Sunday, June 3, 2018

With a Push and a Ride, the Jobs Get Done, Cooler Refreshing Day, The Fab Four

It was not a good night sleeping for me mainly due to my own laziness. Remember the bedspread covering story? Well, who knew that last night it was going to drop down and produce a cool night for sleeping. The duvet would have been nice. However, all I had to do was get up and slip some pj’s on and it wasn’t until 3:30 or so that I finally gave in and did that. I know I didn’t get any more than likely 5 hours of sleep if that and for me, whoa!

A gorgeous day
Anyway, we got up within 20 minutes of each other on Saturday, June 2nd, me lagging behind. Bill turned the furnace on so it would come on and warm the Suite up a bit. We had our tea and coffee while catching up on friend’s blog posts from yesterday and then Bill went out to start cutting the fields, the corral and the berm behind us. Once I finished my tea, I, also, got dressed and went out with my push mower. It was only 50F/10C so quite a change from the past week, but a great day to cut grass.

Sitting in our king chairs and I looked up
My areas got done within an hour and it looks great! Instead of using my weed whacker/trimmer, I used my gloved hands and pulled some grasses and weeds that were too close to the hostas and Bridgette’s Bloom (Corabelle) around the property. I never knew that was another name for them but now that I do, I will use it and spell it OUR way. I finally got the pile of rocks moved, some to the driveway and some to the other side of the Restroom.

Looking lovely again
This one area in the front field is often wet
It was dry enough for Bill to attempt it with the rider
Needless to say he got stuck and had to push it out!
I think that was enough for today. Nothing says I have to do the top of the corral today, so I’ll leave that for now. I put the mower and gloves away and just relaxed with Clemson outside. Bill finished cutting and then after a bite to eat for lunch, proceeded to weed whack around the fence line, gardens and buildings. He does a better job at that, much more stamina than what I have for the job. I sat outside and read the flyers and it was beautiful, bearable sunny day. With little or no noticeable humidity, it felt great on my skin.

The geraniums along the front fence have bloomed
Inside, I had a yogourt and a couple of pieces of cheese before cleaning up my nails. They were so bad! Tonight, or late afternoon actually, Rob and Pat are picking us up for another fun evening at Casino Rama. We are going to have an early supper and feed Clemson around 4 to be ready for our ‘taxi’. 😊 I am excited to see The Fab Four tonight, loving Beatles music since their career began. I’ve chosen what I’m wearing and when my nails are completely dry, I’ll hop in the shower before Bill comes in for his.
I'm not the only one enjoying the day
Sitting on the dock of the bay, er, pond
Bill closed his eyes briefly while I wrapped the leftover pizza in foil and lit the Weber. On low, it heated up nicely. Bill isn’t crazy about pizza the way I am and although admitted it wasn’t too bad, only wanted one piece. Miss Piggy ate the last 3 pieces. Gerry needed to borrow a level for a job they’re doing at the Acreage so he arrived after Bill and I finished supper. I was just finished getting dressed when Rob and Pat drove up the driveway.

Clemson was watching one of our resident chipmunks race and hop
around the front lawn
This guy, on the edge, looks like a mini helicopter
It was shortly after 4:30 when we had Clemson fed and loaded into their car for the drive to Orillia. It is a 2-hour drive but there was lots to see and conversation, as always, was a comfortable flow. Sandra and Bill were just finishing up their meal in the restaurant and joined us in the lobby. With a nice greeting, we split up to go and spend our allotted $20 in the Casino. Bill and I weren’t thinking and forgot our player’s cards. Duh!

My, we clean up nice!

Don't we?


Casino Rama entrance
We each had fun, up and down for 25 minutes with our cash and walked away after only losing $10 each. Better than we’d prepared for! The seats we had were in K section, almost the middle, and they were great! 

The Fab Four sounded just like the Beatles and even the Host “Ed Sullivan” had us laughing with some very familiar traits from the 60’s. We had a great time, knew every song and sang along.
"It's going to be a really big shew"
Hope this video plays so you get a taste of 1964

We thanked Sandra and Bill for acquiring tickets for us, yet again, and Rob drove us home. It was midnight when we crawled into bed. Clemson was sound asleep in bed and didn’t hear us come in. He minded the house well. 😊 A wonderful day!

Bill, me, Bill, Sandra, Rob, Pat
And a very good night!
Thank you for popping to have a read. All of your comments are appreciated.


  1. Nice picture of you two and a beautiful backdrop! Oh yes, the Beatles, that brings back sooo many memories. You have some nice friends and the group picture shows you had fun together.

    1. Thank you, Marlene. I like the picture as well so it is now my profile pix for a while. :)
      Yes, the Beatles and the screaming girls. Wish I could have seen them in person but this was second best. Our friends are wonderful, I agree!

  2. Great pictures! I was always listening to cowboy music. I didn't see the appeal of the Beatles until I discovered I had a few of their albums ... much later in life. Sounds like it was a fun time!!