Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Working Day, Mixed Bag of Sky, Painting, Trimming, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

We were awake at 5 am, all of us, but I dropped off to sleep when Bill got in the shower. He was going into work today with a couple of orientations, I’m not sure what rv’s but one for sure was a 5th wheel. Clemson and I were up around 6:45 to greet the day and although warmish at 54F/12C, it was cloudy. I knew they were forecasting some sun and clouds today but no rain to speak of.

The day just got better and better from here on in
I made my tea and noticed that our solar batteries were at 11.9. Maybe the fridge kicked in at the same time, but until I was sure that the sun peeking in the eastern sky was going to stick around, I plugged us in for a bit but within half hour, unplugged again. I read blogs and made comments on our friend’s blogs Clemson simply moved from one sleep spot to another and nestled in his bed on the couch. The prime spot for sunshine IF it stays.

Bill and Ptooties leave bright and early
And the sun popped
I didn’t want to waste anytime this morning when there was work to do so headed outside to start weed trimming around the gardens, buildings, fences and the corral. I received my text saying Bill had arrived safely so I was good to go. First off, I needed to fill my weed eater with gas. Because there are a couple or three small gas cans in the shed, I couldn’t remember which one mine was so I had to call Bill. He fixed me up and I began whacking weeds.

From the point of the corral
You might be able to see where I stopped whacking
We can't easily use any mower on the hill so this is
the easiest hard way to do it
Working away, it was about an hour later when the string ran out. Lordy oh Lordy. Not my lucky day! I found the string but had never re-strung the trimmer so again I contacted Bill. Lucky for me, but not so for him, he hadn’t been able to start work yet. Things were not ready so there was a fair bit of thumb twiddling, so to speak. He said it would be hard to explain on the phone so just leave the rest until later when he was home.

This shows it better
the top and sides of the hill are what I cut
the shorter the better, we're hoping the grass up there gives up growing!
No worries, I had visions of painting dancing in my head. I do not like painting rooms or large pieces of furniture or baseboards and I’m not good at painting pictures. However, whether I’m good or not, I do enjoy painting ‘things’. I had a few garden and bunky displays that need touching up and I went ahead and brought out the paints. I set myself up under the car(go) shelter on the table and gathered the 7 things on the list.

Everything laid out ready to paint
The first was the easiest but the worst because I was using the green, non-washable Tremclad paint for Gecko #2. You’d think I would be fine, but no-o-o. I managed to get it on my hands, my fingers, my forearms (from leaning on the table) and I have yet to look at my face. Egads! I also needed the green paint for Daddy’s sunflower leaves. Eventually, I moved on to the more detailed plaques and Fagan. For these I used small tubes or squeeze bottles of acrylic paint that I’ve collected over the years.

Things all brightened up and drying
A few of these had either frozen over the winter, they were stored in the bunky (hmm, not a great idea) or they’d just plain gone hard and usable. No worries, I have lots and this way I can figure out what is still good. It was the perfect day to do this, not too hot or cold and not too windy. I worked away thinking it was late in the day to find it was only around 1:30. I hadn’t eaten yet so when I finished those, went inside and made myself a tea with a bite to eat.

tomorrow morning I should be able to finish this part
The grass is longest here but with renewed energy, look out!
Now time, to see how clever I can be. I went back at the trimmer and managed to get the string on so I could work at some more weeds. I was feeling rested and it still wasn’t an overly hot day. Pretty much perfect for these little jobs. I tuck my phone in my back pocket so I’ll feel it vibrate in case a text comes in or if my sweetie calls. With the machine running and the protective ear covering, I wouldn’t hear it.

Our rusted butterfly, with some sanding and an improvised coat of paint
I did really good and patted myself on the back by the time I ran out of gas again. I wasn’t discouraged but it was a subtle hint to stop rimming for the day. If it doesn’t rain in the morning, I’ll finish it when I’m fresh as a daisy! I put it in the shed with the gloves, muffs and my hat and checked the painted goods. They were dry so they got placed around the area, in their respective spots. I wanted to try the hammock in a different spot this summer because of over-congestion by the bunky so pulled that over and assembled the ‘bed’.

Not a lot of shade but it seems to fit there nicely
This may or may not work better, but without our patio table, it was an empty space here and shaded somewhat in the later afternoon. Our friend, Gerry H. should be comfy here, he is the only one besides Bill, Clemson and I to use it. Oops! Nope, Chelsea and Olivia used it too! Sorry, girls! It is waiting for you again. I pulled my seat cushion out of the bunky too and it is on the wrought iron bench for ‘two people to curl up on”.

A different flower picture today
One last thing before I stopped and that was to sweep the bunky. It was pretty disgusting and has been a bit of a collection point for things right now. That will be a project after we return from our camping trip. I’m not sure if I’ve told you that we are pulling the Suite out on Sunday and going to our Home park for a little over a week. Should be fun because we have a few friends there and Rob and Pat are going with us in their fiver. Woohoo! We missed camping with those two last winter.

My garden addition, "Ellscott"
I read that if your gnome was a gift, you should honor the generosity with a namesake
At 4:30, I was really done working but feel really good about what I’ve done today. I grabbed a water from the fridge and settled outside with my laptop so I could write this post. Because there are still traces of the little flies, I lit a Citronella pail candle beside me. It seems to have worked. The clouds have moved off and I’m quite warm sitting here. That sun feels so good, maybe our heat is returning! Yay!

citronella candle is keeping the flies away
I fed Clemson at 5 and decided to light another small fire tonight. I thought wieners (over the fire) and mac and cheese sounded good with some Caesar salad. I only had some cheddar, yogourt and walnuts earlier. Around 5:45, I could see that the fire was good and hot. I don’t know whether to cook the wieners over the coals or over the flame, all that childhood knowledge is gone! So, I did a bit of both.

I do know that I need some wire coat hangers to cook them with next time
 By 6:15 everything was ready, not necessarily at the same time. That is difficult to do with only one person but it tasted pretty good! I’m not thinking about carbs tonight and I must say that the Kraft dinner was a treat. The all-beef (well, we know that isn’t entirely true) wieners were Red Hots and had a bit of a bite to them. Not enough for someone I know, he’d be adding suicide sauce. Right, George?

It was a great supper
The 3rd dog is for our dog
I gave him half of a wiener tonight
As I was sitting at the table eating, I noticed that I had company for dinner. And I so totally wasn’t prepared and started eating without her! See for yourself in the following pictures. Obviously, she is heading up the hill still trying to find that soft spot to lay eggs. Before cleaning up dishes, Clemson and I took a walk down to the end of the lane way. I didn’t need the exercise today, already having covered 5 ½ miles with my walking and trimming.

Here she comes, up over the hammock base
up past the bbq table
under the Suite to rest by the tire
at the bottom of the hill
I'll have to check for a little hole in the gravel
Mrs. Yertle had huddled under the Suite when we left. When we returned, she was at the bottom of the clothesline berm and then she disappeared. 

are you coming, Mom?
Clemson appears worn out, moving from his bed to our bed to Dad’s recliner but has yet to pull our Arizona blankets down. I have the Fantastic Fan running to cool the 80F Suite down and it has worked. The batteries are still sitting at 13.1 at 7 pm and the inside has cooled down to 76F. It is still 71F/21C outside and that is awesome!

Everything back in place

As I’m finishing my post, I wait to hear from my sweetie. He will still be working since I haven’t heard a peep all afternoon. These things seldom seem to be on time and he just goes with the flow. There isn’t much you can do when it is out of your hands. No wonder we are so strict ‘on the clock’ in our home life. It is nice to have order here for sure.
Fagin from Oliver Twist
My sister, Gayle, hand painted him and gave him to me when I was a teenager
My paint job is not as good but I think I brought him back to life
with a new face lift!
Daddy's sunflower is bright and fresh again
Just don't look too close
The fire has died down and the sky is completely clear of clouds. With a nice breeze, I will soon close the windows and keep the remaining warmth in for the night’s sleep. I won’t need the heater tonight, only going down to 10C. this has been an awesome day and sorry for the long post. 

Hmm, first time we've seen the geese swimming with their babies
Is this another family? I only see 3 children
I'm either confused or at the very least concerned
If you look close you can see Momma up in the rushes
while Dad stays on guard
I’ve witnessed many birds, including Momma Robin on the roof to feed her babies, the Goose family came up the lane to say hello, a snapper crossing the lane and don’t forget Mrs. Yertle who missed supper. I hope you have had fun too! Bill called at 7, just finished work and was heating up his supper. I can relax now too.

The sun dropping behind the tree
Thank you for popping around today. I believe our ‘almost summer’ weather is back. Thanks for commenting if you choose to, I love reading them.


  1. Busy day. Great job with the weed whacked and we love the name you gave the gnome. .. and the turtle. Have a good night.

    1. It was busy so hopefully today won't be quite as much. Just a bit to finish this morning.
      I had to name the gnome so your names went together perfectly. :)

  2. What a fun day enjoying the outside weather and getting things taken care of. More wonderful weather to come again in the near future.

  3. You are a busy girl!! I never thought of repainting my garden art. Great idea to freshen things up!!

    1. Some things look okay in natural colours but these things were fading to the point on no recognition!

  4. I am absolutely crazy about the flowers you painted! The colors are so pretty. Love your daddy's sunflower too :) You certainly got alot accomplished! Your dinner looked awesome, every once in awhile you gotta have a hot dog it looked perfectly cooked! Your flowers and everything just look so good!

    1. thank you! A close up look shows they aren't perfect but neither am I! It's garden art! :)
      I didn't know if Daddy's sunflower would paint there was so much paint chipping off. From a distance it looks wonderful!

  5. I've been behind reading blog posts so am slowly catching up. We seem to be busier than I prefer - this is retirement after all, right? On the other hand sometimes being busy is a good thing! I am way behind on my own blog and hope to post an update in the next day or so.
    You are a pretty resourceful gal - repainting all of your garden art, what a great idea! Everything is looking so nice under your watchful care! I'm not sure there is anything much better than a good old hot dog cooked over a fire. On the grill is good, but that open fire is tops in our book!
    As always, I enjoy following along on your daily events.