Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Laundry, Lawn Maintenance, Shopping with Mom, Cooling Off

I know I slept well as I woke up later on Tuesday, June 19th at 7:15. Hmm, I remembered being semi-awake when Bill let Clemson out for a piddle at 6:45 or so but it was a very restful slumber. I had gone up to the bedroom last night at 10 and watched a new program until 11 when Bill retired. Staying up that late is not my norm, for sure. I wasn't surprised that I'd slept so late.

Nice looking sky today
We both got up and made a coffee and tea in our to-go mugs. The laundry just needed to be loaded into the Rav and we drove to town together. Bill helped load the 4 machines (lots of dirty clothes this week!) and then left to run some errands around Durham. I read the flyers on the bulletin board, as per usual, and read a few chapters in my book. The 4th of July by James Patterson, in case I hadn’t told you. It is a good one.

Bill returned with only 10 minutes left on the washers and with the basket full of damp clothes now, we stopped briefly at Rob and Pat’s. After waking with them next door to us for 8 mornings, we felt the need to say “good morning” in person. Ha ha, there was also another purpose for our stop. Back home, I hung the laundry and Bill hopped on the mower to finish the grass cutting.
I used the picture from yesterday, since I didn't take many today at all
It was only 10 so I got my mower out and cut as much as I could in half hour before the battery sounded fatigued. It didn’t get charged after I cut the last time, over a week ago so I wasn’t surprised. I cleaned up and changed to go and visit Mom. There is a vendor, Geri Fashions, who brings clothing into Rockwood for the residents and I’d never taken Mom down before. She was asleep on the bed when I arrived but was delighted to be woken up.

Mother Goose and a couple of babies rush down the laneway ahead of me
We went down to the auditorium and there was a very nice selection of everything they would want. I told Mom just to look and see if anything appealed to her. She surprised me by choosing some pants, some tops and a comfortable looking lounge set. By the time I needed to take her to lunch, she had switched to asking the prices but I kept her mind off that as much as possible. It will be nice to make a switcharoo in her closet, out with the old and in with the new. Except for her favourites. 😉

There was no hesitation, even though I was driving really slow
I left her at her dining table and went back to take care of the bill. The ladies put the items into a bag with Mom’s name and they will be labelled accordingly before placing them in her closet. It was easy to tell by the look on Mom’s face, which ones she would wear and which ones would be a waste of money. We saw Rob and Pat down there as well with Aunt Mary who enjoys choosing her outfits as well.

I stopped at the Rethreads store in town and dropped off the box of donations I had leftover from the yard sale. Then it was homeward bound where Bill had finished the lawn cutting and was into list-making for another project on his agenda. This is a beautiful day, a lovely 70F/21C. Perfect for whatever you wanted to get into. I can’t finish the lawn until tomorrow when the battery is fully recharged.

Before I trimmed, I couldn't see the laneway from this vantage point
Since we hadn’t eaten, Bill made himself a toasted tomato sandwich and I toasted up 2 crusts left in the loaf. Yes, it is bread but I spread butter and sugarless homemade jam from a local on the pieces. That is my justification for toast and jam. We have unplugged from power as the sun is prominent enough today to keep our batteries charged. I made a quick phone call to Old Joe’s Cabin in Walkerton making a reservation for dinner tomorrow night. More on that tomorrow.

Bill and Clem were ready for a snooze. They walked to the mailbox together and Bill said Clemmy was quite playful outside for half hour. Probably wore his little 13 yr. old body out. The rest of the afternoon went smoothly, I concentrated on my book and Bill puttered around on his planes and other small projects. At 4 I brought the clothes in off the line and we took turns putting them away.

And I was getting close to the end of my book
and not budging from this comfy spot
I finished the mystery and filled Bill’s empty hangers (he’d purged his clothing a week or so ago) with the shirts that he’d selected of his Dad’s. I’ve jokingly told him that I shouldn’t be seeing him in the same shirt day after day after day. Men, I’m thinking they’re all the same, tend to wear the same thing over and over which just makes a ‘dirty’ shirt that much more difficult to get clean in the wash. Anyway, he doesn’t need to do that now.

This blue sky on the horizon never changed from mid afternoon to early evening
The clouds weren't moving either
At 5:30 my hunger bells were going off so I asked Bill to light the Weber and I prepared some potatoes in butter and foil for grilling. We have a 3-pack of small pork loin chops that are thawed and we can share. A bit of mixed veggies on the side will make for a good supper. The clouds have moved in but it is still a very comfortable 70F, so not much change in the day at all.

These clips are fun to watch
If it were a movie, you'd get the full action of their playtime

He circles Bill and barks at him
with his hearing loss, we wonder if he hears himself :)

I think it is safe to say that Clemson won this one
When they were done, he gave his Daddy a kiss
This has been an enjoyable day. I had fun shopping with Mom, actually helping her to spend some cash. Mom is forever under the illusion that she is outside the door to the ‘poorhouse’ with one foot about to step in. For most of her life, with Daddy, they struggled to make ends meet. That is what she remembers and is always concerned with cost. Today, we stepped away from the door and added to her wardrobe.

Supper was good
After supper and dishes, we watched some tv together and I chose my next murder mystery to read. I’m going to try Bad Guys written by Linwood Barclay, it looks like a good one. Bill put the riding mower away in the shed and we decided that the bunky doors and windows could remain open. There was no rain in the immediate forecast. I finished my post and relaxed with my sweetie.

A picture perfect evening
I hope yours was a fun day too. The humidity is gone and the air has cooled down considerably. We are still enjoying these very beautiful days. Thank you for reading and for any comments you wish to leave.


  1. Awwww love to see puppies play!! What a good daughter you are!!!!

    1. Sometimes our old pooch turns into a playful child. :)
      Thank you! One thing I know how to do is spend money on clothes! Even if they aren't for me!

  2. Nice to get things taken care of, and caught up there at the ridge.
    Wonderful to take your mom shopping right there for some new clothes.
    Always enjoy a good Patterson book, and the weather quote comfortable as well.

    1. Things are getting back to normal up here, a bit more grass maintenance today.
      I enjoyed the time with Mom.
      Yup James Patterson knows how to tell a story. Lindsay Boxer had me enthralled. :)

  3. Your place is so beautiful.
    The visits with your mom remind me of the special times I spent with my mom at the nursing home. Miss her every day.

    1. thank you Loree. I'm not looking forward to when Mom is not around so glad to have these memories for sure. :)

  4. What a sweet story about taking Mom shopping. My mom was the same way, always lived like she had no money and was saving it for us girls for when she was gone. Love the pics of Bill and Clemson, look like two kids playing! Dinner looked wonderful too!

  5. It's fun enjoying these bright, sun shiney days. Although it's going to
    be in the nineties here in Central Calif and 100 later in the week.... Ugh!
    Will you be returning to Arizona in the fall?

  6. Always fun to get new clothes. My mom was the same about money. She always felt she was broke when she wasn't. It's wonderful you can see your mom as often as you do. Blessings.......Elva Shannon

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