Saturday, November 17, 2018

Our Quiet ‘Before we Move’ Day

After being in bed and off to sleep last night by 10:15, Bill and I both slept in on Wednesday, Nov. 14th until 6 and 6:30. I was up first and felt that it was a wonderful sleep. Perhaps we are getting back on track. I opened the blinds to complete darkness with the exception of a man walking to the washroom behind us with a flashlight. I made my tea and sat at my laptop and examined last night’s pictures.

Some straggler pictures of beautiful Jerome
The top two show stairs at The Sturgeon's House
The far top picture used to be under-stairs storage now barred off
A painted mural inside drew our attention as if a sad child was hiding there

A cute cafe with ghostly table decor
Our guys wait for us with hot chocolate :)

One last Jerome collage
The rest, you have to see for yourself! It's worth it!
I’m missing the connection with our blogging friends, not knowing where the travelling ones are. It isn’t life or death and we’ve proved we can pretty much live without the ‘reception’. Almost but not quite. It will be nice to catch up on Saturday since we are moving to another ‘non-service’ location after we leave here. Suckers for punishment, I guess but we didn’t know this was a ‘no-fly’ zone, so to speak when we booked in.

Just some pictures of Page Springs RV Resort
because I didn't get any other pictures
Bill joined me with his coffee and our lazy pooch kept the bed warm until 7:30. Bill asked me a question that I wanted to find an answer to (the answer coming from Donna, back home) so I walked up the hill with my Samsung. Huh! Isn’t that a bummer! No mobile service anywhere. I walked all around the park and up on the hill, down the road etc. etc. but nothing. Frustrating for sure.

Rob enjoyed walking along the river too
Back at the Suite, I stripped the bed and walked it behind us to the small but adequate laundry room. Oh! There are books in here too! I loaded the 2 machines at a sweet $1.25 with our sheets and bath towels and then perused the books. I found a new James Patterson and a couple of others that looked interesting.

I was going to sit and read, waiting for the wash but when I saw the ever-slow water trickling (I’m almost not kidding) into the machine, I soon decided my time was more valuable than that. I walked the 50 steps back home and began making bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was almost 9:30. Bill popped over to check on whether they speeded up and both loads were within minutes of being done so he put them in the dryer.
The back view from the park of the Up the Creek bar and grill
As he emptied, another full-time rv’er from AZ filled them up so a popular spot this morning. After eating, Bill did the dishes and I gathered our clean laundry and we made the bed together. One can do it, but it is much easier and nicer with 4 hands. The next job, seeing as how it was going to be a mostly cloudy day, was to vacuum top to bottom and Bill took care of that.
The river reminds me of some back country bayou
He moved on to removing window screens and giving them a good cleaning while I washed the windows and ledges inside. As he put the screens back in (this is a thankless task and the air was blue) I washed all the mirrors in the Suite. Bedroom closets, over the bed cupboards and the bathroom mirror. Everything looks spic-and-span now. If it is nice when we get to our next destination, we can wash the outside windows too.

Bill had a snooze while I wrote more on my post. I took Clemson for a short walk and at 1 pm we drove into Cottonwood. Bill wanted to top up Black Beauty’s fuel and we wanted to pick up butter (forgot it the other day), milk and a few other things. While there, I communicated with Donna back home about the delivery of my Blurb book. There was a bit of a goose chase and she has tracked it down. It was delivered by UPS to the Ridge and tied in a bag to the gate post. My oh my!

There is something calming about a small river like this
 I was worried and in a bit of panic that it had been sent back so I’m quite relieved that it has been ‘found’. Donna will be going to see Mom in the morning and will drive out to retrieve it. Fingers crossed that it is waiting there for her! Bill and I had some cheddar cheese for an afternoon snack and we cracked open a Seagram’s cooler. We’d decided on a quiet Happy Hour today, watch some NCIS reruns and then Bill put the satellite dish away.

I had a couple of post cards ready to send back home to Mom and Marilynne so asked at the office where to leave them for pick up. I was stunned that her answer was “we don’t allow residents to put personal mail in our mail box”. I’d never heard of anything so silly, “the park doesn’t accept responsibility for what is being sent”, so I walked up the hill to the restaurant, spoke to the Chef and he allowed me to place them in their mailbox. What a nice guy. He also invited us to use their internet service. A bit late for that, but appreciated all the same.

Beavertail or Prickly pear cacti on the rise across the river
Supper was pork chops and beans, a change of pace yet something simple. The Weber Q could also get packed up tonight leaving very little for moving day. The day has turned into a beauty with the temperature reading 64F at 4:15 and no wind whatsoever. The sunset tonight won’t be anything compared to last night’s but it is visible to the west between our trailers. It has been a nice quiet day here which is nice before moving on.

5 separate water rushes
So pretty
Thank you for stopping in. Hopefully, we will soon be connected and back in contact.

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