Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Beautiful Day with No Wind! IHop Wishes Fulfilled, Oatman, Quick Dip

We were awake and up out of bed before 6 this morning, Wednesday, Nov. 21st. Bill had taken Clemson out about 5:40 and I was ready to get up anyway. It had been another night of crazy weird dreams. We were dressed and having a coffee and tea by 6:30. When mine was done, I noticed with delight that the wind was literally non-existent.

A few pictures of my morning walk
the sun did its number and made things come to life
A couple more hilltop homes going up this week
the one on the left always appeals to me when i walk here
I love the staircase
I put my runners on and my sweatshirt and went for a nice walk. It was 8 when I left the Suite. Today, I walked along the wash to the east, up over the street bridge and back again. It felt like I’d walked for ¾ of an hour so headed back thinking I should get back to make breakfast. In reality, I’d only walked 30 minutes and when I got home, I remembered that we’d planned to go out for breakfast. Duh!

At 9:30 we hopped in Rob’s truck and he drove us to I-Hop just around the corner. Bill and I had never eaten here and we were very pleased with the many many options on the menu. 

We'll just have to go back so I can try the Bacon Temptations Omelette
Even Grinch green pancakes, shakes and probably green eggs. 😊 I chose the 55+ Scramble and got 1 sausage, 1 egg, hash browns, 1 pc. bacon and 1 buttermilk pancake. Wow! All for $7.59 and it was the perfect amount of food.

Rob is happy to bring us to IHop
For starters, the coffee was good!

Bill's 55+ 2 - 2 - 2 meal

Looks like a lot of food but it was just right to last me the
whole day
It was so very good!

We left there and drove to Oatman, always a fun drive and a fun day. We’d never been with Rob and Pat so it was another great adventure together. We walked the town down and back and then Rob drove through town towards Kingman. Down the winding 2 lane narrow road, of which much (if not all) was Route 66. We stopped a couple of times for pictures and once at Cool Springs Museum on the highway.

We enjoyed Oatman with Rob and Pat
On the way back home, Pat and I got into the giggles. I’m not even sure what started it but it was a fun drive with Bill and Rob pretending not to know us. We hadn’t even had any good stuff to drink, yet!! Pat likes to watch a program on tv so we were just on time for her to do that, Rob was going to sit and have a tea with her, Bill poured himself a diet ginger ale and I changed into my bathing suite and walked up to the pool at 3.

One of the main reasons we go to Oatman
the baby in the middle and bottom right is 1 week old
and her name is Opal
She is so soft and sweet
Apparently I'm not the only sun-worshipper
At Sitgreaves Pass elevation 3550'

There was another couple going back and forth from pool to hot tub when I arrived and I basically followed suit until I settled on the lounge chair. The sun was nice but at that time of day, not as hot as I like it. Plus, there was one wispy cloud which played havoc with my sun-worshipping time. I only stayed about 40 minutes before walking back home. I made myself a blueberry/strawberry tea and took my laptop outside to write this post. The day is certainly not a disappointment, the wind has not returned at all.

The drive to and from Oatman
Interesting that standing where I was in the top right hand picture
California, Arizona and Nevada were all visible to me
The bottom left was the cap on a pipe Rob found
the bottom right is where we turned around at Cool Springs Museum

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving dinner at the clubhouse and everything in town will be closed. Depending on how busy it is, we may be doing a few loads of laundry in the early morning so I have time to make my glazed carrots. I’m never too confident with a ‘new’ dish especially when I’m making it for others, so might have to throw a backup dessert dish in the works for good measure. Just to be safe.

I had to laugh at the way they spelled Picnic

I sat outside until Bill joined me around 5. It was time to light the barbecue. We grilled 2 pollock fillets with onion, butter, olive oil and spices in a tin foil pouch. 

Bill reads while supper cooks
It took about 20 minutes and they turned out perfectly. I prepared the salad and we were eating by 5:45. Dishes were cleaned up and I got my way with the tv for half hour when I wanted to watch the new Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special. It has been years!

Good thing the plates were colourful because the meal wasn't
but the fish and salad tasted great
Tonight, would just be catching up on some of the recorded programs from the last 2 nights so we could watch them anytime. It might be a good idea to save some for tomorrow as well, since it will likely be a dud night for tv. This has been a fun day. I hope you can say the same.

I watched the moon in the east change through the evening
and the sunset in the west at the same time
good night!
Thank you for stopping by to see what we’re up to.


  1. Always a fun drive to Oatman, the baby burrows then driving the old road and the cool springs museum, Nice to see you guys having a great time together.

    1. Oatman is a yearly visit for us when we're in the area. love it. This was the youngest burro we've ever seen. She was adorable.

  2. What a great day you all had..gotta love Oatman and that area! Love that you and Pat got the giggles..sounds like kids in the back seat! Cute..Breakfast looked delicious. Dinner may not have been colorful but still looked good!

    1. It is a great area with lots of things close enough to do.
      It was pretty funny, one of those pain in the side laughing sessions. :)
      We enjoyed the day and the food!

  3. I love love those burros and Oatman is a fun little town. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope your carrots turn out better than my pie!!!

    1. The burros are adorable. The little baby just sat and soaked up all the attention with Momma close by.
      thank you for the wishes for my carrots. Today, we'll find out!

  4. Thanks for the memories of Oatman. We really enjoyed it there and need to get back for a 'burro fix'! The little guys are sooo cute.