Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Catch Up from Lazy Fun Days, Touch of Fall Weather, Barbecue with Friends

On Monday, June 5th we were up and about around 7:30 and the rain and fog covered the land. It had been a cooler night with temperatures sitting around 46F/8C when we got up. Strange, seems like we’ve had winter, early spring, late spring, summer and now slipping into fall! With the drizzly rain, it discouraged us from any outdoor activity.

I know the bread isn't good but my oh my, I'll make this again
We could vacuum and clean the Suite but first, I wanted to search for something. Funny how things run through your head after experiencing the death of a close relation. When you are caught up in the midst of the ‘after’ steps, as Bill was, we realize that there are things asked for by the funeral home and required by various Government offices. Where is our marriage certificate, Bill asked. Hmm. We haven’t looked at it since selling the house so we began the hunt.

On our drive today, saw all these sheep in the field
Found it, as I knew we would, along with other interesting paraphernalia so now it is tucked away ‘safely’. After doing that, I made up toasted western sandwiches on sub buns and wow, they were delicious! With full tummies, we decided instead of working, to go for a drive. We tooted around for a few hours in Ptooties, just mainly avoiding cabin fever on a dull day.

We were behind a funeral procession and the sheep were very curious at the fence
where they turned into the cemetery
It was fun and, on the way home we stopped at Riverside Fish & Chips in Durham for an early supper. They have once more been taken over by new management and brought back the Alaskan Pollock. It was very good, the prices reasonable and we were home on time to feed Clemson around 5:30 and we didn’t have to cook. 

Part of our drive took us to Wingham
The sun made a few appearances on our drive, which was nice, and the temperatures hit 18C at one point. It cooled off quickly though and we settled in front of the tv until 9:30. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Bill followed around 11.

The Cowbell brewery in Blythe, love the street appeal
Riverside Diner in Durham
And even though the sun made no appearance on Monday,
it gave us a peek at sunset

Tuesday, June 5th we were both awake at 5 and Bill turned the Blue Flame heater up a notch. Yes, we broke down yesterday morning and brought it back in from the bunky. We didn’t want to be using the furnace this week when we could save propane. It was cool again this morning, around 7C/45F and very dull outside again.

Our Jell-o plan last week was to drive to Keady Market and Owen Sound this morning but decided to stay put. I’ll get to Value Village and Bill to Princess Auto another Tuesday. It is senior’s day on Tuesday at V.V. so I like to poke around and see what jumps into the cart. I’m expecting a package today, my Fitbit bands, so have a funny feeling I will need cash to pay UPS. Oh well, the price is still good and I will be happy to have 4 colour choices.

Parcel in the mailbox, no extra charge!
Sitting at my laptop, I was compiling pictures into a folder. At the end of each month, my daily pics get moved into a monthly folder and from there into our Snowbird 2017/18 folder. Everything gets backed up on my external hard drive the same way. With that finished, I began making breakfast. My tummy was crying to be fed. Kind of like the baby robins in our bedroom a/c unit. We can hear them in the morning and then Mama scrambling across the roof to answer their call.

Today, I fried cut up bacon and the last of a package of frozen hash browns before adding eggs. Yum, that tasted pretty good and now we have another little bit of space in the freezer. With the dishes cleaned up, I washed quickly and brushed my teeth. The roar of an engine out on the road, caused me to believe it was UPS. Their trucks are noisy and the drivers step on it in their scurry to deliver the day’s parcels.

a little more stylish than my normal black
Sure enough, he was coming to our place. I grabbed my wallet, expecting to hand over a big chunk of cash but we both realized he stopped at the mailbox. What?? He backed in the drive, turned around and headed back towards the direction he came from. Woohoo!! I grabbed my jacket and walked down to retrieve my goodies. I was so surprised that I didn’t owe any more $. Coming from Amazon in KY, I figured there would be multiple costs tagged on.

My flower box is displaying nicely
I love the new bands with an easy smooth fastener instead of the buckle. Bill just smiles at me when he sees how happy this makes me. Small things, ya know? I clipped on the purple band for today. You know I love choices when it comes to accessorizing. It was a cool walk only 49F/9.4C and the wind making it feel cooler than that. Today, a quick dusting got completed and then I drove into Durham.

We are invited over to our new friends with Rob and Pat tonight for a barbecue. Ellen doesn’t imbibe so it didn’t seem right taking a bottle of wine. I found a couple of little ‘mobile’ things, meaning things they could take in a rv when they go full-time, that I hope they’ll like. Knowing Pat would want to do something similar, I stopped by to tell her what I’d done. We split the difference and are good to go with the gift I bought.

The steps Rob built
I think they will be wonderful!
Back home, the rest of the day went smoothly, just puttering around inside mostly. I had a shower and we were both dressed and ready to go around 2:45. Rob and Pat brought us a camping offering that we hope works well for our Suite. Rob had made steps for rv’s that offer bigger support for when stepping out of the rv and thought maybe they would work for us and help Clemson in and out at the same time. They look great and when we come back from Rock Glen, we’re going to give them a try!

They followed us to Ellen and Scott’s place on Cty Rd. 10. Oh my, what an absolutely gorgeous home these two have. It would be terribly hard for anyone to let go of such a place but their goal is set on full time rv’ing and we support that decision too. They took us on a tour of their cement home with in-floor water heat and too many other features to mention. We hope they are able to sell and move on to the next stage in their life.

this is what the day was like
and then ended with a light blue horizon
Ellen happy in the kitchen
and what a beautiful kitchen it is

Tanner was quite comfy on anyone's lap
What a sweet dog
We had some pre-dinner drinks and then a simple but delicious summer meal of hamburgers, sausage and salads. Ellen topped it off with yummy blueberry pie and whipped cream. Conversation flowed easily and we all had a wonderful time. 

As one person had to move, Tanner got moved around
It is all about the dogs, you know!
Pat, Rob, Scott, Ellen, Bill and I
in the house that Scott built
Thank you to our hosts! By 7:30 we were all pulling out of the driveway and Bill and I followed North Line all the way home, about 10 minutes. We were tired but watched some tv until I went to bed with Clemson at 10. I don’t know what time Bill followed. The video below, if it shows, is Clemson 'stealing' Bill's jacket to make his nest.

Other than a great dinner out, we have had a couple of lazy relaxing days with not too much going on. I hope your days have been good ones too.

Our own sweet pup, all comfortable.
At last, relaxed!
Thank you so much for popping by. I love to read your comments.


  1. Nice once in awhile to have a couple of lazy days. The toasted western looks delicious gotta say! I'm ready for a few cooler days, but looks like it's not gonna happen anytime soon. Love the Cowbell Brewery! Your new fitbit bands fit you to a T :) I have to agree, what I see of Scott and Ellen's home it would be hard to sell (not for the person buying it) I'm thinking it will sell quickly..just beautiful! Love the way Clemson settles into his spot!

    1. Thank you for your comments. You always touch on everything, no scan reading for you! :)

  2. That Clemson - he's a funny boy!!!!

  3. Nice to have relaxing days, and have fun with friends.

  4. We had a wonderful evening having you all over and love the "mobile" gift. Looking forward to keeping in touch and following your blog.

    1. Thank you again for a great evening. We all had a fantastic time. What do you mean you don't cook? :) (I actually know what you mean)
      Glad to have you along and hope you find room for the gift.
      See you soon, we hope!