Saturday, June 9, 2018

Early Start, Finishing Jobs, Locked Out Story, Clean Bedding, Upgrade

On Friday, June 8th I woke at 3:30 and could really feel the muscles that I used yesterday so stretched to get the kinks out and disturbed Clemson. He was almost ‘attached’ to me so it was my fault that he decided he should go out for a piddle 15 minutes later. It was actually quite mild out although a chill reigned inside. I clicked the Blue Flame heater on low.

 Dad made this solar light beacon and it was something Bill wanted
It is very cool to watch it change colours in the dark
I’m so much better with the darker nights, getting more courage, especially at this time of year. Out we went and as he was doing his business, I slipped over to take pictures of Dad’s light beacon. The sky seemed so bright and it didn’t bother me at all being out at that time of the morning. We crawled back into bed and snuggled together. I dozed off easily and woke up around 6:30 for the day. Bill and I chatted while I was drinking my tea, just like he was here with me.

Clemson on my side of the bed
He bunches his blue blanket up first and brings it over too
The geese are swimming in the pond again, still can only see 3 so I’m thinking this is Desi and Lucy’s family. Oh! I don’t think I told you about the problem we had with our door…………..again! If you were with us at all over the winter, we mentioned that when it gets cool, for some reason our door is difficult to close tight. It seems that the latch plate on the Suite frame is the problem. Why, we aren’t sure.

We came home on Monday after our driving day and got in the Suite with no problem but when Bill went back out, he had difficulty closing the door. When he returned 5 minutes later, it wouldn’t open from outside or inside. Clemson and I were locked in and he was locked out. Talk about a few choice words and a bit of panic! Bill actually had to utilize the Emergency Exit by our sofa (so we know that works) and his step ladder.

All done, just the flat area to be cut with the rider
 This went on for probably 20 minutes trying to get the door open without damaging anything or marring the paint on the rv. By removing the newly installed combination lock (which had nothing to do with the problem) from inside and then from outside, he managed to release the latch. This was scary. If that had happened the first time we returned, Clem was indoors and all windows were latched from the inside so there would be no way for us to get in without breaking something.

One seating area, now comfier with a cushion
I guess some RV manufacturers do not think of that when constructing these units. It worked out for us, and we’ve removed the latch plate for the time being, but now I want to always leave one of the E.E. windows unlatched. Something is just not right about that. Have you ever thought of how easy it would be to get into your unit if something similar happened? Food for thought.

I went out at 8 o’clock and geared up (hat, muffs, gloves, long pants etc.) to finish trimming the grass in the corral. Essentially, I am cutting the grass with the weed eater. It was a challenge but I kept going and after only a couple of rests and water, it was done. Yay! It looks brown in some places but as I said, we don’t care if the grass survives. We need some ground cover there that we don’t have to cut.

My 2-toned irises are blooming
Hens and chickens planted
Jack in the Pulpit in his best suit
I thought I might get the last bag of mulch spread but I was pretty winded already so just came inside and had a yogourt before going back out. Chatting with Rob on text, they had started their garage sale today. We had some things to put in the sale too, so  I took a box of small items and our boat that hasn't sold on Kijiji and headed into Durham. I'd gathered the bedding so I could kill two birds with one stone and get the laundry done while I was in town.

All our junk, er, I mean things you don't need
At Rob and Pats, they had a lot of stuff and were making quite a few sales. Bonus for them starting it today! It is always nice when the cash comes in making all the prep worthwhile. As for me, my timing was off this morning, I simply ran out of time. I thought I’d be able to get my wash done and go visit Mom but by the time I left the laundromat, it was 10 to 12, her lunchtime. Interesting sights on Main St. (Garafraxa St.) to see while waiting for laundry. Horses?

I don't know where the driver was but this truck was parked across the road for the half hour I
waited for my laundry to finish
this lady couldn't walk by without petting each pretty head
I wasn’t thinking earlier so, I went back to the garage sale and wrote out info on the boat. I doubt it will sell, but we have a bottom dollar and we won’t let it go for less than that. We’ll keep it for the Acreage or our grandkids rather than give it away. I sat with Rob and Pat for awhile and even bought a stool. That was what I needed yesterday when I was painting and maybe Bill could use it at his bench. Rob was kind enough to pick up enough pizza slices from Godfather’s so I could eat with them. Such generous people. The pizza hit the spot.

Rob thought if someone bought this chair, they could
take me FREE
He thought Bill would appreciate his cleaning house. :)
I headed home around 1 but first swung around to Merle and Linda’s sale. Just to have a peek you know. I’m glad I did because they had the perfect lounge chair cushion for the “hunt camp” webbed chair Rob gave me last summer. It was a steal at $2 and a couple pair of perfect fitting jeans for $5. When I got home I hung the sheets etc. on the line. The wind isn’t steady so for a while they just hung there but I know with the heat of the day (72F/22C) and the occasional gusts, I new they would dry quickly.

When I walked to the mailbox, Clemson debated hard about joining me and when I was on my way back, he trotted down to meet me. The little paws lifting high and proud. I sat in my chair and read the Trailer Life magazine that came in the mail today and even moved to the shade of the hammock for a bit. I knew Bill would be leaving London around 3:00 so was waiting for his text that he was on time. 

After I got my text, I moved inside and tried to decide on a simple supper. Barbecuing a big meal isn’t in the plans, maybe just grilled cheese sandwiches or leftover mac & cheese. We’ll see what Bill feels like. I got clean sheets out of the cupboard and made the bed. I’m hoping our bedspread is dry, at least, so it can go back on the bed for tonight’s sleep. At least the cooler single digit nights are done for the time being.

Finally, at 6:15 or so, I could see a Toyota Rav 4 coming up the drive. Yay! Bill left CanAm at 3:30 and drove to Exeter Toyota where he dropped off our 2006 Corolla and drove off with a 2014 SUV. On Monday, when we took a drive, that was where we went. Trading in our car has been in the back of our minds for a while but we doubted a deal would come along to persuade us to make the swap.

Our new vehicle waiting for pick up
Cliff Anderson installs my 'Ptooties' plates
Bill poses for a picture
Driving up to the Ridge
and finding a spot to park
We were tickled to find Exeter Toyota had 3 used SUV's to choose from and although our car didn’t owe us anything over the 11 years of ownership, it was time to get ourselves into a smoother ride. Bill called to see if they were still available and by 3:30 we had a new vehicle. Cliff made the experience a pleasant one and he and I even got to talk about some Lucan history. It was a pleasure meeting him and we’d recommend him in a heartbeat.

Nothing is final until Clemson gives the stamp of approval
He says "yup, I like it1"
Bill was happy to have tomato soup for supper with some cheddar cheese on the side. We cleaned up dishes and took a drive into see our friends and show off our wheels. From there we drove to the Acreage to show Donna, Gerry and Mike. Everyone agreed that we got ourselves a nice vehicle and couldn’t believe it was 4 years old. We’ve never had an SUV before and one with a sunroof to boot! We had to open it on the drive, of course.

I know this pix is in my collage, but it pretty much sums up how we are feeling
about our purchase
Back home, I snapped a couple of pictures of the beautiful sunset before finishing up my post. I think we’ll both sleep well tonight. My sweetie is home again. It has been a great day with more accomplished. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself on this great Friday.

Good night from The Ridge

Thank you for reading. I love reading your comments if you care to leave one.


  1. Another productive day you have and a nice new set of wheels for you guys. Enjoy you Rav 4.

    1. thank you George and Suzie. I think we'll love this vehicle as much as we did our Corolla.

  2. OMG! We love the new car! Congratulations!!! Bill looks so happy! It's beautiful and very well kept obviously. Hopefully many years of enjoyable driving. I tell you I know how the days go. You always seem to get more accomplished than I ever do! I love garage sales, but never seem to get to them here. :( Flowers are looking gorgeous! Congrats again!

    1. Thank you! Bill was being a bit goofy. I missed his arms stretched out the window! haha
      Yes the previous owner took care of it.
      Sometimes play plans get in the way of work plans and that is AOK!

  3. There's nothing like a new vehicle, especially if Clemson gives it his stamp of approval!! That makes up for getting locked out!

  4. Congratulations on the "new to you" car. It's beautiful. We had a Rav 4 and I think you will enjoy it. Great pictures...….Elva Shannon

    1. thank you Elva. It is pretty and we will look after it. Toyotas last forever. :)
      I agree with you, I'm sure we'll enjoy it for many years. Thanks for commenting, Elva!

  5. Like that picture of the fence.