Thursday, November 29, 2018

Plans for a Quiet Morning, Wait!...... Goodwill Hunting, Classic Car Collection, Gambling, Dinner

I got up at 6:45 on Thursday, Nov. 29th and it wasn’t raining so after putting our vitamins in the daily pill dispenser, I went for my walk. It was 55F and the winds were at 1 mph. I knew the forecast was for the sky to fall (so to speak) so I was grateful that I could get out and about the park before that happened. With the exception of one up by the office, I covered every street in the park.

The lower structures of this house are going up and I could
hear a couple of workers up there on this calm morning
As usual, I stopped in the clubhouse to check on the puzzle and was pleased to see someone else is stepping up to the plate and helping out. I put a few more pieces in and headed back to see if my sweeties were up. 

I think I take a picture of these rocky steps each year
but this is the closest I've got to them
They were, and Bill was at the table with his coffee so I joined him with a nice cup of tea and creamer. Clemson had gone back to bed. We read some blogs, checked our data usage and laughed at the amount we have left for these last 2 days.

The sky was gorgeous this morning
'Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning'
Bill hopped in the shower and then we made another hot drink and took a package of 4 warmed cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Pat asked if I got a picture of them, but no, we all dug into them before I even thought of it. Wow, they were a nice treat for a change. We ate them with a fork, if that gives you any indication how ooey, gooey delicious they were.

A cholla cactus near the laundromat
Pat had plans for the morning and shared them with the rest of us. Of course, I was totally on board with going to the Goodwill Thrift Store and the guys had promised to take us before leaving the area. Woohoo! They dropped us off and drove on to Harbor Freight, such a hardship for both of them, and returned within the hour.

Not quite sure what this one is
This one is called "Metal Saguaro"

Getting ready for the season
everyone has their own way of decorating and their own way
of securing their satellite dish

Don't get excited, it isn't real
but it's pretty cool in the light of dawn
Us girls enjoyed walking around the store checking things out and I tried a few things on. Most, other than a couple of things, were left behind. Let’s just say what I did buy is encouragement to lose some of my belly fat over the next year. We’ll see how that goes. I was quite surprised when I checked out that I had picked up a gray ticketed item, meaning it wasn’t $4.99 but instead $1. Even Clemson lucked out with a new Christmas stocking since his felt one fell apart last year.

This one should last him for a long time
I need to affix the applique from his old one
to make it complete and 'his'
The boys were in the parking lot when Pat and I walked out and we headed back home for lunch. We just snacked in our Suite and I think Rob and Pat snacked in theirs before we met at 1:30 and drove across the river into Laughlin, Nevada. Bill and Rob wanted to tour Laughlin’s Classic Car Collection at the Riverside Casino. 

There's my girl, waiting for me
Pat and I took our Player’s Cards and did a bit of gambling. I was doing pretty good on the penny machine, up and down a bit for over half hour. I didn’t walk away with anything I didn’t go in with but I had fun.

I knew there would be a rainbow when I saw the sun immediately following the heavy rain

And I was not disappointed
There was a double one on display and it was brilliant from tip to tip
but no pot of gold today
When the guys joined us, we decided to accept Pat and Rob’s offer to share in the free dinner buffets they received for registering. Buy one get one free. It was only 3 pm so Bill drove through Laughlin along the west side of the Colorado River and around to the backside of the gambling city. It was raining and windy but we all enjoyed the views before heading back home to the park.
The rains were hesitant when we drove over for supper
At 5 we met again and went back for supper at the Casino. Bill and I had eaten there last year with Donna and Gerry and you can’t go wrong when 2 people can dine for $15.95. 
We asked for a table near the windows

and we couldn't have had a better view
It was a great meal and although I had too much food on my plate each trip to the buffet, I only ate what I liked and was happy to try a few new foods. Who knew I’d like artichoke salad? We tipped the waitress and after a leisurely hour and a half, drove back home.

Looking across at Bullhead City

But I feel like we're on a Caribbean island instead
The food choices were phenomenal
and our waitress was awesome too
The rain had stopped and it was a mild night of 62F/17C. We said our goodnights and came inside to read and I finished today’s post. It was a wonderful day from beginning to end and we shared a lot of laughs. 

Have a good night
from us here in Laughlin, Nevada
and Bullhead City, Arizona
Rob and I can banter with each other all we want but Pat and Bill win the prize for teasing each other. Rob and I just sit back and laugh at the two of them. At one point, walking across the lot to Black Beauty, Pat came close to being thrown in a puddle. A little puddle, since she is just tiny. We do have fun. I think I’ve said that before!

I hope you had a good day. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. What a fun day you had. A good thrift shop and a delicious buffet.
    Sounds like a ideal day.
    We are finally getting lots of rain after a long dry summer, so
    your day sounds better!

    1. It was a fun filled full day. Should have been a Friday, another 'f' word. :)
      Glad you are getting rain needed. Tomorrow i'll have to post the pictures of the water in the wash here. We've never witnessed it before. i forgot to tonight.

  2. Always nice to have fun with those guys and glad you enjoyed the buffet and car show there for the guys always fun times.

  3. Sounds like life is great for you all. Keep enjoying each day to the fullest.

  4. I probably would have gone to Harbor Freight! Ha!!!
    Love Clem's new stocking!! Hope Santa fills it to the brim!!

    1. Yes I could see you doing that! :)
      Santa is usually very good to Clemson.

  5. What a wonderful day you all had! The buffet looks awesome, you just gotta do that once in awhile! Sounds like Goodwill was a good one. Love his stocking, too cute! Sunrise pics are gorgeous!

    1. The buffet was great but we're glad it is a rare occasion! :)
      Clemson loves his new stocking and goodwill was fun. :)

  6. It looks like you are all having such fun together....4 great people. I really like that area.
    We are in Roswell, New Mexico today for 2 nights at Bottomless lake State Park. Pretty windy drive today but Ron did a great job. Hopefully we can catch up soon!

    1. We are having a good time! Nice to hear where you are, we have all been wondering how to contact you. Bill texted you this afternoon at supper. We love Bottomless Lake S.P. hopefully we can get together soon!