Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Spring Morning on a Summer Day, Laundry on the Line, Favour for a Sister, More Reading

On Tuesday, June 26th when we woke up, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Bill got up first around 6:45 and was up to stay. He opened blinds and turned the furnace on for a quick boost. It was a chilly 9C/50F overnight and about 15C/60F inside. Bill made my tea and that encouraged me to crawl out from under the warm covers. I made the bed and joined him for our morning brew.

sitting in my recliner with my tea and my book
apparently, I was in Clemson's sunshine
I quickly caught up on a friend’s blog posts from the last couple of days. We may just make it to the end of the month on our wifi allotment. Although it does mean that I’m not keeping up to date on everyone’s daily posts nor making comments. For that I apologize but hopefully will catch up in July. Bill started working on yet another project while I drove into town with the dirty clothes.

It didn't take them long to dry today in the warmth of the sun and the breeze
You can usually count on about an hour; 10 min. into Durham, 35 minutes to load and wash, 5 or 10 minutes to semi-fold in the basket, 10 min. home. When I got back, I hung them on the line. Apparently, I needed to give my head a shake (or in Pat’s case – an elastic) because as I was hanging, I thought of the bath towels and mat I’d washed. Oh-oh, they weren’t in the basket! Crap, at the last minute, I’d put them in a 3rd washer by themselves. Of course, they were still there, small town, low usage.

Clemson followed me around Gayle and John's place
while I watered her gardens
After retrieving those I finished hanging and Bill and I drove to my sister’s place, CedarHaven, and we watered her vegetable and flower gardens. It is nice that they have a couple of hoses already hooked up, so we just had to turn a tap on for the sprinkler on the veggies and I walked around watering her many many thirsty flowers. 
Did I say ‘many?’ The hose reached and I gave them all a good dousing. 

"did we get these up here, Mom?"
It may rain tomorrow and they may get some as well so things look good until they return home. We drove back home and Bill and Clemson curled up together on the bed. Time for a snooze, I guess! From that point on, a few jobs were taken care of. I had picked up 3 grown Jack-in-the-Pulpits from Gayle that she had left for me. So, locating a spot for each one, I planted them and blended Miracle Gro with water from the rain barrel. 
The hose reached these too
There was ample today to fill my watering can 3 times. As the poets say, “thrice!”
I watered our vegetables and then the potted flowers. When Bill got up, he disappeared into the storage shed and worked on a wash stand that he is building. This is going to be a nice addition to The Ridge. Another thing that he will be writing about, when it is finished. 

Gayle's tomato plants are big but I'm glad she didn't ask
me to weed for her
There wasn’t much else on my agenda so I got my lounge chair and cushion out and relaxed with my mystery. It is so good and very hard to put down. Clemson remained outside with me for the afternoon.

We were enjoying the day together
After I fed him at 5, he went up to the bedroom and fell asleep on the pillows. I brought the clothes in off the line and put mine away. Clearing a space on our bedroom dresser, Bill was able to bring his Dad’s sailboat in from the shed. He’s afraid that it will get bumped while sitting on his bench and hence, damaged. Now, it can sit inside for the period of time that we are stabilized here.

this is a good spot for it
At 6:30 I lit the Weber and got the burger patties, bacon, cheese and buns ready. Bill did the grilling while I sliced tomatoes, onions and got the pickles ready. It will just be a single burger for me tonight but Bill will use the buns as they were meant to be used with a double. Supper was another simple one but one burger is always filling enough with pickles, lettuce and tomatoes that we don’t need a salad on the side.

More pictures from Gayle's pond
I wish ours was this clear of weeds
 We cleaned up dishes and discussed tomorrow’s schedule. The Rav4 a/c hose could be clogged as water seeps into the floor on the passenger side. Bill was able to secure an early appointment with Exeter Toyota tomorrow. I’m just trying to decide if I tag along or let Bill go on his own. I’ll decide before I go to bed tonight. If it is going to be a wet day, I may as well go for the drive. It should be a quick fix, we think.

I'm glad I saw these herbs and spices on her deck
Because there could be some overnight rain, we closed sheds up and put the chairs and cushion away. That’s usually when nothing happens. 😊 We watched some tv and I read more of my book. This has been a pretty quiet day but we managed to get the laundry done and another project near to finished. I hope yours has been a good one. Time for ice cream!
And I'll end with a better view of Bill's Navy flag
Good night!
Thank you for reading today. I appreciate your comments.


  1. What a beautiful ship. And such a treasure indeed. Is it all handcrafted or was it assembled from a kit? I have a similar one from a dear friend who has since passed on.
    Another very enjoyable blog entry.
    Don in Okla.

    1. Thankyou. Bills Dad made it from a kit many years ago. We want it to 'travel' with us so need to figure that out. 😊

  2. Nice to be enjoying this good weather and some quality reading done. Now maybe some rain before the heat wave arrives for the weekend.

  3. Ice cream!!! Yum! That Clemson is a snuggle bunny like Cooper. Beautiful ship ... I wonder if there isn't something you could "sink" it into ... a base that would be wide enough to keep it stable when you are moving down the road. Looks like it was a beautiful day!!

    1. Black cherry ice cream!!!!so creamy.
      yes we are trying to figure something out for safe travels rather than leaving it behind.