Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Around the House Day, Dip in the Pools, Jell-O in Action, Happy Hour

Bill and Clemson woke up at 5 to meet nature’s call on Tuesday, Nov. 20th. I heard them and then dropped right back off into a very deep dream state for an hour and a half. They were both still in bed when I woke around 6:30 and Clemson was on top of the covers, smack dab in the middle of the bed. Obvious that it was a perfect night for sleeping with no heat necessary. We like that.

So, we got up around 6:45 and had our morning brew. I realized that I didn’t finish my blog post for yesterday so instead of walking, worked away at that. Around 9 we walked over to visit Rob and Pat to discuss the winter. We had some hiccups in our original travel plans regarding the park we want to go to next. Because some of our AOR and Coast to Coast membership parks are under the CRA (Colorado River Adventures) umbrella, there are rules.

This is the kind of day I wanted for a dip in the pool
We knew we couldn’t move from one AOR to another after 14 days without being out of the system for 7 days. No problem. What we didn’t realize was that you can only stay in a CRA park under either AOR OR Coast to Coast and the first stay of the calendar year determines which you can utilize for the remainder of that year. So, for eg., Bill and I stayed at Yuma Lakes in January 2018 under AOR (Adventure Outdoor Resorts). That meant we could only stay in any other CRA parks for the rest of the year under AOR.

We’d booked to go from this (CRA) AOR park to a (CRA) park under Coast to Coast. They called yesterday and informed us that we could not do that. So! Jell-O jiggled. We also could not go directly from here to there under AOR without having 7 days grace out of the system. Hmm. Jell-O was making waves at this point. We called Rob and Pat after receiving this call so they were on board with the issue as well and could think about options too.

This morning, things are settled, we now have new plans for the next 2 months and that is a-o-k by all of us. I made Bill and I some bacon and eggs with crescent rolls for breakfast and after dishes Bill moved outside to do some ‘truck’ things including vacuuming it out. I showered, wiped cupboards down and then shook and replaced mats after he vacuumed inside. The Suite was looking better and we had the afternoon for our pleasure.

and that is what I did
The temperature is already at 72F/23C at noon hour. Even though windy, it is warm. Just gorgeous! After their lunch, Pat and I went for a walk around the park. It is nice for me to have someone to walk with when Bill is busy or just doesn’t feel like walking. I don’t ‘need’ company but I rather enjoy it sometimes and I think Pat likes the opportunity too to get some walking in. When we returned, I changed into my swimsuit and walked up to the pool.

No one around, not surprising with the wind but it didn’t deter me. I placed a lounge chair at the east corner facing the southwest sky with the wind at my back. I slipped easily into the warm water. Yes, it probably felt cooler because of the strong winds but it really wasn’t. If you kept under the water, it was very refreshing. I swam around for 10 minutes, kicking myself that I didn’t bring my pool noodle (next time), and then stretched out on the chair with my book. The sun felt wonderful.

Rob and Bill walk up to the front office
to secure our added 5 days
It was probably about an hour and a half before I saw Bill and Rob walk up the road to the office. They were paying for our extra 5 nights and when I saw them walk back, I got dressed and followed them home. It was Happy Hour, after all! We invited them indoors and we shared some fudge and cheese with our drinks. Our sites are in shade in the later afternoon and we didn't want to have to put extra clothes on to sit outside. When they left at 5, Bill lit the Weber to grill the chicken thighs.

I prepped our garden salad inside while Bill cooked. I could smell the chicken through the open window and realized that our snack this afternoon didn’t ruin my supper. I was hungry! Bill tapped on the window to tell me that the Gambel Quail were making their way up and over the hill behind us. We’d just been talking about them, how we hadn’t seen them for a couple of days. Rob, Pat and Bill were outside watching them and following their path.

It was a nice supper, the chicken was perfectly done
This is our busy night for tv so Bill set up the programs, that we wouldn’t be able to watch, to record on our PVR. They start at 6 MT and 8 EST so we shouldn’t miss any this week. I had 4 more crescent rolls from the Pillsbury pack so cooked those to have with supper. They are always a nice treat as we don’t have them often. Supper turned out great. We cleaned dishes up and without waiting, decided to have our ice cream right away. Hmm, better add it to the grocery list. I actually prefer the White chocolate raspberry swirl to the Rocky road.

I missed the sunset but this made up for it as I looked to the southeast
I’ve enjoyed this day. It has been a day to get things done around the place including some walks, some cleaning, some reading and spending time with friends. I am especially pleased that I was able to get to the pool for the first time. You all know that I’m a sun worshipper so with some sun screen on hand I should be able to get a lot of use out of the pool over the next 10 days. The hot tub is great too.

Thank you for stopping in today. I do love to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. You really need to keep an eye on the rules the membership parks have, constantly changing. But we can always change things and them work out eventually I am sure you will enjoy your time there with the heated pool.

    1. Yes, we didn't know much about CRA rules but we're catching up to them now! :)
      I love this park anyway with the nice pool and activities. Thanksgiving dinner, puzzles, line dancing etc. etc. :)

  2. Sometimes it's nice to just stay put and enjoy the days. Too chilly here for swimming. Enjoy the sun!!

  3. Hi Chillin’ Patsy-

    It’s good to see that you are finally into some warm temps.

    The reason for this note is to let you know that tonight on the Hallmark channel they will be showing a movie titled CHRISTMAS AT GRACELAND. Since you were just there I thought you might want to tune in. Here in Chicago it will air at 9:00 PM.

    Enjoy the nice weather & the pool !

    -Chicago Robert

    1. Thank you Robert. We wanted to check that movie out but we don't get the Hallmark channel. :( I'm hoping we'll get to see it sometime.
      I appreciate the information and the comment.

  4. Rules can be truly confusing at times. Glad you got that all straight. Enjoy the sun and the pool over the next number of days. Dinner looked wonderful.