Sunday, November 18, 2018

Best Views, Burro Sightings, Bill Williams Overlook, Wayside, Supper Treat

I woke at 5 again on Friday, Nov. 16th but still felt it was a great sleep. We were both in bed by 9:30, lights out. I crawled out of bed around 6:15 as I wanted to see the sunrise this morning. Not sure exactly where it would pop but I wanted to be prepared. The prelude was already beautiful with splashes of pink across the easterly sky. Bill reminded me how much further south we were so the sun would rise differently than at home.

It wasn’t making an appearance yet so I decided to step back inside and wait a bit. I glanced at the west mountains and caught a glimpse of this beautiful dark brown and white burro. I quickened my step inside and switched out for my zoom lens. Oh, he is so beautiful. Bill joined me and we were tickled when he bellowed “good morning, Canadians!”. We’d never heard them call out before. In answer, a young burro from behind our Suite called back in a gentler reply.

Don't look at the dirt on our nose but the reflection instead
Pat and Rob joined us outside to watch their slow, leisurely trek across the terrain. We made plans with our friends to take a drive and see the Bill Williams Overlook and dam. Then we’d go along to Wayside to show them the Oasis. It is a cool little spot completely manned solely by generator power. Bill and I enjoyed lunch and some local chatter in 2016 when we were there.

and finally the sun popped over the mountain

Love this untouched photo of the water and sky
We each had breakfast and piled in Black Beauty around 9:30. First, we took them to the overlook and we spent a good 45 minutes up there taking pictures and just admiring the view over the lake. 

It was by fluke that I spotted what Bill figured was a bald eagle swooping high over the water. He tried with his zoom lens to capture it. We got photos of each other and had some good chuckles before heading back the way we came.

Not bad for a selfie!

I love this photo!
Bill drove out onto Alamo Road about 3 miles and turned into the very rugged road to Wayside. This was a real treat to show our friends and the Oasis, the restaurant, was empty when we walked in. It was a pleasure to speak and listen to the ‘waitress’. It isn’t fair calling her that because she does more than serve. She with her partner were hired to run the business for the owners who live in Phoenix. She is loving this retreat after living in Montana.

Bill ordered us all a coffee and we sat at the lovely cedar plank bar to drink it. I remembered the bathroom floors being covered with pennies so suggested that Rob and Pat visit them, whether they ‘had’ to or not. We probably visited for, at the very least, 30 minutes before heading back the same route we came in on. There were a couple of ‘iffy’ spots in the washes where the sand was deep, causing our wheels to ‘hover’ slightly in our 2-wheel drive. Rob and Pat truly enjoyed that journey.

Beautiful day for a country drive

Inside Wayside

A very delicate rattler's skin

Dollar bills on the ceiling

It is a cute little place

Bill left our own dollar bill
Back at the ‘ranch’, we parted ways and changed into summer attire. It was 72F at noon hour and we checked out our pictures before heading outside to sit in the sun’s warmth with our books. There was a point where we all heard the bellows again from the burros and rushed to the valley behind us. With cameras, zoom lenses and even our telescope we watched the progress of 2 families as they headed towards the lake. 4 adults and 2 babies and they were entertaining.

Wayside parking lot
When they disappeared from view, we resumed our reading and then joined together for Happy Hour until 4:30. We were invited next door for supper so I didn’t have to plan or prepare anything. How nice! Rob was cooking steak and potatoes and no vegetable or salad was required with such a filling meal. Bill and I only contributed by taking our own bottle of wine over to share. We will certainly return the favour at some point and invite them over here.

There is a story to this picture
The one below is the one Bill took of me, at this same saguaro
Today, I brought a buddy. 😀
November 2016
The sun returned after disappearing behind wispy clouds for the last couple of hours and just in time for it to provide another pretty sunset. Supper was served in the Silverback at 5:30ish and it was delicious! T-bone steak and bbq baked potatoes and onion. Of course, Pat and I each had half of our steak leftover for another night. Rob was in good enough spirits to share his White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl ice cream with us. Thanks guys!

Beep beep!!
First road runner sighting
Bill showed some videos of our daily drive today and we chuckled over that while finishing our wine. It was a wonderful time and we couldn’t get over how dark it was at 6:30 when we walked back to our site. The rest of the night was quiet with our books. We hadn’t bothered with the satellite dish and our antenna brought nothing in here. No worries, we had a program or two to watch on PVR and we also had books to read.

This is the view from our site
This was our beautiful view from Alamo Lake S.P.
I'm standing behind our Suite close to the bluff

This was a great day. Thank you for checking it out with us.