Monday, June 25, 2018

Sunshine Returns, Step it Up, Bookworm,

Bill and I were awake and up before 7 on Monday, June 25th. Bill had crept out of bed earlier and opened blinds and flipped the furnace on to take the chill off the Suite. It was only 61F/16C in here. It didn’t take long to warm it up. I skipped my tea first thing and slipped on my hoodie and went for a walk down Baptist Church Road. The country setting at 7 am is so peaceful and pretty.

A bright start to the day
A couple of school buses passed me but very few other vehicles. I walked as far as the lane to ‘our’ big turbine behind the Ridge and turned back. My wildflowers in our vase are wilting so I gathered fresh ones to replace them. So many choices along the roadside. Daisies, buttercups, snapdragons, morning glories and others that I can’t name but are pretty enough to be included. Quite a nice bunch I got!

With our first summer, long weekend coming up, it will be nice to get physical jobs done this week. The weekend looks hot and humid. No complaints, we just don’t want to be doing anything too strenuous. 

These yellow flowers were drooping in the dew
When I returned from my walk, Bill was outside working on fitting the steps that Rob and Pat gave us. With some minor adjustments, it is going to work really well. I’ll try and train our little tenderfoot to go up them slowly although it IS hard to teach this old DOG new tricks!

These steps will be nicer for us while we are here at The Ridge
I had my tea and began writing. I’m not sure what I’ll get into today but other than a quick sweep through the Suite, I’m planning on being out of doors. With the day being such a nice one, we considered doing a couple loads of laundry. However, it is Monday and unless I went late morning or early afternoon, we’d be taking the chance that Mr. Chatterbox would be at the laundromat. Instead, I sorted the laundry and decided I’d take care of it in the morning.

These finches watched me walk by this morning
Bill went to Durham for a few things he needed to work on his stuff and I got downright lazy. I read my book outside for a while until my eyes got heavy and I just felt a little off. It didn’t feel like hunger but I made a second tea and poured myself a glass of a Blueberry and Banana smoothie. Maybe it doesn’t sound too good, but it was actually filling and refreshing. When they were both done, I went up to the bedroom to lay down for an hour. Clemson soon joined me.

This is the bouquet I carried home with me
Getting up around 1:30, I took a walk down the laneway and saw two of the Geese families. One with 7 babies and once they sensed me near, they literally ran down the lane ahead of me and into the pond at the dock. Another couple of families ran into the front field and got as far away from me as possible, crossing under the fence next door before resting. It is their instinct but I would never harm them.

Not only geese families, these little ducks dutifully
followed Mama
On the way back from my walk, there was a young turtle hurrying across from one pond to the other. He stopped as I neared and tucked his head in his shell so I wouldn’t see him. 😊 I set my water bottle close so you can see that he was just a baby to some degree. I settled myself back in my chair and Clemson chose to sit on my hoodie in the shade. He was in and out of the Suite like a yo-yo but still does not want to climb those new stairs. I cut some cheese and dished up a handful of walnuts to munch on. 
Canola grows in our surrounding fields
My book is crazy good, such a page turner and most of my afternoon was spent out-of-doors engrossed in page after page. Bill commented on how thick the book was last night, wondering if I’d get through it. What did he think? He knows how David Baldacci writes. Bill did a couple of things before moving inside the Suite near 4. One noticeable thing was to hang his Dad’s navy flag. 

It is a great spot up on the hill
It looks good in the place he chose, utilizing one of the cement decking blocks he bought to assemble our steps but didn’t need.

Turbine lane where i turn around
I moved inside around 4:30 and caught up on my post. I lit the Weber Q and filled a foil plate with some of the leftover potatoes for warming. I will fry the fish and cook veggies inside for supper. I’m hoping to pull it all together at the same time, around 5:30 or 5:45. Just checking the temperature at 5 and it is registering 70F/21C outside. What a lovely day. The wind isn’t steady, instead comes completely to a halt for 10 minutes or so and then gusts blow across the area, waking all the leaves and flags up once more.
They are really moving away from me
By 6, we had eaten and were all cleaned up so my timing worked out. Everything was delicious! Watching the CTV news and weather shows a heat wave coming through but because Owen Sound hasn’t had rain since Friday, we will be going to my sister, Gayle’s, to water her gardens for her tomorrow. It is only 40 minutes away but when we got rain over the weekend, they got nothing. Showers seem to be very hit and miss in Ontario.
the smallest turtle I've seen so far this year
 After dinner, Rob and Pat took a drive out for a visit. They approved of our steps, ha ha, and sat with us around our fire pit. It was a bit of musical chairs, dodging the sun in the west or the direction of the smoke, but it was a nice visit for an hour or so. 

As soon as Pat sat, Clemson was on her lap

Clemson cozied up to Pat and sat with her from the moment she sat down and ended up on my lap before they took their leave. The air cooled down by 8 as we said our goodbyes.

Clemson liked the shade on my hoodie
Back inside, I closed windows to keep the warmth in and the coolness out. Because Bachlorette was on, Bill opted to go upstairs to watch his programs while I sat in the living room so I could finish my post plus watch the antics. I’m certainly not hooked on the program, I’ve only watched one episode but it is an okay way to spend a couple of hours tonight.

This has been a good day, quiet, lots of reading, some natural Vitamin D, good food and a fun evening with friends. I’m going to share a beautiful sunset with you that I didn’t personally experience. Our friend, Jim, sent it to us. His son and daughter-in-law had this view out the back door of their cottage.

Thanks Jim for sharing!
I wanted to thank you for popping in. Your comments are appreciated.


  1. It was another wonderful day a great one for reading and enjoy the sunshine. always nice to spend time with Rob and Pat. Love the sunset photo you shared too.

    1. We make the best of our days no matter what the weather.
      and you know i love to read in the sun!