Thursday, November 8, 2018

(Back on Line so Let's Catch Up)Time to Roll the Wheels Again, Sunny Moving Day to Texas

First things first. Thank you to my amazing computer tech hubby who fiddled around this morning with my laptop and got me reconnected. Yay!
It was around 6 when Bill and I got up on Tuesday, Nov. 6th although Clemson had opted to hop out of bed half hour earlier. Bill got up to see if he wanted out but no, he jumped onto his bed on the couch and proceeded to go back to sleep. He must have been too warm up in bed with us. We had our coffee and tea together and I read a few blogs on my laptop. Bill had to check them on his phone instead.

It was a beautiful morning to get up and get moving
We had a bite to eat, we were washed and ready to pull out of the Casino lot by 8:30. Bill and Rob took advantage of the hookups and both dumped our gray and black tanks before hitting the road. Bill also added some fresh water, enough to get us through the night. It was 51F and sunny from the time we left until we reached our destination 233 miles later. The temperature rose gradually throughout the morning.

Caught this mural on the overpass
We knew where we were headed, having camped overnight here in spring of 2017 so Bill led today. We hopped back on I-40W and it was clear sailing and driving for an hour and a half before stopping at a Love’s for fuel and a pit stop. This was a nice station as we were able to get into the regular pumps and take advantage of the cheaper rate of $3.289/gal. We pulled around back and enjoyed a coffee that we purchased inside.
Howdy, Texas!
Altogether, we discussed our route and the change that Bill and I made. Our original stop was not the one we had stayed at so exchanged information and got back on the highway at 10:30. It was now 65F and warming up quickly. As we entered the expansive state of Texas, it was 11:20 am and we were at an elevation of 2,687’. We were all enjoying the minimal traffic, great driving weather and roads.
Familiar Texas sites
We stopped for a brief break at the beautiful Texas Safety Rest Area. This one is familiar as we pulled in here on our first year of travel to the southwest. It is very pretty and the views out behind the building are gorgeous. I walked around with Clemson and took a couple of snapshots while he sniffed and snooped. Since it was 12 noon, we delayed long enough to eat our lunch before getting back on the interstate.

Always lots to see as we travel
Train for Dad, red earth, Clemson loves to travel
Etobicoke, Ontario trucker, cotton fields and bales
It was 1:15 when we took Exit 76 to the Texas Travel Information Centre and pulled into one of the numerous rv spots. Parking close together, we were comfortable opening slides on both rv’s. This is a nice spot, well taken care of with very friendly, helpful staff. They do offer free wifi but you need to be indoors in order to take full advantage of it. That is typical and there are lots of comfy places to sit inside for this purpose. It is also a tornado/storm shelter, but I don’t think we’ll need to worry at this time of year.

this is a nice spacious Welcome centre
Top left is our location
and views I saw walking around the lot
Pat and I walked into the centre and picked up a few post cards and pamphlets, basically goofing about. When we came back to the units, I sat outside in my shorts for a bit until everyone joined me. We had a nice sunny corner where we were quite private and had a quiet Happy Hour together. This is the life, I tell you. At 5 we split up and I came inside to warm up chili for supper.

Howdy Pat, Pardner!
Quite the decor in the washrooms/storm shelters but it is actually very nice
Bill found a few tv stations and watched some news across the country. Of course, the big news is the election so he found an old favourite game show and we watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy from programs in the area. For supper, I heated up the chili and I actually ‘buttered’ some celery with peanut butter on the side. Maybe that doesn’t sound great together, but it was fine. Bill chose to have a couple of slices of bread and butter with his.

And for you nature lovers, look at these beautiful oak leaves!
 When dishes were done, I closed the outside door and finished my post. The rest of the evening was quite with our books. This has been a great day, getting one step closer to Arizona. I hope you have had a good one as well.

And we wasted no time in getting our chairs out to relax
It was quite hot in the sun - Yay!
We are just here for the night and I thank you for popping in!


  1. Is that your generator on your back end? Do you worry about having it stolen?

    1. That is our friend's rv and genny. He has it bolted in plus locking mechanisms that they can't get it by cutting chains.

  2. Peanut butter slathered onto celery is old hat around our house.

    1. Yum. It used to be Cheese Whiz as a kid but I don't eat that stuff anymore. :)

  3. Nice to see you back on line again and moving right along. Enjoy the nice warm weather. Peanut butter and celery is a favourite of ours too.

    1. Bill shuddered when he saw it. He's a funny guy because he loves p.b.
      thank you, we are enjoying the sunshine for sure!

  4. Between the lines I can tell you guys are having a blast and experiencing a vacation on a vacation feeling. That travel center is a super stopover to be bookmarked. In thoughts I'm with you and wish you a great time. Keep the pictures coming.

    1. You are right, this is a hoot and it has only just begun. :)
      It is a great travel centre for overnight if you are ever looking. And easy to get to.