Sunday, June 17, 2018

Early Walkabout, Father’s Day Breakfast, Swim, Taking it Easy, Pack Up

I was awake and up just before 7 on Sunday, June 17th. The sky was brilliant blue with very light skimming clouds here and there. With the gorgeous ball of yellow sun, it looked like a picture out of a children’s colouring book as I walked out of the park and across to the Conservation Area. 

It was time to make use of my funky selfie stick since I hadn’t for a while.

It is a pretty area for pictures and selfies!
When I returned half hour later, Bill was rising so we made our tea and coffee. I emptied the dishwasher and carried Rob and Pat’s dishes over to them. I knew Rob would be up. We planned to walk up for breakfast together at 9. Breakfast is free for all Dads and the rest of us pay either $5 or $7 depending on which size meal you want. I opted for the small and picked our tickets up yesterday.

We finished our tea and coffee, cleaned ourselves up and walked up with Rob and Pat to the clubhouse. Breakfast was pretty good, sausage, hash browns, French toast, scrambled eggs and toast if you wanted it. We had coffee or orange juice to drink. We didn’t have to cook! 

It was a nice breakfast for $5
On the walk back, the question came up about the Flea Market in Grand Band and had we ever been. Not knowing when we’d be this way again, we decided to give it a try. Rob drove.

It was hot and humid but it was nice to see it once. A typical flea market where you can take as much or as little time as you wish to walk around. Pat found a nice summery hat with an adjustable band for her little head and I found a summery sweater that I have admired on a couple of other people. I believe Laurie Baines has one. I’ve already decided which two from my closet can go. One in, two out. 😊

A very old 5-seater ferris wheel

An F-86 Sabre on display

I hope no one tows this old tractor away before the owners return
It is in a No Parking zone
We were out the door by 10 and back home by 12:30, with 30 minutes there and back, it was the perfect amount of time at the market. 

Pat loves Elvis
Seeing old trains and train sets, put Bill's Dad close to my thoughts today
You never know what you'll see at a flea market
Pat reminded me that I still had time to go for an ‘adult’ swim so I changed and walked up to the indoor pool. No hot tub today, it was too warm but I swam around for 20 minutes before letting myself out the door to sit in the outside lounge chairs. Woops! That was a mistake! The door locked behind me!

Need a purse?
I could have sat out there with my book until I dried off but I didn’t like the idea of ‘needing’ someone to let me out. Bill was snoozing so I didn’t want to wake him to come and ‘release me’. I messaged Gerry to ask one of the girls in the office to come and open the door but when he didn’t respond (which I’m sure he is busy with customers and/or family) I was glad I had my membership card. I called Erin and we chuckled over it. I’d be more careful next time.

I had to squish it down to take a bite
Back at the Suite, Bill and Clemson were up and sitting inside in the a/c. We chatted about the rest of the day and after changing out of my bathing suit, I put things away off our bedroom dresser. We are pulling out of here by 9 in the morning so we can be home in good time. Now that we are this close, I’m ready to get back to the Ridge.

We actually bought these by mistake but found them interesting
 We dozed a bit in our recliner chairs, mostly just relaxed. Bill had already had a nap when I was at the pool. At 3 I made a tea and Bill poured an iced cranberry juice and we joined Rob and Pat at Paul and Judy’s across the lane. It was a hot Happy Hour and probably the most uncomfortable I’ve been yet. The little bugs around my face and the heat soon drove us home around 4:30 to make our supper.

Clemson settled on his Daddy's shirt while we looked at pictures
Clemson got his supper a bit before 5 and we relaxed a bit before our own cooking began. Another generous offer from our neighbours and we had a few burgers for our own supper tonight. They had so many thawed from yesterday that couldn’t be refrozen. Thank you, buddies! We started the Weber around 5:45 when the feeling of hunger hit. Because we had 4 patties, we decided to splurge tonight and have 2 triple buns. You know that means double burgers! With all the fixins’ it made us laugh. I cut mine in half to eat it easier. It was dee-lish-ous!

I zoomed in to capture this chatterer in the tree
Dishes were cleaned up pronto and Bill put the barbecue and the table away. Lastly our chairs went into the basement, it is still registering 89F outside so we chose to retire indoors. Bill invited Rob and Pat over to look at some pictures of our house on Metcalfe soon after we bought it. Oh no! Home pictures. For an hour we showed them some of the changes we’d made to our London home and more importantly the changes made to the Ridge since Gerry and Donna purchased it in 2014.

A picture of the stream in the conservation area
I like the trees roots in the rock
Finishing the evening up, I snapped a group picture and then took one of the two of them in front of their Silverback. We said goodnight and brought the awnings in. This has been a wonderful day and a wonderful week with our friends and it makes up for not camping with them over the past winter. We just may have to do this again!

Our good friends and neighbours
Pat and Rob
I hope your day has been just as pleasant and you were able to stay cool…..enough. Just before I posted this, a tap tap on the door brought us a dish of Chapman’s Black Cherry ice cream. The day couldn’t end any better. (thanks Rob, Pat, Sandra and Bill)

It was a great week together!
Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Glad you had a fun time at Rock Glen Resort, always interesting hanging our with friends. Now Travel safe and enjoy the quiet times at the Ridge.

    1. Thanks George, it was sure a different week for us country folk! :)

  2. Glad you had an Enjoyable stay at the Park and have Safe travels back to the Ridge. Temps should cool down tomorrow.

    It's about time.