Friday, November 30, 2018

Last Day in This Paradise, Puzzle and Craft Fun, Dinner Out

On Friday, Nov. 30th I woke around 5 but dropped off until just after 6:30 when I got up for the day. This will be our last full day here this year and it is looking like a good one. It is a cloudy 58F/15C now and not a drop of a breeze but to the west, the blue sky is pushing through the pink clouds. With a forecast of 19C and full sun, I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.

the wash from yesterday works well
 Bill got up soon after but Clemson slumbered on. I went for my walk and remembered that I wanted to show you something from yesterday’s pictures. I forgot to include them in my Thursday post. When we came back from the early casino run, we noticed for the first time, here, the wash doing its job. There is a sign at each end warning that in case of a flood you are not to enter. In other words, use your head, it is more powerful than you’d think.

you can see how it rushes through
This morning, the wash was clear of water but the puddles gathered at the west end were confirmation they got rain.  I could sure smell it in the air and rising from the damp sand. It seems unfair for us rv’ers to pray it doesn’t rain on our parade, when they need it so badly here in this part of the country.

The clouds to the east gives the impression of a cloudy day
Back at the Suite, Clemson still wasn’t up and didn’t budge until 8 for his first nature call since bedtime at 10. Good dog! The house on the hill is really coming along now and I’m glad they’ve recovered from the wind damage. Next year when we come back, it will be interesting to see its progress. There still seems to be only a couple of guys working on it but I’m sure they’re grateful for the calm days too.

The house of the rising sun?
I had a nice walk and met a couple of friendly pooches. One black and white bulldog named Leah (Laya) as in Princess. Her owner, a tall muscular guy, said ‘oh yah, she’s a princess alright’. Too cute, macho men and their dogs with sparkly pink collars. She didn’t need her leash, she doesn’t make a move without her owner…………. And she didn’t. I neglected to get a picture of this sweet dog.

and to the southwest, it is clearing
there are so many places to walk in this park, if you are curious

And soon enough, only puffs like these were visible in the sky
Bill and I had our tea and coffee together and read blogs. I read a few last night since we have so many gb left to use up by the end of the month. End of today. I hope to get some postcards written today and then we’ll have to buy some stamps to mail them over the next few days. Also, a couple of birthdays this coming month to remember. With the mail strike back home, I think I mailed one early, just to be sure it arrived on time.

This is all that is left this morning of yesterday's rain
I had a banana after my walk, feeling a bit hungry when I returned and they are starting to get soft. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and we decided that we didn’t need to do any laundry before leaving here. I was going to wash a couple of our scatter mats but we can wait until we get to Lake Havasu City and use the one near the park on L.B. Road. Bill wiped the Weber Q and trays down so I went out and washed the small patio tables and our chairs as well.

Bill relaxes with his coffee for a while
I swept inside the Suite and got rid of a lot of small gravel and stones that tend to find their way in on our shoes somehow. Our awnings always seem to make a terrible noise when we pull them in if it is cool so Bill sprayed the arm hinges, which is where the noise is coming from. In and out, in and out, ah that sounds much better! Clemson and I sat in our chair together for a while before retreating inside for a coffee. Me, not him.

Pat and I finished the puzzle
So pretty and worth finishing
With plans for Pat and I to paint rocks while in Lake Havasu City, I gathered up the paints that I have and put them all together in a bag. I should probably invest in a few more bottles, Pat says they are very reasonable in Walmart. We’ll see how good these are, they were starting to dry out the last time I used them. I made Bill a coffee as well and we had a couple of Nutter Butter cookies for dipping. Clemson doesn’t miss a trick, he got a cookie too, dunked.

I took a pack of 4 cookies over to Pat so they can have a couple each with their coffee break. We all deserved a treat with our break today. Last day of the month and this will be our last day in this Paradise. In some ways that is sad because we're not going where we'd first planned. Pat and I are going to participate in the Arts and Crafts this afternoon with Debbie. That is something that Pat loves to do so I’m going to try my hand at it too. I’ve never been too ‘crafty’ so stay tuned to see what I can create!

Debbie helps Pat make decisions about lights in her wreath
At 1 Pat and I walked up to the clubhouse and worked on the puzzle. My favourite lady, Bev, was playing Christmas tunes on the organ and teasingly told us we had to finish the puzzle before we left tomorrow. Alrighty then! So, we worked away at it, chatting all the time. We figured out the confusing border and managed to get the last pieces put in place. Yay! We walked back to our sites and agreed to meet up again after a tea.

I read outside for a bit and at 2:40 the two of us went back to take part in creating something seasonal. Debbie put out so many wonderful things. We could make small or medium wreaths, we could make large candy canes, we could paint or colour canvas pictures. 

Two young gals were painting and colouring on canvas
We each chose a small wreath and she helped us choose tulle and get started. I was very impressed with her selection of supplies. I had no qualms donating $10 for what I would need for my wreath.

I was being crafty!
This is only a fraction of the materials Debbie offered us
For 2 hours, Pat and I worked with the tulle, ornaments, pipe cleaners, lights and wire frames. Bev sat beside us and offered opinions. She has been with the park since 1996 and loves being a part of it since she's lost her husband and can no longer travel. She has a permanent site and lives in a motor home at the entrance of the park. Bev kind of latched on to me today and I gratefully accepted a hug goodbye. I hope she’s still here when we next come to Ridgeview RV Park. She is a sweetheart.

Bev and I get cozy
I’m tickled with what I made and was happy that Bill also liked my non-traditional Christmas wreath. In 12 days, I can hang it. 

We proudly show our wreaths
They'll look much better hanging rather than in front
of our patterned clothing
This was fun!
It is kind of hard to see the silver drum and flower in the middle
but my little red bird stands out
Back home at 5, we got cleaned up and Bill drove us all into Bullhead City to the Black Bear Diner for supper. This has been planned for a week and it was a good decision and a nice way to end our time here. We started with our drink order and that was either water, tea and/or milk.

Newspaper or .........


2 pieces of pollock, fries and coleslaw
Oh and 2 hushpuppies
Quite a good meal!
For our entrees, we all ordered the Friday night All You Can Eat Fish Fry. We didn’t order this for the ‘all you can eat’ part but rather because it was the same price as basic Fish and Chips. She brought our meals and then brought 3 or 4 more pieces of fish to the table. Because we didn’t ask for it, she asked us if we wanted to take the balance home. Crazy nice! I could only eat one of my 2 pieces of pollock so added those to the container. Now we all have leftovers.

Preparing for sunset

Back home, we said our 'good nights' and because it was the last day of the month, I took Rob over his Christmas Advent calendar. I bought one for each of the ‘boys’ so they could start them tomorrow. Of course, they have to share their chocolates with us. We are all packed up to leave in the morning with the exception of the satellite dish and as we don't have far to go it doesn't have to be an early departure.

and the sunset tonight left this portrait behind
Gorgeous for our last night here
good night from Ridgeview RV Resort

We’ve had fun today and even better, we’ve had great times this past 2 weeks here in Bullhead City. Thanks for taking the time to see what we’re up to today.


  1. Don't you love it when you "click" with someone like Bev. Hope you have safe travels tomorrow.

  2. Nice to get you last day wrapped up with a tasty meal, Travel safe to Lake Havasu and say Hi to Rose and George for us.

    1. Yes, it was a great last day, since there always has to be one! Or there wouldn't be any 'first' days. :)
      Will do, George!

  3. Just doing some catch up reading and it sounds like you all had a couple of fun days. Pretty wreaths you and Pat your little red bird.
    Dinner at the Black Bear Diner sounds and looks good. Have a safe travel day and do not forget to wave hello to the

    1. Thank you Deb. Making the wreaths was fun. You and Pat would/will hit it off. You are both 'crafty' people. :)
      Dinner was good and fun. We not only plan to wave to the Hand.......we hope to camp there if there is room. Yay!

  4. I love being crafty. Your wreath looks very cute ... and painting rocks? You will be surprised how it passes the time and you get to hide them to boot. It's the little things!! Safe travels to your next destination.

    1. Yes, I get that you are very crafty too. I'm a beginner in some ways but having fun. You are right, the little things pass time and are fun to do.

  5. I enjoy the pictures that you take while on your walks....I remember walking some of those same areas with you last year and seeing the some of the same sites. Safe travels today.

    1. Hi Doh. I think of you often on my walks. Maybe another year, you can join us in another park, closer to Yuma! :)

  6. Oh I love both of the wreaths! You both are crafty for sure! How sweet is that pic of you and Bev, good place for her with people coming and going. What a sweet thing you are with the advent calendars sure the "boys" will love them!

    1. Thank you, the wreaths turned out really well. Bev is adorable, she is in the perfect place. I think she is 94 and is really a goer.
      The boys, Rob especially, loved his advent calendar. Had never had or seen one before. :D

  7. use oil paints for the rocks i assume?!

    1. There you go! Shows how 'not' crafty I am, I don't know what kind of paints they are but I'm thinking they are acrylic. Just cheap paint and then we spray them with clear to protect them.

    2. I guess that's why I was thinking oil, didn't remember the spray..I love what you do with them!

  8. Lovely wreath, it will always be a reminder of this visit. Glad you all enjoyed your two weeks there. Now for the next adventure.

  9. Love the wreath. You did an excellent job. I enjoyed the post, thanks for sharing. Safe travels.