent the rest of the evening with Bill. We watched America’s Got Talent at 8, something we enjoy together. The sun disappeared behind the clouds with just brief peeks now and then so there wasn’t much of a sunset. I kept an eye on the sky in case I got a grand performance.

Good night from Rock Glen Site 24
This has been a good day in the park. It still feels kind of weird being here but I like the amenities. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

Thank you for stopping by. All comments are welcome!


  1. Nice that you are using the wonderful amenities here I do enjoy them so and the full hook ups. closer for Bill to go to work as well. Your soup I am sure will be wonderful.
    Nice to see you both again for "Happy Hour".

    1. I do like the pool and hot tub and lounge chairs. :)
      Nice to see you guys again for Happy Hour too!

  2. You might as well take advantage of the amenities while you can!! Cooper loves to go for walks and sniff every single bush, tree and rock!! Sounds like a relaxing day.

    1. Absolutely! The pool is nice and the hot tub relaxing. Our dogs are funny, w have to be patient walking with him. :)