Sunday, June 3, 2018

Slept In, Acreage Visit with Friends, Drizzly Afternoon, Inside Stuff

On Sunday, June 3rd, we’re glad it is an official ‘day of rest’ because we slept in until 8:30. It was much nicer for sleeping last night, with a bedspread and our Arizona blanket thrown over top. It only got down to 63F/17C overnight and although we didn’t get into bed until midnight, we slept well. We had our hot brews and I worked on my post from yesterday. It’s true, life does go on whether I finish a daily post on time or not!
Driving into the Acreage

Rob and Pat followed us in the GMC
We contacted Rob and Pat and asked if they’d like to come out for a tour of my sister and her husband’s Acreage, 6 km away. Rob wanted to take his beautiful GMC out for a spin so readily agreed. We had breakfast and cleaned up dishes before they arrived around 11. We led them over and Donna, Gerry and Mike were outside to greet us. As they showed them the bunkys/cabins and their ‘new’ fifth wheel, we had no doubt they would like what they were seeing. After a short visit, we said our goodbyes and Rob drove west and we drove east towards home.

Clemson was thanking Pat for a ride in the pretty red truck
Even his Mom and Dad haven't done that!
By the time we got out of Ptooties, the drizzle started. Hmm, that truly puts a ‘damp’er on the day. Inside stuff will get tended to. Bill received a few things as I’d mentioned on Friday but one of the most important was his Dad’s replica model of a sail boat. We believe it was to be the Blue Nose II, a fishing and racing schooner built in 1921 in Nova Scotia. We’ve know it would be Bill’s one day but still haven’t decided the best placing to put her. We need to think about movement etc.

Because of the late night and I’m sure the weather was a factor as well, Bill and I felt draggy and took Clemson up for an afternoon siesta. Surprisingly, to me, I dropped off alongside my guys and we all slept for an hour. The rain seemed to have stopped, and although it was a gentle shower it seemed we got enough to water my plants and flowers. Maybe we’ll get more before the day is over.

Another garden picture, when one things fades out, more plants come to life

And my purple petunia has come to life as I'd hoped it would
Bill had also received many clothes from his Dad’s closets and so we went out to the bunky where he could try them on and make decisions. Keep or let go. Most of the shirts and pants fit like a charm, some were a bit snug but wearable around here. A few were too tight or didn’t suit Bill and went into a giveaway pile while about 5 shirts were kept for a few months to see if Bill drops a few pounds. There were also some pieces of jewellery, namely watches, that Bill was very happy to have.

In between the rains, my garden was proving to be very happy
We came inside as the spatters of rain returned and turned the tv on. An interesting program, Pearl Harbor: Survivors Remember, was on so we sat down to watch it. In the meantime, I was able to stitch a tiny dome fastener on one of my own shirts that I have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks. It’s a lazy afternoon and although I don’t know yet what I’ll make, I have a pound of ground beef out for thawing.

The west sky horizon shows some brightening at 8 pm
I love our cedar rail fencing but even more when it is wet
Everything is so green after a rainfall
Before we knew it Clem was bugging us for his supper and Bill finally gave in and fed him at 4:40. Bill: 0, Clemson: 1 Before I knew it, the show ended and it was 5:30 so I started peeling potatoes and browning the beef. Making things for supper out of your head is always interesting, but I went back in my memory to one of my favourite “Mom” meals. Mashed potatoes, hamburger and onion gravy, steamed cauliflower, corn and Pillsbury crescent rolls.
Love the easy meal but it means a bunch of dirty dishes
Once things were underway, the sky opened up and with some grumbling, we had a brief thunderstorm. No lightning just rain mostly. The good thing is that it was a steady rain which was enough to give everything a good soaking before it settled off. The bad thing is that Clemson chose that exact time to need to go out. Bill opened the door and once the rain blew in on him, he changed his mind quick. Five minutes later, with the awning now out, he definitely needed to go. Smart pup, he went under the Suite to do his business.

I was hungry for supper tonight
To add colour and even more flavour, I cut up little cherry tomatoes on my plate
Supper was ready and we enjoyed a lovely Sunday night meal at 7. Bill was talking back and forth with my little brother, Michael, on text and finally called him. With a new to them 30’ Wildcat trailer, he has some small issues he is trying to figure out. We are so looking forward to see him and Crystal this July for a visit. We cleaned up the dishes and finished watching American Pickers. From this picture, maybe you can guess what town they were in, in New Mexico.

If you guessed Roswell, you 
The rain has stopped maybe for the night but it doesn’t really matter. I took a walk down the lane to add a few steps to my day and came back in and sat with my boys. I was given a picture from a staff member at Rockwood on Friday and I wanted to share it with you. This was taken on the day I took Mom down for her Mother’s Day nail treatment. Aren’t we gorgeous!?

Mom loves to dress up as much as I do!
Another great day, they are adding up for sure. Life is great! 

And a lovely sunset at the Ridge after a cloudy day
Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us. I love it when you leave a comment.


  1. Such a cute picture of you girls.
    I tried to change my picture. Couldn't figure out how. It let me change my profile pic but not the blog pic. How did you do it????

    1. Thanks.
      You go to Design, Layout, Header and click on the little wrench in bottom right corner. Click on the current pix and then Remove picture. You will be offered to Upload a new one and don't forget to save before you exit. :)

  2. What busy day you had, nice to see Rob and Pat got ti are the GMC out for a pin, Rob did a wonderful job restoring it.

    1. A busy fun-filled day even though half of it was inside. Much needed rain for a couple of days, hope you don't get cabin fever! :D

    2. No cabin fever here, more room than our RV and a lovely porch and all the amenities here= perfect.

  3. Love your new header photo :) How special is that sail boat model! It is beautiful! Your garden is certainly growing and everything is so green and beautiful. Your dinner is making me hungry, I used to make the same thing for the kids way back when..You and mom are adorable! Love Rob's GMC!

    1. Thanks Shirley, I like the colours in the header photo. :)
      Bill has loved that sailboat for years so now we just need to find a special place for it.
      The garden is filling in, I hardly need mulch but the black looks nice, I think.
      Rob is and should be proud of his truck.

    2. Thanks Pat for taking us to Donna and Gerry
      What a nice spot they have , but you as well have a nice spot . Both quite different in their own . So happy for Bill that he got his dad sailboat , it’s beautiful his dad done a great job .

  4. Thanks George
    Yes Rob did a great job on restoring the truck I’m sure his uncle Charlie would’ve been happy to see it. Beautiful spot Donna and Gerry have .