Tuesday, November 27, 2018

And Winds Abate Again, Suite Clean, Horseshoe Challenge Among Friends, Donations

I was awake and ready to get up 6:45 but waited the 15 minutes until 7 on Tuesday, Nov. 27th.  With my leg stretches done, I crept downstairs to open blinds. We had both been awakened at 12:20 and then at 3:40 when Clemson hopped off the bed to go out. I think someone’s tummy is upset, this is quite unusual for him. I’m grateful for Bill, as he is self-nominated to take him out through the wee hours.

can you say 'Beautiful!' ?
When I peeked out the window and couldn’t see the branches on any trees moving, my heart skipped a beat. I looked across the room at the weather station and it showed a big fat ZERO for wind speed. It doesn’t take much to excite me as I got my runners on and slipped out the door. The air was cool though at 57F/14C. I know that doesn’t sound cool to the folks back home in Canada but our bodies are now accustomed to 75F/23C.

Before I get too far, did anyone see that moon last night?
Bill tried to get pictures for me. Here it is just a wee ball
with a large glow
And then it rose and was huge!
Just like the Great Pumpkin!
I took a bag of 3 items of clothing to donate to the ‘free table’ in the clubhouse so walked those up first. I don’t want to carry them with us for the rest of the winter and my ‘clothing exchange’ girls have seen a couple of them before anyway. The trick for me is to get things out of the Suite once I decide I don’t want them before I change my mind. I walked up and down every street in the park this morning and it was a workout for sure. I was good and well-warmed up when I returned.

My walk this morning was peaceful and beautiful
Clemson got up within minutes of my return and Bill followed soon after. Rob had just returned from a walk himself when I was out with Clemmy. We had our tea and coffee together while reading blogs and I’d felt hungry upon my return, so cut up a Honey Crisp apple. Pat and Rob discovered these years ago and I’ve never tried them although I know George and Suzie also enjoy them. They are very nice, pricey but nice for a change.

I made us omelette sandwiches for a change this morning and after cleaning up and a discussion about hair and craft products with Rob and Pat, Bill set to cleaning the remaining west-facing windows on the outside of the Suite before the sun hit them. I shooed Clemson up to the bedroom and removed mats to start the floors. I was just going to sweep but decided to wash them as well, since we had free water here.

I climbed the hill beside the office
Bill moved from the windows to cleaning out the ‘garage’ or ‘basement’ as some people call it and then tiptoed the perimeters inside to relax for a bit while the floors dried. I made a coffee, biding my time and looked up a recipe for supper. I’ve planned on a Sausage Casserole so Bill doesn’t have to barbecue. I took a walk up to the clubhouse once more with some of the soda water that we had in the Suite garage. We'll never drink it and hopefully someone else will make use of it. 

And from the top, I could see over the park and beyond

Look at the windows in this home on the hill

I remember seeing this tree last year
Not sure what it is but the bark is incredibly interesting
Bill was outside reading while I put the casserole together. I covered it in Saran Wrap and put it in the fridge. Nice to know supper is ready to go in the oven. I joined Bill and soon enough, around 2, Rob wandered over and said “Well?” Oh yes, I had challenged him earlier to a game of horseshoes. “Let me finish this page/chapter”. Bill and I donned our ball caps and Rob carried a comfy chair up for Pat.

The park begins to get into the season
(love the footprints)
Pat isn’t a fan of playing the game, her right shoulder isn’t what it used to be, but she loves to watch. She was our support and was very happy to sit in the shade while Rob and I started first. I’m pleased to report that I beat him……not by a lot but by a few points at least. It was a great game and a very close match. Then it was up to Bill to put me in place and he sure did with a win. Rob and Bill finished it off and  even though Rob and I got a few ringers, Bill turned out to be the big winner today.

There is some serious stuff going on here

It was fun and we all agreed, dusty and tired, to go back to our place for Happy Hour. I made myself a Vodka Caesar and we sat outside in the sun and shade and enjoyed the next hour and a half together. The quail came down the hill on queue and the little grey chipmunks were soon to follow. Bill accurately tossed some peanuts to feed them and we got a kick out of watching the chipmunks stuff their cheeks before running to hide them.

Pat even got a picture of yours truly in the play
We came in about 4:15 and I popped my casserole in the oven for an hour. That was easy! With 10 minutes left on baking, I placed the last 4 crescent rolls in the oven and pulled the salad out of the fridge. The smell was amazing and we both enjoyed this meal very much. There are leftovers too and the fun part is that we could eat this for a breakfast meal as well and still have leftovers for a supper meal.

I really was pleased with this dish tonight
With dishes done, I finished my post and sat with Bill to watch some tv. There are reruns on a few shows so I’m not sure exactly what we’re watching other than The Voice. This has been a fun day. I enjoyed the walks and the horseshoe games, not to mention more fun times with our friends, Rob and Pat. I hope you’ve had a great day as well.

Cheers from the Shadows!

And from the Sunny corner
Have a great evening!
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  1. Hey Bill...saw on Facebook tonight that our CLC Bush passed away. So many memories of a time long ago. Glad all is going well for the three of you. DEBRA

    1. Thank you Debra. Bill was sorry to hear that and thanks for letting him know.
      We are enjoying ourselves for sure.

  2. Sounds like another wonderful day. Nice photos I especially liked the first two.

    We are doing our best to get out of this cold, cold place. Fingers crossed everything falls into place and next week is when we escape.

  3. Thankyou!
    That's exciting!
    Travel safe, thinking of you two often.

  4. Lovely early morning photos. Sounds like you all had a great day. Nice you had no wind for a change

    1. Thank you. It was a fun active day for all of us. The wind comes and goes so we are happy campers!

  5. Another fun day, its been a while since I played horse shoes always a fun game. Nice that the wind let up a bit for you, keep having fun.

    1. It was fun and good exercise to play horseshoes. The wind gives us a break up here, seems like 2 windy days and 2 calm ones. The sun is always shining in our world no matter what. :)

  6. Love the pics and the fact y'all are in shorts! Dinner looked awesome, could totally see that as breakfast..now I"m hungry!

    1. Ha ha thank you. Spending the winter in shorts, no better thing! :)

  7. I'm just going to sit here and look at the pictures of you in the warm sun. It's freezing!!

    1. You must have a nasty cold front coming through. I hope it warms up soon for you!

  8. Looks like you had a fun filled day with Rob and Pat.
    Hoping to be able to join you guys in the warmer climate by next week.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hope things work out for you and you can also get where it is warm. Travel safe!