Sunday, November 25, 2018

Windy Wakeup, Slovenly Sunday, Ice Cream Social, Wizard

It was 5:30 on Sunday, Nov. 25th when I woke up and eventually, I got up at 6:15. Bill slept on, probably another late night for him. I was in bed really early at 9 pm so it was time to get out of bed. When I opened the blinds, I noticed it was windy and that Bill had risen through the wee hours to pull the awnings in. We’ve had 3 glorious wind-free days and that’s just another thing we’re grateful for here.

It's Pancake Day (for us)
These are the easiest pancakes I've ever made
 Kind of like being on our Ridge at home some days, with the wind and a similar name here too. Ridgeview. Cool! I made my tea right away and sat to read up on comments and blog posts to see what our friends are up to these days. Then I moved on to Facebook, which I don’t visit for long but I went into one of my Groups, RVing Rocks! I noticed that my painted rock that Pat and I hid had been found.

and fool proof every time
Wasn’t it exciting for me to see that the person who found it posted it on the Groups page?! Upon searching further, I found that my rock from Page Springs RV Resort had also been found and reported. Yay! I had picked up a couple more of the smooth rocks yesterday to paint and maybe one day pat and I can paint some together.

They always turn out perfectly
Shirley - again, thank you!
Bill was up within 30 minutes and Clemson followed about an hour later. Just so you all know, I’m heeding your advice about letting him out at night by himself. As annoying as it is, I’ll go out with him each time. Well, at least the times that Bill doesn’t, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to our baby. Bill continues to think he is playing games as all day and most nights he has a normal routine. Game or not, we love him and he has us trained.

Watching the quail and pigeons, this little guy caught my eye
First chipmunk I've seen in Arizona
and they're a little different
With the wind, I wasn’t encouraged too early to go for a walk even though it was a mild 57F/14C. At 8:30 I mix up a batch for 4 Greek Yogourt Pancakes and they hit the spot with butter and maple syrup. I sliced half a banana as a side this morning. We did dishes up and then at 9:30, I went for my walk. First, I wrote out the recipe for the pancakes and slipped it next door to Pat.

He's saying, I've never seen you here before!
I carried our cardboard down to the garbage dumpsters and carried on to the clubhouse. It was early enough to start a puzzle so got a 500 pc. one out. Lorine and Gary were up there so we chatted about Canada for a bit. Turns out when she was late teens or early 20’s she hitchhiked across Canada, coast to coast. Very interesting lady. She used to be a welder in her working days and spent time in Fort MacMurray, Alberta years ago.

I got the border 99% done but some pieces just didn’t seem right. I gave up while I was ahead and walked back to the Suite. Bill had been waxing Black Beauty and fixed a cupboard door inside before stopping to have a coffee with me and a couple of Nutter Butters. (aka peanut butter cookies for those who’ve never heard of them). They’re a nice treat and all 3 of us like them dunked. Clemson gets a couple of little corners.

an afternoon treat for all of us
I had half of a banana leftover from breakfast so made mine
a banana split sundae
At 1:30 the four of us left Clemson in charge of the Suite and walked up to the clubhouse. It was Sunday and that means Ice Cream Social! We all ordered a 2 scoop Sundae, with many choice toppings. Mine was dulce de leche ice cream with pineapple topping and nuts. Oh, and a cherry. Pat and I admitted we were a little over zealous and should have only taken one scoop. Our guys finished them for us.

Pat and I were so excited about my painted rocks being found that we each searched our area for a few more nice ones to paint. I sprayed 4 to prep them for some added colour tomorrow. They should dry overnight. At the clubhouse, we’d been talking about card and other games. When we returned to our sites I went next door with my tea. I learned a new game.

At supper time, I noticed that God painted the sky
Wizard is a card game with a teeny hint of euchre and a lot of guesswork. Oh, and luck is involved too. The cards dealt can take away all visible game skills and throw you into a whole lot of mumbled ‘oh crap, what am I gonna do and holy moley’ verbiage. There is some snarling at your opponents too when tricks are ‘stolen’ but that just increases the laughter. I had fun and we played for a couple of hours before I returned home.

It was stunning
Bill and I decided on grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. Without a regular oven our choice is to ‘fry’ them so it works out that that is my first choice anyway. I added fresh onion to mine and used rye bread instead of whole wheat. They were quite good! I even added a slice of dill pickle for that extra crunch.

I thought I'd share some old pictures with you
In case you don't recognize that smile
in the back row on the right
It is Mom
(she is here with her siblings)
And again, Mom in the back row on the right
in her airforce uniform
After dishes, I settled at my laptop and Bill turned on Madame Secretary. Our Sunday evening program. The rest of the night went quietly. We heard from Donna that the Ridge back home looks fine and that is always nice to hear from so far away. 

And then a peek at my siblings (can you tell by the homemade skirts?)
I wasn't born yet, Mom is in the back holding Bruce who was 20 mths older
than me
Today, I also chatted with my cousin’s wife, Rita, about pictures of my Aunt Joan. She was looking for some old pictures. It was fun to copy some and send them to her. I enjoyed seeing them all again.

And that's me in the bottom left hand corner
and my sister, Donna, standing behind me
Hope you don't mind me sharing some old memories with you. It was a nice day here in the land of Ridgeview. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Jessie and Coop have me well trained too. I know it’s a pain to go outside, but so much better than the alternative. Your pancakes look amazing. Care to share the recipe??

    1. You are absolutely right about our dogs. He was better last night but I went out with him each time until the 10 o'clock one, when Bill did. :)
      Shirley gets the credit for the pancakes but if you can see in the first pix, the recipe is there. 1 5 oz. cup of yogourt, 1 egg, 1/2 c flour (I use a gluten free), 1 tsp baking soda and hand mix. Let sit for 5 min. It is thick but scoop out 4 pancakes and I flatten them to fill the pan with some olive oil. They are yummy. You can also add fruit but I never have. Sometimes the yogourt I use has fruit in the bottom. :)

  2. The ice-cream socials there are nice especially with a banana. Love looking at the old pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really enjoyed your family pictures and your travel blog. Sam in the Ozarks

  4. Love the old pictures :) Your mom is so pretty then and now! I'm glad you enjoy the pancakes..yours always looks so much better than mine LOL! Sounds like a wonderful Sunday to me!!

    1. Mom always looks great in pictures. She is pretty.
      The pancakes are filling without being heavy. Thanks!
      It was a great Sunday, just a nice slow one. :)

  5. I have so many recipes written out, like your pancake one, on slips of paper - usually with a note of who gave it to me. I love keeping those in my recipe book! Very special!
    I loved the family pictures -- so many memories!
    What a gorgeous sunset!!