Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends! Taking an Idea from Someone

On Thursday, Nov. 22nd, I slept in a bit longer and didn’t get up until 7. I could see a bit of morning light coming through the edges of the blinds in the bedroom. I got dressed, came downstairs and opened the nighttime blinds and sat at my laptop. I was debating going for a walk because at that time of the morning, it is light enough out for me to feel safe.

One of my favourite entrances to a park
With plans in place to do the laundry this morning, it had been a couple of weeks since we'd done it, I decided to wait until later. As it turned out, when we drove up at 8:30 we were smart taking care of it on this holiday. Everyone was taking it easy this morning and no one was around. We chose 3 washers at $1.75 each and sat with our books to wait for the 30-minute cycle. When we transferred clothes to the dryers at $1.25, I suggested that Bill go back home and return in 45 minutes. He likes to have hangers for his shirts so he could bring those too.

Just a selfie showing you the new sign

After he left, I took my phone and walked out to the park entrance on Bullhead Parkway. If I’d had my walking stick I would have climbed one of the hillsides to get a better view but instead I stayed ‘grounded’ and took pictures of the flowers and scenic view from there. I popped into the clubhouse to check the time that we were to show up for dinner and saw that there was a Social at 1 and dinner at 2. We’ll go up about 1:30.

The view of the mountains is crazy pretty
Pretty bougainvillea
Back home and with clothes put away around 10:30, I tended to my washed and peeled carrots. Slicing them into small pieces, I prepared the whole 2 lb bag instead of the 1 lb. of the recipe. I doubled the ingredients and hoped it would meet the required ‘enough for 8 people’ serving. There looks to be 47 people signed up for dinner……so far. More travelers arrived with rv’s while we were at the laundromat so there could be more arrive.

A close up with my phone camera
Since it was late morning, we just had a couple of pieces of toast and jam or peanut butter in Bill’s case. Bill had his shower but I felt clean enough that a wash was all that was necessary. Today, when I woke up it was already 58F but the sky was completely cloud covered. I was happy to see that changing when I was walking, grateful for some lovely sunshine on this holiday. Before too long, it was a balmy 75F and again no wind.

I mentioned in the title that I was ‘taking someone’s idea’ and I am going to do that. Our friend, whom we met for the first time at Quartzsite last winter, wrote in her post about things she is grateful for. I loved that so I thought I’d mention a few things that I (we) are grateful for as well. It isn’t our Thanksgiving, being Canadians, we celebrated ours on October 7th. The date changes since we always recognize the holiday on a Monday. Sharing in two celebrations is already a blessing.

then I saw this weed thriving in the sand

How cool that it is called Sand Verbena
What am I thankful for? My blessed life, mainly being healthy and able to do the things I never thought I’d be able to do. Our family, we have 6 amazing children (and their spouses) and 9 beautiful grandchildren. We have 8 siblings between us and their spouses) and 2 loving Moms remaining and I am grateful for the blessings they have all received as well.

18 reasons to be grateful, right here
I am thankful for Bill, I could ask for no better partner in life. We blend beautifully. Clemson, our first pooch (and possibly our last) is the best little dog we could ever have had. I feel blessed for our friends near and far and especially for the connection we have with our dear friends, Rob and Pat. Were it not for them, yes, we would still be here, but we would not be making this same journey. 

It would be different, less ‘special’ and we would not be seeing the same things. We are making memories together.

one more
and still one more
We cleaned up the few dishes after my carrots were prepared (they didn’t really ‘glaze’) and I pulled out plates and drinks for the coolers to take up to the clubhouse. 

No wind today for the most part until late afternoon
when we had to pull the awnings in
Then I got cleaned up, dressed and I popped next door to check with Rob and Pat about the time we were leaving. Pat asked me to cut their large pie so I cut it in 16 or 17 pieces. I believe in spreading the ‘wealth’. We walked up at 1:15 with our goodies and found a table for 4 near the window. 

A nice setup for our dinner
Dinner was ready, buffet style, at 2 so we got in line early. There were a lot of choices from turkey, ham, mashed, scalloped and sweet potatoes, green bean, sweet potato, carrot and celery casseroles. Of course, gravy, cranberry sauce in 3 variations, jellied salads, raw veggies, devilled eggs and olives and beets. As I said, lots of choices. My oh my!

during dinner a C-130 came in for  landing at the airport across the parkway
On my walk this morning, this guy flew in for a landing too
We had our fill, snapped some pictures and then acquainted ourselves with the dessert table. Lots of choices there too. I am always drawn to desserts with chocolate but actually enjoyed best the dessert that Lorine recommended called ‘tres leche cake’. It was something I never would have sampled, not being a big lover of cake products unless they have the word ‘cheese’ in front of the name. This cake was delightful! 

Pat and Patsy

Our 'dates'
Bill and Pat didn’t try it at the meal but there was enough left over that Pat brought 4 pcs. home for tonight’s snack instead of supper. We wouldn’t need much after that feast. Back home, Bill and Clemson settled inside and I went out with my book and chased the sun for a while. I wasn’t surprised to see Rob doing the same thing on their site since our patios only offered shade. At 4 o’clock we both moved inside our trailers. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Bill and I to you and yours
I turned my recorded This Is Us program on and Bill went upstairs to watch one of his favourite shows. The nights cool down here pretty quickly and after 5 pm, it is pretty dark outside as well. No early evening walking for me, that’s for sure. We had our cake and a piece of pumpkin pie around 6:30 and relaxed for the remainder of the evening. Oh, we did take Clemson out for a walk together just after 8. Hoping to tire him out. 

Bill has caught up on his blog too so you can check his post(s) out here.

And a nice picture on our way back from the clubhouse at 3 pm
Thank you for reading and I hope you have had an awesome Thanksgiving day.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Looks like it was a nice potluck at the clubhouse. Somewhat sad we missed it this year but we did have a nice gathering. 16 of us went into town to the golden corral which is not my favorite but today it was excellent. see you soon!

    1. Same to you, Lori. We have good memories with you guys. 😘
      Nice to hear you had a good time too.

  2. Hagen Daz has Dulce de Leche ice cream. Yum ... give it a try.

  3. Clemson is thankful to have such a nice family too!

  4. Sounds like an awesome day! I had a great T-day here in Apache Junction - potlucks are the best!!

    1. I'll bet you had a wonderful time. Nice new experience for you!

  5. What a dun day and great feast you had, and the warm sunshine amazing as well.

  6. Two Thanksgivings! You are blessed for if we really need an excuse to enjoy a delicious meal eh? We had a sunny day here in Southwestern Ontario as well but the high was far from the 75 F that you guys had. I must say that any November day in Ontario that has blue skies and no snow to shovel is fine in my book. Happy 2nd Thanksgiving sis. Big hugs to all 4 of you!

  7. We are indeed blessed. 😊
    It was an awesome meal and we laughed a lot. Glad your weather was an improvement from the previous day. Stay warm sis! Hugs back at you!

  8. Wow, your cellphone (or is it you!) takes great pictures!
    What a nice meal you had, and with great friends as well!
    Check the markings on the C130's. Last year the Canadian Armed Forces landed here many times. Training I suppose. :-)

    1. thank you, maybe both? :)
      It was a great meal and very colourful on our colourful paper plates too!
      I should have had my zoom lens on to see the markings. We loved watching them fly over.